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Music Albums Quotes By Big Boi

I'm dead serious about my craft and just really serious about making music in itself. I take pride in making songs and albums where no two songs sound alike. That's the challenge and that's what it's all about, to keep it original and fresh and funky. — Big Boi

Music Albums Quotes By Prince Royce

My intent is never to leave Latin music. I definitely still want to release bachata albums. — Prince Royce

Music Albums Quotes By Marie Daulne

I made music on Seven the same way as on the other albums. I only used acoustic instruments ... I'm looking for instruments that have vocal sounds, forgotten instruments like the guimbri ... The first and second albums were about the voice, what came before. This album is about introducing those sounds into modern, Western life, — Marie Daulne

Music Albums Quotes By Kailash Kher

Bollywood is huge. Anything that's made in large quantity will evidently overshadow others. But that won't stop artistes from making albums. A person who has faith in his music will go ahead. — Kailash Kher

Music Albums Quotes By Liz Phair

When I was young, I used to need other people's albums and I got very involved with their music and it meant a lot to me. — Liz Phair

Music Albums Quotes By Jewel

I have hundreds and hundreds of songs waiting to get on albums, but I don't know about the three-month radio tours and if I'll be interested in that. I haven't figured it out, but I will definitely be doing music, whether it is independent or with a major record label. — Jewel

Music Albums Quotes By Richard Hilfiger

If I could never put out an album in my life, I could just put out mixtapes. The music got to be out there somehow. — Richard Hilfiger

Music Albums Quotes By Iwan Rheon

But acting is my main profession so it's about finding the right balance. I don't know how, if I went any further with the music, I would manage to do both - I would have to take time off from acting because I couldn't do both at same time. I could do six months on and six months off perhaps. But I'm really proud of the record. I've worked on it for a while and I'm really glad to finally get the album out, having done three EPs prior to its release. — Iwan Rheon

Music Albums Quotes By Lykke Li

I had a period after touring the first record where I didn't agree with the way things worked in the music industry as far as how you release music, demand, the pace of everything. You don't know who's talking to you. Who's Spotify? Who's iTunes? Who are all those bloggers? Who says I have to do this? Why do you have to do all this press? Why do I have to do so many shows? Why do I have to do a regular album right now? I don't understand it. — Lykke Li

Music Albums Quotes By Angel Olsen

In the music industry, it's pretty easy to make an album just because you want to keep going, like, 'This is the formula.' But the formula is your life. You have to live your life and you have to live it well-that's the formula. — Angel Olsen

Music Albums Quotes By R. Kelly

I did 'Love Letter' and 'Write Me Back,' and those were fun albums for me to do because they took me back to music I love. — R. Kelly

Music Albums Quotes By Matt Parker

The compact disc may now be outdated technology, but a lot of music albums are still released on CD. A standard 700-megabyte CD is actually 703.125 megabytes (a rare case of the music industry giving something extra away for free), which is a total of 5,898,240,000 1s and 0s. By my calculations, the number of possible different CDs in base-10 would have 1,775,547,162 digits. Which is also the number of corners a hypercube would have in 5,898,240,000 dimensions. So whenever a musician claims they have written a new album, all they have really done is choose a corner on a very high-dimension hypercube. — Matt Parker

Music Albums Quotes By Talib Kweli

I take certain steps to make sure I'm relevant artistically. I always have new music and a reason to be on the road. I'm not just playing 'Get By' over and over. I have 12 albums. — Talib Kweli

Music Albums Quotes By Thomas Bangalter

When you look at what we can call the golden era of concept albums, which starts in the mid or late '60s and ends maybe in the early '80s, it's an interesting time for music. You see all these very established and popular acts and bands and artists that were somehow on the top of their game but really trying to experiment. — Thomas Bangalter

Music Albums Quotes By Roger Waters

I don't really listen to Radiohead. I listened to the albums and they just didn't move me in the way, say, John Prine does. His is just extraordinarily eloquent music. — Roger Waters

Music Albums Quotes By Norah Jones

What I was going for in the first two albums I didn't necessarily achieve. Because I was young and because it was my first time out. And the second album was such a 'quickie' sort of 'Let's just get it over with!' But the kind of music I make, there's a lot of subtlety in it. And I think it takes a couple of listens to actually really get it. — Norah Jones

