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Top Mummy Love Quotes

Mummy Love Quotes By Eoin Colfer

He had seen bigger men than he with mummy's handkerchief clutched in on hand and a bloody dagger in the other. — Eoin Colfer

Mummy Love Quotes By John M. Cusick

When they were both five, Charlie and David asked their mother where babies come from. Charlie's mom folded herself into an armchair, sat Charlie on her lap, and pointed to pictures in what Charlie had always thought was a book of sea creatures. She helped him sounds out the scientific names. David's mother had a more whimsical answer. "When two people make love, a little blue fair leaps from the daddy to the mummy, connecting them like a ribbon of light. And sometimes, the fairy leaves a baby in the mummy's tummy." Would the fairies leave any more babies in his mummy's tummy? David wanted to know. "No, Davie." Why not? "Because Daddy's fairies are lazy. — John M. Cusick

Mummy Love Quotes By Anne Sexton

Watch out for love
(unless it is true,
and every part of you says yes including the toes),
it will wrap you up like a mummy,
and your scream won't be heard
and none of your running will run. — Anne Sexton

Mummy Love Quotes By John Lennon

The only reason I went for that goal is that I wanted to say: 'Now, mummy-daddy, will you love me?' — John Lennon

Mummy Love Quotes By Shakira

I was a real mummy's girl - still am. And as for my father, well, I have an Oedipus complex I'm still working out. I love that man! — Shakira

Mummy Love Quotes By Hilary McKay

Darling Daddy, This is Rose. The shed needs new wires now it has blown up. Caddy is bringing home rock-bottom boyfriends to see if they will do for Mummy. Instead of you. Love, