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Top My Own Business Quotes

My Own Business Quotes By Nathan Fielder

I have a business background. I have always wanted to open my own business. — Nathan Fielder

My Own Business Quotes By Grace Zabriskie

I do less waiting by the phone than anyone I know in the business. I don't wait for a job. I just go on to my own work. — Grace Zabriskie

My Own Business Quotes By A.S. Byatt

The Historian and the Man of Science alike may be said to traffic with the dead. Cuvier has imparted flesh and motion and appetites to the defunct Megatherium, whilst the living ears of M.M. Michelet and Renan, of Mr. Carlyle and the Brothers Grimm, have heard the bloodless cries of the vanished and given them voices. I myself, with the aid of the imagination, have worked a little in that line, have ventriloquised, have lent my voice to, and mixt my life with, those past voices and lives whose resuscitation in our own lives as warnings, as examples, as the life of the past persisting in us, is the business of every thinking man and woman. — A.S. Byatt

My Own Business Quotes By Katie Kacvinsky

I crossed a line by making his family's personal business my own. But isn't that what friendship is? Isn't that what love is? It's more than caring and laughing and inspiring. It's about taking hurt and anger off people's shoulders and helping to carry the weight. It's more important to love people on the worst days than their best. — Katie Kacvinsky

My Own Business Quotes By Britt Ekland

My father had his own business, a clothing store, which he inherited from his father. He travelled abroad frequently and was quite extravagant, so we had skiing holidays and summer holidays on the beach. — Britt Ekland

My Own Business Quotes By Arthur Miller

Chris: For me! Where do you live, where have you come from? For me!
I was dying every day and you were killing my boys and you did it for me? What the hell do you think I was thinking of, the Goddamn business? Is that as far as your mind can see, the business? What is that , the world
the business? What the hell do you mean, you did it for me? Don't you have a country? Don't you live in the world? What the hell are you? You're not even an animal, no animal kills his own, what are you? — Arthur Miller

My Own Business Quotes By C.S. Lewis

My dear young lady,' said the professor ... 'there is one plan which no one has yet suggested and which is well worth trying.'
'What's that?' said Susan.
'We might all try minding our own business ... — C.S. Lewis

My Own Business Quotes By Mia Sosa

And I get it, okay? I mean, look at him. I'd bang that drum, too. All I'm saying is, if you don't want your overprotective sister meddling in your business, find someone else to massage your lady bits."

"I'm partial to massaging my own lady bits, actually. I have no problem getting my own kinks out."

"Yes, well, more power to you then. But I, for one, am getting carpal tunnel syndrome with all the self-massaging I've been doing as of late. — Mia Sosa

My Own Business Quotes By Anushka Sharma

Sometimes I get extremely disturbed with the things that are written. But you can't do anything about it. As a celebrity, you are putting yourself out there to be judged, and that's fine. I am now learning not to get affected by such things. I am building my career and making choices that I think are right while minding my own business. — Anushka Sharma

My Own Business Quotes By Daniel Boulud

After six years at Le Cirque, I decided to start my own business. I opened Daniel at 76th Street in May '93. — Daniel Boulud

My Own Business Quotes By Rupert Friend

My father started his own business, and before that was a freelance lecturer, and my friends are artists and musicians; they don't have real jobs - none of us have real jobs. — Rupert Friend

My Own Business Quotes By Mary J. Blige

I decided to start my own label because so many people with talent come to me wanting to know how they can get in the music business. — Mary J. Blige

My Own Business Quotes By Norton Juster

Can you spell everything?" asked Milo admiringly.
"Just about," replied the bee with a hint of pride in his voice. "You see, years ago I was just an ordinary bee minding my own business, smelling flowers all day, and occasionally picking up part-time work in people's bonnets. Then one day I realized that I'd never amount to anything without an education and, being naturally adept at spelling, I decided that - — Norton Juster

My Own Business Quotes By Laura Bickle

Maybe now that Elijah was feeling well enough to be interfering in my business, he'd also be well enough to look after his own chores. — Laura Bickle

