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Being Intelligent And Stupidity Quotes By John Green

Why is being a nerd so bad?
saying " I noticed you're a nerd is like saying hey, I noticed you'd rather be intelligent that stupid, that you'd rather be thoughtful than be vapid, that you believe that there are things that matter more than the arrest record of Lindsay Lohan — John Green

Being Intelligent And Stupidity Quotes By Celsus

First, however, I must deal with the matter of Jesus, the so-called savior, who not long ago taught new doctrines and was thought to be a son of God. This savior, I shall attempt to show, deceived many and caused them to accept a form of belief harmful to the well-being of mankind. Taking its root in the lower classes, the religion continues to spread among the vulgar: nay, one can even say it spreads because of its vulgarity and the illiteracy of its adherents. And while there are a few moderate, reasonable, and intelligent people who interpret its beliefs allegorically, yet it thrives in its purer form among the ignorant. — Celsus

Being Intelligent And Stupidity Quotes By Kalifer Deil

On Intelligence:
Intelligence will not make you rich unless your intelligence is about getting rich.
Corollary: Intelligence will lead one to to appreciate things that cost money over things that make money.
Corollary: Being a genius is antithetical to being successful unless you're a genius at being successful.
Corollary: Being intelligent does not make you rich but it can keep you from being poor.
Corollary: Intelligence leads to interests, mostly not gainful.
Corollary: Intelligence is like molasses, with effort, it goes where you put it.
Rubbers are best for those who refuse to use them.
Corollary: Intelligence adds but stupidity multiplies.
Corollary: Reverse evolution is the new norm.
Only luck can save one from one's own stupidity.
Only idiots regard a second chance the same as the first.
The higher the IQ, the greater the chance of self-deception.
Still waters are often shallow puddles. — Kalifer Deil