Music Albums Quotes By Richard Pinhas

I felt I had nothing more to say. Everything would have had to be a replay of the previous two or three albums, and that decided me to stop. What bothered me most was not playing guitar at all anymore. I felt I had no more contact with the instrument. It was just a piece of wood to me. I even thought music had definitely left me. After fourteen albums, there may be an overload phase, a sort of lassitude. — Richard Pinhas

Music Albums Quotes By Trent Reznor

Now that I have a thousand albums in my car all the time, I listen to more music. I was too lazy; I always had the same five discs in there. I'd never think to change it. — Trent Reznor

Music Albums Quotes By Blake Anderson

I think what's cool about Slayer is no matter how old their albums are, it's the one band to me that their sound is immortal. It never sounds corny to me. You can go back and listen to some Pantera and Metallica albums, and you're like, 'OK, great music.' But Slayer, you go back, and they always sound fresh and hard as hell. — Blake Anderson

Music Albums Quotes By Donna Air

I am a true 80s girl. I loved Kylie, Madonna, The Bangles and Human League. I fancied a couple of the Neighbours kids too and I loved Bros. God, I had terrible music taste. I'm getting a taste of my own medicine now, as my daughter's been asking for some quite scary albums. — Donna Air

Music Albums Quotes By Heidi Montag

I've spent, like, over a million dollars on that Superficial album, so you will not be getting new music from me unless you'd like to GoFundMe. — Heidi Montag

Music Albums Quotes By Miroslav Vitous

The main thing that those two albums have in common aside from my music, which of course, a sense of it, you can recognize, it is that the bass on Infinite Search was playing much, much less like a bass. — Miroslav Vitous

Music Albums Quotes By Joan Baez

Back then I was still listening to rhythm and blues, and my aunt took me to see a Pete Seeger concert. And it gelled. He made all the sense in the world to me. I got addicted to his albums, and then Belafonte and Odetta - they were the people who seemed to fuse things that were important to me into music. I think Pete the most because he did what he did to the point where he took those enormous risks and then paid for them. — Joan Baez

Music Albums Quotes By Raekwon

As far as the creative side of making great, great albums and really trying to go down in history? I don't see that happening lately, you know what I mean? You have a lot of guys is talented, but at the same time, timeless music is more important to me. — Raekwon

Music Albums Quotes By Andrew Hollander

You're creating music to pull people into a world, whether it be a visual medium where music is just one element, or a purely musical medium. Either way, you're trying to transport people and to create a connection. I've always felt that the best films and the best albums can be the best company. If people feel a little bit less alone because of something I had a hand in creating than I feel like I'm contributing to the world in a positive way. — Andrew Hollander

Music Albums Quotes By Colin Greenwood

It would be really nice to be able to put out releases that wouldn't be conditional upon an album format, and just put out music in different ways. — Colin Greenwood

Music Albums Quotes By Chris Squire

The Seventies were just an interesting time for us because we were building the brand of the name but also varying the style of the music on each of the albums we did. Very creative time of us. — Chris Squire

Music Albums Quotes By Audie Cornish

So when a music artist puts an album out that can only be streamed, not downloaded, what happens? In Kanye West's case, apparently it gets pirated a lot. — Audie Cornish

Music Albums Quotes By Gillian Jacobs

I used to babysit. And the kids I babysat were huge Hilary Duff fans, and so we used to have dance parties every day to her music. So I am very familiar with the albums of Miss Hilary Duff. — Gillian Jacobs

Music Albums Quotes By Amos Lee

My favorite time in music is probably 1970-75. Still Bill by Bill Withers, Harvest by Neil Young, John Prine's first album, James Taylor's One Man Dog-I hope I can bring the same sort of spirit I hear on those records. — Amos Lee

Music Albums Quotes By Robert Christgau

...unlike Aretha, [Al Green's] only rival vocally, Al never sold himself short in the studio. Where the albums follow the vagaries of genius, the hits exploit Al's personal production line, every one a perfect soul record and a perfect pop record in whatever order suits your petty little values. Brashly feminine and seductively woman-friendly, he breaks free in a register that darts and floats and soars into falsetto with startling frequency and beguiling ease. He's so gorgeous, so sexy, so physically attractive that only masochists want to live without him. — Robert Christgau

Music Albums Quotes By Thomas Bangalter

Human After All was the music we wanted to make at the time we did it. We have always strongly felt there was a logical connection between our three albums, and it 's great to see that people seem to realize that when they listen now to the live show. — Thomas Bangalter