My Own Business Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Delivering a commencement address is a great responsibility, or so I thought until I cast my mind back to my own graduation. The commencement speaker that day was the distinguished British philosopher Baroness Mary Warnock. Reflecting on her speech has helped me enormously in writing this one, because it turns out that I can't remember a single word she said. This liberating discovery enables me to proceed without any fear that I might inadvertently influence you to abandon promising careers in business, the law, or politics for the giddy delights of becoming a gay wizard.
You see? If all you remember in years to come is the 'gay wizard' joke, I've come out ahead of Baroness Mary Warnock. Achievable goals: the first step to self-improvement. — J.K. Rowling

My Own Business Quotes By Harriot Kezia Hunt

Said an opponent to me after my last protest was sent in, what party would you vote for, if you could? Neither. I would have a moral sentiment party. I would know the private character of my candidate, would know also whether he takes care of his own property
whether he had failed in business
if so, whether he had paid back every dollar of debt as fast as he had earned them. Yes, every candidate should be examined morally, and if it be found that he has not been true to the monitions of conscience in one direction, he cannot or will not be in another ... — Harriot Kezia Hunt

My Own Business Quotes By Gabrielle Aplin

Before I'd even started doing music or having opportunities with my own music, I was studying production and business and stuff anyway. I knew there were so many jobs within the music industry - songwriting or session playing or working at a label - and I was really interested in how it all works. — Gabrielle Aplin

My Own Business Quotes By Tommy Hilfiger

I thought, if I went into business I'd be able to control my own destiny. — Tommy Hilfiger

My Own Business Quotes By John Morton

I'm grateful I've got my mind. I can take care of my own business. — John Morton

My Own Business Quotes By Gwen Hayes

I had no business inviting other people's emotions into my life when I had no idea what to do with my own. — Gwen Hayes

My Own Business Quotes By Isaac Newton

I do not love to be printed on every occasion, much less to be dunned and teased by foreigners about mathematical things or to be thought by our own people to be trifling away my time about them when I should be about the king's business. — Isaac Newton

My Own Business Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

Why do you hate me?"
"I have no emotion about you at all, Mac. I take care of my own. You are not my own." He moved past me, pressed his palm to the door, and stood waiting for me to exit. "Barrons wants you to see your parents so as you go about your business you will remember they are here. With me."
"Lovely," I muttered.
"I suffer them to live, against my better judgment, as a favor to Barrons. He's running out of favors. Remember that. — Karen Marie Moning

My Own Business Quotes By Julie Kagawa

W-what do you want?" I asked, thankful that my voice only trembled a little bit.
That Cat Didn't blink. "Human," he said, and if a cat could sound patronizing, this one nailed it, "think about the absurdity of the question. I am resting in my tree, minding my own business and wondering if I should hunt today, when you come flying in like a bean sidhe and scare off every bird for miles around. Then, you have the audacity to ask what I want." He sniffed and gave me a very catlike stare of disdain. "I am aware that mortals are rude and barbaric, but still. — Julie Kagawa

My Own Business Quotes By James Patterson

Did you ever hear the story of the man who walks past the mental hospital?" he said. "He can hear all the patients inside shouting, 'Thirteen! Thirteen! Thirteen!,' but the fence is too high for him to see what is going on. Then he spots a knothole in one of the planks. He looks through it, and bam - a stick pokes him in the eye, and he hears the inmates all shouting, 'Fourteen! Fourteen! Fourteen!'" He took a sip of his cocoa. "I mind my own business, Detectives. — James Patterson

My Own Business Quotes By Amy Sedaris

My little brother Paul. He owns his own floor sanding business called Silly P Hardwood Floors and hes really good. — Amy Sedaris

My Own Business Quotes By Benjamin Franklin

So much for industry, my friends, and attention to one's own business; but to these we must add frugality if we would make our industry more certainly successful. A man may, if he knows not how to save as he gets, keep his nose all his life to the grindstone, and die not worth a grout at last. — Benjamin Franklin

My Own Business Quotes By Jerry Yang

I'm not sure at all that I'm any good at this mentoring/investing business - that's why I'm using my own money, and that's why it's not a career. — Jerry Yang

My Own Business Quotes By Arthur Machen

My poor father who is dead" (it is the sacristan who is speaking,) "was in his lifetime a grave-digger. He was of an agreeable disposition, the result, no doubt, of the calling he followed, for it has often been pointed out that people who work in cemeteries are of a jovial turn. Death has no terrors for them; they never give it a thought. I, for instance, monsieur, enter a cemetery at night as little perturbed as though it were the arbor of the White Horse. And if by chance I meet with a ghost, I don't disturb myself in the least about it, for I reflect that he may just as likely have business of his own to attend to as I. — Arthur Machen

My Own Business Quotes By Conor McGregor

When I'm in there I'm just in my zone. What people think about when they're looking at me, that's their business. If there is a bit of that, I am fine with it, each to his own. — Conor McGregor

My Own Business Quotes By Chris Benz

I always knew I wanted to start my own line. Nights and weekends, I would work on my business plan. — Chris Benz

My Own Business Quotes By Ellen Stofan

I grew up in this business ... A lot of my life has been centered around this question about how NASA is helping us to understand our own home planet ... and to understand our place in the universe. — Ellen Stofan

My Own Business Quotes By Tony Shalhoub

I come from a really big family, my father was a businessman and what he always instilled in us was to be your own boss. My father built up his business, and he was by no means a rich man, but he figured out how to work four-and-a-half days a week. — Tony Shalhoub

My Own Business Quotes By Anthony Liccione

I tend to think my eye's vision is still 20/20, because they mind their own business. — Anthony Liccione

My Own Business Quotes By Maya Banks

I'm not supposed to be afraid of anything, you know? I'm a confident woman. I own my own business. But he ... he makes me want things I've never wanted. — Maya Banks

My Own Business Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Double-knotted to a bedpost, not that it's any of your business. That boy was always too trusting for his own good. You'd think by now he'd know better. But no. He's got to be stupid. Personally, I'd tie the bitch up, muzzle her, and ride her around the room with spurs on, but no one ever asks my opinion, do they? No. What do I know? I'm only omniscient. (Savitar) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

My Own Business Quotes By Cher

If I want to put my tits on my back, it's nobody's business but my own, — Cher

My Own Business Quotes By Jake Roberts

My dream is to leave this business on my own terms, and if it were my terms, I would love to do the Royal Rumble. I would love to do Wrestle Mania in New Orleans, because I had so many matches there over the years working for Mid-South. I was in the ring with Muhammad Ali in the Superdome. To close it there would be great. — Jake Roberts

My Own Business Quotes By Sophie Kinsella

You're so narrow-minded! You live in the same village you grew up in, you run the family business, you're buying a nursery down the road ... you're practically still in the womb. So before you lecture me on the way to live my life, try living one of your own, OK? — Sophie Kinsella

My Own Business Quotes By Lou Adler

I made an enormous amount of money in the record business as a result of owning so much of what I was doing ... I owned all those albums and continued to own my catalog. — Lou Adler

My Own Business Quotes By Jack Markell

My own experience, though, as a business executive and as a governor, tells me that businesses are interested in a lot more than a low tax rate when they decide where to locate. — Jack Markell

My Own Business Quotes By John Waters

The good guys in my movies mind their own business and they don't judge other people. And the bad guys are jealous, they judge other people without knowing the whole story, they want all the attention and they're mean spirited. So I think my films are politically correct in a weird way. — John Waters

My Own Business Quotes By Warren Spector

I was amazed at how the life of a freelancer differed from running a remote studio for another company. I thought I knew what I was doing in 2004 when I left Eidos because I had run Ion Storm Austin, which was my own independent studio. I had run a business unit inside Origin, but being part of a startup is crazy. — Warren Spector

My Own Business Quotes By Frances Farmer

I minded my own business, and, unfortunately, so did everyone else. — Frances Farmer

My Own Business Quotes By Madeleine L'Engle

Our story is never written in isolation. We do not act in a one-man play. We can do nothing that does not affect other people, no matter how loudly we say, It's my own business. — Madeleine L'Engle

My Own Business Quotes By Cassandra Clare

You are interfering in my business, warlock."
Magnus spat blood into his face. "You are torturing a child in my city, Shadowhunter. [ ... ] I thought we were playing a game where we said what the other person was and what we were doing." Magnus told him. "Did I get it wrong? Can I guess again? are you breaking your own sacred Laws, asshole? — Cassandra Clare

My Own Business Quotes By Zoe Heller

It's always a disappointing business confronting my own reflection. My body isn't bad. It's a perfectly nice, serviceable body. It's just that the external me- the study, lightly wrinkled, handbagged me- does so little credit to the stuff that's inside. — Zoe Heller

My Own Business Quotes By Holly Hurd

I had worked for others for many years and didn't like the idea of someone else holding my future in their hands; it was time to do something on my own.- Jerri Graham, Nothin' But Granola — Holly Hurd

My Own Business Quotes By Johann Rupert

I just want to be master of my own time. It is ironic that someone in the watch business should not be in control of his time. — Johann Rupert

My Own Business Quotes By Penny Pritzker

After I got my law degree and business degree, I went to work for my family, and I spent two years at Hyatt doing a training program. I was really interested in real estate - one reason was that nobody in my family was doing that. I was looking for a place where I could be successful doing something that was my own. — Penny Pritzker

My Own Business Quotes By Barbara Corcoran

I became a larger than life figure for one reason only. When you're quoted in the 'Wall Street Journal', the 'New York Times', constantly as the expert in the business people assume you're a lot bigger than you are. And then I had to run like hell to catch up with my own image. — Barbara Corcoran

My Own Business Quotes By Ryan Lochte

I really want to get into designing my own business suit. I've designed a couple suits for myself that I've worn in the past, and I have a good idea of what I want and need to use. — Ryan Lochte

My Own Business Quotes By Billy Bob Thornton

The only times you'll see me in terms of the movie business is when I have to go to the premieres of my own movies. I don't go to see ones that aren't mine because I don't even like going to mine. — Billy Bob Thornton

My Own Business Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

I don't trust a man who talks about ethics when he is picking my pocket. But if he is acting in his own self-interest and says so, I have usually been able to work out some way to do business with him. — Robert A. Heinlein

My Own Business Quotes By L. Frank Baum

I've married a man who owns nine cows," said Jinjur to Ozma, "and now I am happy and contented and willing to lead a quiet life and mind my own business."
"Where is your husband?" asked Ozma.
"He is in the house, nursing a black eye," replied Jinjur, calmly. "The foolish man would insist upon milking the red cow when I wanted him to milk the white one; but he will know better next time, I am sure. — L. Frank Baum

My Own Business Quotes By Sarah Steele

I needed the time to go to college and spend years with people who aren't in the business and become a person on my own in order to be the person that I am and the performer that I am. I wouldn't give that up to be in blockbusters or have more money. — Sarah Steele

My Own Business Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

The museums in children's minds, I think, automatically empty themselves in times of utmost horror - to protect the children from eternal grief.
For my own part, though: It would have been catastrophe if I had forgotten my sister at once. I had never told her so, but she was the person I had always written for. She was the secret of whatever artistic unity I had ever achieved. She was the secret of my technique. Any creation which has any wholeness and harmoniousness, I suspect, was made by an artist or inventor with an audience of one in mind.
Yes, and she was nice enough, or Nature was nice enough, to allow me to feel her presence for a number of years after she died - to let me go on writing for her. But then she began to fade away, perhaps because she had more important business elsewhere. — Kurt Vonnegut

My Own Business Quotes By S.K. Epperson

lonely?" Eris took a deep breath and then released it. "I got along by minding my own business and staying out of everyone else's. Not too many people cared about a tall Indian kid with no parents. I didn't let anyone care, because I stayed out of everybody's way." "Weren't you lonely?" Madeleine repeated softly. "Yes," he said. "I was lonely. But I got along." She — S.K. Epperson

My Own Business Quotes By Anton Chekhov

Ivanov: You only qualified last year, my dear friend, you're still young and confident, but I am thirty-five. I have the right to give you some advice. Don't marry a Jew or a psychopath or a bluestocking but choose yourself someone ordinary, someone a shade of grey, with no bright colour and no superfluous noises. In general, construct your whole life on a conventional pattern. The greyer, the more monotonous the background, the better. My dear fellow, don't do
battle against thousands all on your own, don't tilt against windmills, don't beat your head against walls ... And may
God preserve you from all kinds of rational farming, newfangled schools, fiery speeches ... Shut yourself in your shell and do your little God-given business ... It's snugger, healthier and more honest. — Anton Chekhov

My Own Business Quotes By Elisa Marie Hopkins

You think I don't know what I want? You think I love the idea of relying on my looks for life? No! It's pathetic! In my head, I have a nice, quiet, normal job that involves me running my own business. I carry a briefcase around my office with important documents, I have a nice assistant who calls me boss, and people ask me questions - they ask for my advice because I matter! I'm important to them! I'm recognized as something more than a pretty face and a pair of legs. I have a brain and interests and thoughts about religion, and poverty, and economics. I'm not a miserable girl with a number attached to her chest, stripping her clothes off in a room full of people. — Elisa Marie Hopkins

My Own Business Quotes By Jacob Dalton

I watch a TV show called 'Shark Tank.' It's one of my favorite TV shows. It's basically self-made millionaires who have either come up with their own business or clothing ... I came up with the idea of designing clothes. — Jacob Dalton

My Own Business Quotes By David Sedaris

One afternoon while driving back from the beach, Hugh pointed out a McDonald's bag vomiting its contents onto the pavement. "I say that any company whose products are found on the ground automatically has to go out of business," he said. This is how we talk nowadays, as if our pronouncements hold actual weight and can be implemented at our discretion, like we're kings or warlocks. "That means no more McDonald's, no more Coke - none of it."
"That wouldn't affect you any,"I told him. Hugh doesn't drink soda or eat Big Macs. "But what if it was something you needed, like paint? I find buckets of it in the woods all the time."
"Fine," he said. "Get rid of it. I'll make my own."
If anyone could make his own paint, it would be Hugh.
"What about brushes?"
"Please," he said, and he shifted into a higher gear. "I could make those in my sleep. — David Sedaris

My Own Business Quotes By Charlotte Bronte

The standard heroes and heroines of novels, are personages in whom I could never, from childhood upwards, take an interest, believe to be natural, or wish to imitate: were I obliged to copy these characters, I would simply
not write at all. Were I obliged to copy any former novelist, even the greatest, even Scott, in anything , I would not write
Unless I have something of my own to say, and a way of my own to say it in, I have no business to publish; unless I can look beyond the greatest Masters, and study Nature herself, I have no right to paint; unless I can have the courage to use the language of Truth in preference to the jargon of Conventionality, I ought to be silent. — Charlotte Bronte

My Own Business Quotes By Anna Sewell

Do you know why this world is as bad as it is? ... It is because people think only about their own business, and won't trouble themselves to stand up for the oppressed, nor bring the wrong-doers to light ... My doctrine is this, that if we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt. — Anna Sewell

My Own Business Quotes By Alexandra Potter

No wonder everyone is keen to put their feet up and let Fate look after them. It's rather like your granddad. Or a very hands-on organised person, sort of your own personal PA.
Only in my experience Fate is no such thing, and the same goes for his little brother, Destiny. Quite frankly they've made a real mess of things where I'm concerned. So from now on they can bugger off and stop meddling. I'm taking charge of my own life, and when it comes to love, Fate can mind its own bloody business. — Alexandra Potter

My Own Business Quotes By Arlene Dickinson

I want to own my own business because then I can be in control of everything. — Arlene Dickinson

My Own Business Quotes By Sonakshi Sinha

I am aloof by nature. I mind my own business. I'm good with everyone, and I get along fine with people. But work is work, and friendship is friendship. I never mix the two. — Sonakshi Sinha

My Own Business Quotes By Magan Vernon

His hand slid from under his desk and slowly moved up my leg until his fingers grazed my inner thigh. He couldn't just pull something sexy and think that I'd forgive him that easily.I grabbed his hand and squeezed it tightly, turning my head ever so slightly toward his. "Stop it.We're not doing this here."
He pulled his hand out of my grip. "Geez, Red. No need to be so touchy.""You were the one being touchy," I whispered. "And now I
need to pay attention to our lecture.""Come on, Red. I thought we were good."One of the girls in front of us turned her head sharply. "Will you two either quit talking or take it
outside? Some of us are trying to listen," she hissed.
"Mind your own damn business," I pushed back.
She huffed and then turned around to face the front again.
"Ouch! Feisty and I like it," John said through a laugh. — Magan Vernon