Music Albums Quotes By Tony Yayo

In a time like this, when records are not selling, he's the only one that is selling. You know, Drake and all the other ones, but Em did 800,000 his first week, and he's #1 for the fifth week. It's incredible. I think he has a faithful fan base of people who have been following him for years. They're not going to stop following him and not stop listening to his music. Em said he didn't like his last album as much as this one. You can hear the difference. I like both of the albums. '3 a.m.' is one of my joints. But Eminem has followers that's gonna mess with him until the day he dies. — Tony Yayo

Music Albums Quotes By Kris Allen

The only thing that I really want to do is just be respected in the music industry ... And whether that means selling albums or winning Grammys or people just liking your music, thats what I really want to do. — Kris Allen

Music Albums Quotes By Jason Mraz

I've been making demos at home for many albums now. So over those years, I've learned how to record music, and I love being at home. I excel when I can make things at home. — Jason Mraz

Music Albums Quotes By Brian Eno

Although cover notes for classical music albums tend to say that the trill of flutes suggests mountain streams and so on, I don't think anybody listens to music with the expectation that they're going to be presented with a sort of landscape painting. — Brian Eno

Music Albums Quotes By Lisa Loeb

I've made music for grownups most of my life as a singer/songwriter - often with my band, Nine Stories - recorded many albums, and 10 years ago I started recording kid's music, too. — Lisa Loeb

Music Albums Quotes By Eric Hernandez

As a drummer my job is to reproduce what made the people bop their heads when they first heard the album on the radio, or when they watched the music video. — Eric Hernandez

Music Albums Quotes By Pixie Lott

I can't imagine ever not making music, making albums, writing songs, doing shows. That's all I really know, and that's all I really do. — Pixie Lott

Music Albums Quotes By Lenny Kravitz

If you go to Japan, they're still buying vinyl, and they want the education. They know who's playing on what tracks from the '60s and the '70s - who the guitar player is, who the drummer is, who the producer was, what studio it was recorded in. That's how I grew up listening to music. We bought albums. We read the liner notes. It was important to know the whole history behind it. — Lenny Kravitz

Music Albums Quotes By John Legend

I don't really marinate in anybody's album because I don't really want to sound like anybody else when I put my album out. So I'd rather not even be tempted to listen to a bunch of other stuff with any degree of emersion in it, cause I just don't want to sound like anything else, so I kinda focus on my own music. — John Legend

Music Albums Quotes By Lou Adler

Surf music at the time that I did it wasn't mainstream, nor were the Cheech and Chong albums. The risk comes from having the ability to do something that hadn't been done before that I thought was either interesting as an art form or just should be done. — Lou Adler

Music Albums Quotes By Dave Douglas

I don't really think of these as projects. I think of them as bands. I have tried to not just convene a group of musicians and make one record or make one gig and just drop it. Each of them develop over time. I have been really fortunate to keep a band like the Sextet together over three very different albums. Each time, the goal got more deep for me in terms of how I wanted to write for those people. So it is really about trying to develop ideas and trying to have a consistent focus on a way to come up with new ideas in music that I want to do. — Dave Douglas

Music Albums Quotes By Pharrell Williams

When I make music, I try to make something that is super colorful and something you've never heard before, so when you hear the whole album, it's a good feeling. Musically that's what I aspire to do whenever I'm making an album. — Pharrell Williams

Music Albums Quotes By David Agranoff

We both young what made you grow younger."
"The music?"
He nodded and whispered. "You don't have to go back to being old. We'll practice all the time. We'll record albums and we'll tour. — David Agranoff

Music Albums Quotes By Zachary Cole Smith

What I wanted was just to make music, and so, originally I just wanted to hide behind the album cover of the last record, and I wanted it to be almost anonymous. — Zachary Cole Smith

Music Albums Quotes By Mystikal

My girlfriend is rap. Music and albums and records and my kids. — Mystikal

Music Albums Quotes By Marilyn Manson

There's just no great rock albums anymore. There's a lot of rock music out there, but it's very bland and disposable. — Marilyn Manson

Music Albums Quotes By J. D. Souther

The more I go on in this career of making albums, writing songs and playing music, the more I think of each album as a movie. I really wanted to make a film, but making a film is much more expensive than making a record. — J. D. Souther

Music Albums Quotes By Chris Squire

I guess the idea of doing albums in their entirety, in sequence, appeals to people. I guess it's the memory of being able to hear the music in the way it was originally presented. — Chris Squire

Music Albums Quotes By DMX

I'm not the mixtape guy who's gonna put out a new one every month. I'm gonna allow my albums to marinate and resonate and whatever type of 'ates' they can do. I'm gonna let my music grow on them. — DMX

Music Albums Quotes By John William Tuohy

One day at the library I found a stack of record albums. I was hoping I'd find ta Beatles album, but it was all classical music so I reached for the first name I knew, Beethoven. I checked it out his Sixth Symphony and walked home. I didn't own a record player and I don't know why I took it out. I had Beethoven's Sixth Symphony but nothing to play it on. — John William Tuohy

Music Albums Quotes By Fred Seibert

I come from a time when pop music was the coin of the cultural realm and in a certain way was the only coin of the realm; movies didn't matter as much, and not TV - it was all about pop music. In the era when I started - which was the early '60s - it was all about singles leading to albums. — Fred Seibert

Music Albums Quotes By Waylon Jennings

I was king of the mountain for a long time, well, I don't want that no more. I like to perform every once in a while for people who want to see me, and cut albums of music that is what I'm really about. — Waylon Jennings

Music Albums Quotes By Rob Sheffield

Movies for adults sucked in the 1980s, and music for adults sucked even worse; whether we're talking about Kathleen Turner flicks or Sting albums, the decade's non-teen culture has no staying power at all. — Rob Sheffield

Music Albums Quotes By Jessie Usher

I'm not embarrassed by any of my music. I'll even own up to the old Backstreet Boys albums. — Jessie Usher

Music Albums Quotes By Frank Zappa

I write the music I like. If other people like it, fine, they can go buy the albums. And if they don't like it, there's always Michael Jackson for them to listen to. — Frank Zappa

Music Albums Quotes By John Mayall

Check out the albums, ... Check out the live performances. That's the reality of it all. Music is such an energizing thing. — John Mayall

Music Albums Quotes By Bobby Moynihan

I'm very bad with music. I don't know any new music. I've listened to the same 10 or 12 albums my whole life. — Bobby Moynihan

Music Albums Quotes By Henry Rollins

Amy Winehouse was not a person I ever met, and I can't say that I am overly conversant in all of her music. I do have her albums, and years ago, when I first heard her sing, I thought she was extraordinary. The tone of her voice, her phrasing, her raw appearance - these qualities were extremely captivating to me. — Henry Rollins

Music Albums Quotes By Kirk Hammett

Technology has given us convenience, but at the same time it's making musicians work harder in that if you really want to make money making music and selling albums, you have to go out there and perform. And hope you sell stuff like merch, and get on YouTube, and all the other ancillary sort of things that go along with that. — Kirk Hammett

Music Albums Quotes By Richard Ashcroft

I don't know if I have a problem expressing joy, but the difficulty is in making an album, a piece of music that really does reflect life rather than the one dimension. I have a problem in trying to make a complete trip record. — Richard Ashcroft

Music Albums Quotes By Robyn

The music industry used to be able to control a single dance on the very smallest level of when people are supposed to hear it, and when they're supposed to start liking it, and when they're supposed to start buying it. And that's trashed, you know, that big machine that takes control and works albums for a long period. — Robyn

Music Albums Quotes By Dianne Reeves

The beauty of Billie Holiday is that she gave every singer after her the license to interpret and perform music in ways that were unique to each of us. Her uniqueness was very much a part of the way she sang the songs, the story she wanted to tell through the songs. I didn't really have a full understanding of Billie until I left home
until I'd lived a little, shall we say. At different seasons of my life, when I'd sing her songs or listen to her albums, I'd hear things I didn't hear before. Wherever you are in life, you'll hear different things in her songs. — Dianne Reeves

Music Albums Quotes By Ghostface Killah

Yeah. It's all in the music first. The music is like women to me. It's like how you pick your music: everybody got their own different way how they pick their women and their music, and I guess that's what the album becomes. — Ghostface Killah

Music Albums Quotes By Beck

I enjoy the collaboration. I always envied people in bands who got to have that interaction. I've done so many albums where I've been in the studio for 14 hours a day for six months just trying to come up with things on my own. It's a nice change helping other people with their music and not being all about what I'm trying to do myself. — Beck