My Own Business Quotes By Bob Fosse

I am not an educated person. I didn't come up through a ballet company. I came up through burlesque. So I have a lot of inferiority feelings concerning my own lack of education, my entry into show business. I'm not a Baryshnikov. I'm not a Nureyev. I came up in vaudeville. Strippers. So I've always had these feelings. But I think they've also helped me. — Bob Fosse

My Own Business Quotes By Dave Attell

I'm sitting in the bus station, minding my own business, reading 'Ta-Da!' magazine; a magazine by and for gay magicians, but that's a different story. — Dave Attell

My Own Business Quotes By Meghan Trainor

I'm from a little island off of Massachusetts, Nantucket. It's hard getting into the music business from there, but my parents took me to songwriting festivals because I would write and produce my own music. — Meghan Trainor

My Own Business Quotes By George Muller

My business is, with all my might to serve my own generation; in doing so I shall best serve the next generation, should the Lord Jesus tarry ... The longer I live, the more I am enabled to realize that I have but one life to live on earth, and that this one life is but a brief life, for sowing, in comparison with eternity, for reaping. — George Muller

My Own Business Quotes By Moira Young

Marry me, he says. I got all my own teeth, I wash twice a year an I'll cut you in fer half the business here. — Moira Young

My Own Business Quotes By G.K. Chesterton

Unless we are all mad, there is at the back of the most bewildering business a story: and if we are all mad, there is no such thing as madness. If I set a house on fire, it is quite true that I may illuminate many other people's weaknesses as well as my own. It may be that the master of the house was burned because he was drunk; it may be that the mistress of the house was burned because she was stingy, and perished arguing about the expense of the fire-escape. It is, nevertheless, broadly true that they both were burned because I set fire to their house. — G.K. Chesterton

My Own Business Quotes By Ivanka Trump

For me professionally as well I've built an incredible business that I'm very proud of that is my own brand and that is both creating incredible content to empower and inspire this next generation of working women through a digital platform, mainly through my website, ivankatrump, our email newsletters, and our social-media platforms. — Ivanka Trump

My Own Business Quotes By Lauren Dane

First of all, I was running scams when you were at keggers at Kappa Kappa Werewolf. You don't know much about me but I am way smarter than Gabriel was. I'm a consummate liar. I can street fight with the best of them and I can cheat at cards like nobody's business. This on top of my computer skills. I may not howl at the moon and have superhuman strength but I can hold my own. — Lauren Dane

My Own Business Quotes By Paul Weller

In my world [of fashion] there's more things that kind of affect it. There's the retailers we do business with, our own stores, my merchandising team ... Everybody has opinions, and so you definitely have to filter through a lot. — Paul Weller

My Own Business Quotes By William Monahan

I need as much of the business of making a film to be in my own workspace. It really ought to be a bit more like doing a novel, alone, at first. I'm feeling my way. — William Monahan

My Own Business Quotes By Elif Shafak

One day a man came running to a Sufi and said, panting, "Hey, they are carrying trays, look over there!"
The Sufi answered calmly, "What is it to us? Is it any of my business?"
"But they are taking those trays to your house!" the man exclaimed.
"Then is it any of your business?" the Sufi said.

Unfortunately, people always watch the trays of others. Instead of minding their own business, they pass judgment on other people. It never ceases to amaze me the things they fabricate! Their imagination knows no limit when it comes to suspicion and slander. — Elif Shafak

My Own Business Quotes By Rick Falkvinge

The copyright industry has managed to kill civil liberties for their own children, ushering in a dystopian surveillance machine, merely to avoid taking responsibility for their own business failures. I lack words to quantify my contempt for these utter parasites. — Rick Falkvinge

My Own Business Quotes By Eugene H. Peterson

I will not try to run my own life or the lives of others; that is God's business. — Eugene H. Peterson

My Own Business Quotes By Gary Numan

I want to start my own airplane business. I'm going to buy two Dakotas, paint them up in war colours and do, er, nostalgia trips to Arnhem - you know, where the old paratroopers used to go - and charge them about 20 quid a time. — Gary Numan

My Own Business Quotes By Tony Hsieh

My advice is to stop trying to "network" in the traditional business sense, and instead just try to build up the number and depth of your friendships, where the friendship itself is its own reward. The more diverse your set of friendships are, the more likely you'll derive both personal and business benefits from your friendship later down the road. You won't know exactly what those benefits will be, but if your friendships are genuine, those benefits will magically appear 2-3 years later down the road. — Tony Hsieh

My Own Business Quotes By Robin Wright

From the time I was wee big, my mother was one of the first members of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Women going door-to-door and letting housewives have their own business - that was really a breakthrough. It was huge. — Robin Wright

My Own Business Quotes By Holly Hurd

The best thing about having my own company is that I get to go to my kids' school events. I make my own schedule. I make my own destiny. - Allison Krongard, Wall Candy Arts — Holly Hurd

My Own Business Quotes By Luke Ford

Judaism is much more communal, and partly as a consequence of my religious switch, I am increasingly more suspicous of my previous view that what people do in the privacy of their own home is their business alone. — Luke Ford

My Own Business Quotes By Ben Horowitz

In my own experience as a C.E.O., I would find myself laying awake at 3 A.M. asking questions about my business, and there weren't management books out there that could help me. — Ben Horowitz

My Own Business Quotes By Stacy Keibler

What I do in my own time, is my business. — Stacy Keibler

My Own Business Quotes By Mitch Hedberg

I was at this casino minding my own business, and this guy came up to me and said, 'You're gonna have to move, you're blocking a fire exit.' As though if there was a fire, I wasn't gonna run. If you're flammible and have legs, you are never blocking a fire exit. — Mitch Hedberg

My Own Business Quotes By Calvin Coolidge

Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration has been minding my own business. — Calvin Coolidge

My Own Business Quotes By Charles Manson

In the penitentiary you learn this: don't lie. Don't lie, man. If someone catches you in a lie you leave yourself open to get snuffed. And all my life I lived in that eye of: tell the truth. Pay your debts. Don't get involved in other people's business. Do your number, do your time. And you learn to stand on your own. So, I am walking and standing on my own. People see me standing on my own and not too many people in your world can do that. And I don't realize that at that particular time. I don't realize how weak and mindless you people are. — Charles Manson

My Own Business Quotes By Anthony Hopkins

My life is not my own business. — Anthony Hopkins

My Own Business Quotes By Brad Wenstrup

In a leadership role in Iraq and in running my own business, what I've learned is if you don't listen, you're going to strike out. You're going to fail miserably. The people you work with have got to know you're engaged and you're listening. — Brad Wenstrup

My Own Business Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

My old man taught me two things: 'Mind own business' and 'Always cut cards.' — Robert A. Heinlein

My Own Business Quotes By Amy Childs

I always wanted to have my own boutiques. I'm so passionate about clothing and always have been so business-minded. — Amy Childs

My Own Business Quotes By Warren Buffett

If you own a wonderful business ... the best thing to do is keep it. All you're going to do is trade your wonderful business for a whole bunch of cash, which isn't as good as the business, and you got the problem of investing in other businesses, and you probably paid a tax in between. So my advice to anybody who owns a wonderful business is keep it. — Warren Buffett

My Own Business Quotes By Andrew Cherng

My father was a chef but hadn't owned his own business. I didn't like that. In my heart of hearts, I knew I wanted to be in business. — Andrew Cherng

My Own Business Quotes By Azlnrdzi

I'll take risk on what I do on my life . Just mind your own business . — Azlnrdzi

My Own Business Quotes By Hilary Mantel

Why would I trust a man with my business, if he could not manage his own? — Hilary Mantel

My Own Business Quotes By Besse Cooper

I mind my own business. And I don't eat junk food. — Besse Cooper

My Own Business Quotes By Edgar Rice Burroughs

I had this story from one who had no business to tell it to me, or to any other. I may credit the seductive influence of an old vintage upon the narrator for the beginning of it, and my own skeptical incredulity during the days that followed for the balance of the strange tale. — Edgar Rice Burroughs