Music Albums Quotes By Kailash Kher

Recording a song for a film doesn't take much time; it's hardly an hour's job, but concerts are constant, and so is travelling, so I've to take time out to work on my albums because I'm passionate about creating my own music. When you love something dearly, you set your priorities accordingly. — Kailash Kher

Music Albums Quotes By Kid Ink

It just inspires me to release an album and know that I can work on a core fanbase. The grind: Just make good music and it translates. — Kid Ink

Music Albums Quotes By Kate Bush

I spend a lot of time working and with my family, so I don't have much time around the edges to do much else. I don't really listen to a great deal of music. I love music, but since I spend a lot of time in the studio, we probably watch a movie rather than listen to albums. I get to hear stuff, but not on the grand scale. — Kate Bush

Music Albums Quotes By Ruben Studdard

I just want to make good music that, you know, appeals to all people, man. I want to branch out and you know just have a lot of multiplatinum albums. — Ruben Studdard

Music Albums Quotes By Randy Bachman

Those albums are so important to me because, for the first time, I was making my own music, paying for it, finding strengths in it, and going through the process of finding the right music for the record. — Randy Bachman

Music Albums Quotes By Martin Barre

Aqualung was a difficult and very tense album to record ... while I was playing the solo, Jimmy Page walked into the control room and started waving, I thought, should I wave back and mess up the solo or should I just grin and carry on ? ... I just grinned — Martin Barre

Music Albums Quotes By Kristoffer Rygg

I always wanted to make a cover album consisting of obscure psychedelic music from the 1960s - all re-shaped and customized, Ulver style. — Kristoffer Rygg

Music Albums Quotes By Jay-Z

For me, the challenge is just making great albums, because talent - and writing in general - is not tangible. There's no expiration date on it. At the same time, you might wake up tomorrow and be unable to write music. — Jay-Z

Music Albums Quotes By John Legend

There's so much music out there, and so many different styles that I've been influenced by, so each album reflects some of that knowledge or influence that I've had. — John Legend

Music Albums Quotes By Bob Brookmeyer

This is positively not an album to play while you do a doctorate thesis on "Bergson, Webern and Charles the Vicious, Paradox or Ambiguity?" — Bob Brookmeyer

Music Albums Quotes By Meek Mill

I don't know what type of music my son will want. By the time he starts listening to music, really, at like, 15, 16, I'll probably have 10 albums out by that time. — Meek Mill

Music Albums Quotes By Gregory Harrison

But I always held my music up and protected it from compromise. So I just do it for my friends. I've written hundreds of songs, and I'm sure I have a few albums worth of songs. — Gregory Harrison

Music Albums Quotes By Billy Crystal

Dad had a music store, and he'd often bring home comedy albums that I would listen to. I started listening to Bob Newhart and Bill Cosby, and developing taste. They really influenced my style of comedy. — Billy Crystal

Music Albums Quotes By Jay Park

Artists draw for themselves, If someone draws for them, theyre not an artist. An artist is someone who makes their own music and albums. Artist think music is a drawing, and they draw theirs. — Jay Park

Music Albums Quotes By Q-Tip

For people who love Tribe, I'm the defector. They say, 'You should get back with Ali to do the beats.' But a lot of people don't realize I did all the music in Tribe. In the first three albums, I did all the beats! — Q-Tip

Music Albums Quotes By Madison Smartt Bell

John Fahey, thought during his lifetime to be possibly more than a little crazy, was the author of some thirty albums of gnomically introverted droning guitar instrumentals, which I listened to heavily in my teens and twenties; I even produced an hour or so of banjo music in an imitative John Fahey style. — Madison Smartt Bell

Music Albums Quotes By Richie Havens

Nothing has really changed. We had bootleg albums in the '60s and today we have Internet file sharing. They just found a better way to do it
get music for free. What's great about today is an artist has an opportunity to go direct to their audience without dealing with a middleman. People can go directly to the web for CDs, DVDs and downloads. I think that's the best thing that's happened, that people's music is being flashed around the world. — Richie Havens

Music Albums Quotes By Corey Taylor

I don't feel guilty about the music I love. If you feel guilty about something you dig, then you should stop feeling guilty about it. One of my favorite albums to this day is the 10th anniversary ensemble cast of 'Les Miserables,' the ultimate cast recording, and it is still something I love listening to top to bottom. — Corey Taylor

Music Albums Quotes By Marcel Dzama

Yoko Ono is someone who's music I've discovered more recently. The current cd rereleases of her albums all had bonus tracks recorded just with a tape recorder and I'm really into these at the moment because they have a great intimate feel. — Marcel Dzama

Music Albums Quotes By Nancy Smith

42. What is the name of her first EP? Title 43. When was her first EP released? September 9, 2014 44. What was she nominated for at the 2014 American Music Awards? New Artist of the Year 45. What was she nominated for at the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards? Best Song with a Social Message 46. What was she nominated for at the 2014 NewNowNext Awards? Best New Female Musician 47. What was she nominated for at the 2014 Capricho Awards? Revelation International 48. What was she nominated for at the 2015 People's Choice Awards? Favorite Breakout Artist and Favorite Song 49. What was she nominated for at the 2015 Grammy Awards? Record of the Year and Song of the Year 50. Which albums of hers are self-released? I'll Sing with You and Only 17 — Nancy Smith

Music Albums Quotes By John Waters

I'm an old person because I still buy DVDs. I have every one of my albums and 45s - I even have a couple of 33s and I do have a turntable. But I must admit, I don't listen to vinyl today. But I listen to all types of music. — John Waters

Music Albums Quotes By Tad Williams

You show me what someone listens to, I'll tell you everything you want to know about his soul. (For instance, a bunch of Nickelback albums would have indicated he never had a soul in the first place.) — Tad Williams

Music Albums Quotes By Elizabeth Hand

I nodded, unsure if Ted sounded admiring or angry. 'I waded in but I couldn't find him. I mean, is it possible - the water wasn't deep enough for him to drown. It doesn't make any sense.'
'My band made four brilliant albums and never had a single goddamn hit. We were supposed to be the American Rolling Stones, and we couldn't get more than five minutes of airplay. Does that make sense?' Ted stubbed out his cigarette. — Elizabeth Hand

Music Albums Quotes By Kevin Bacon

I've made three studio albums and one live one with my brother. It's melodic singer-songwriter acoustic-rock music. — Kevin Bacon

Music Albums Quotes By LL Cool J

Hip-hop's always reached out to kids. If you look at the last 10 big albums it might seem ironic. But when I look at the history of this music it's always had a lot of positivity. — LL Cool J

Music Albums Quotes By George Jones

Country fans need to support country music by buying albums and concert tickets for traditional artists or the music will just fade away. And that would be really sad. — George Jones

Music Albums Quotes By Bill Hicks

You see, I think drugs have done some good things for us. I really do. And if you don't believe drugs have done good things for us, do me a favor. Go home tonight. Take all your albums, all your tapes and all your CDs and burn them. 'Cause you know what, the musicians that made all that great music that's enhanced your lives throughout the years were rrreal fucking high on drugs. The Beatles were so fucking high they let Ringo sing a few tunes. — Bill Hicks

Music Albums Quotes By Emma Stone

I'm a big music fan, an admirer. But I mean by no means am I about to release an album or anything. — Emma Stone

Music Albums Quotes By Seungri

I told myself I'd do well by using the experience I gained during my seven years as Big Bang. In my mind, the executive producer is the person that is in charge of everything up to the point that the album comes out. So not just the music but also the music video, album artwork, photographs, and even the material the album itself would be made out of. — Seungri

Music Albums Quotes By Katherine Jenkins

I think maybe because of the kind of music I sing, people want to believe you're a diva. They can't believe after eight years, and eight albums, you're still relatively sane. I feel like they almost want me to throw something at somebody. — Katherine Jenkins

Music Albums Quotes By Ella Henderson

To do a world tour with my album, that would be really incredible. I love travelling, and I love travelling through my music. — Ella Henderson

Music Albums Quotes By Elton John

I've been following him since Space Oddity. And I've followed him from all those albums that didn't sell, like The Man Who Sold The World and things like that. Above all, apart from all the glamorous rubbish, the music's there. Ziggy Stardust is a classic album. — Elton John

Music Albums Quotes By Marilyn Manson

I don't expect everyone to get something deep out of it. Some people can just listen to the music, or get their aggressions out, but I think with any great painting or movie, album or whatever it is, it's better if people can take what they need from it. That they're not forced to get some particular message. — Marilyn Manson

Music Albums Quotes By Carol Rifka Brunt

All my parents' music came from greatest hits albums. It was like the thought of getting even one bum track was too much for them to handle. — Carol Rifka Brunt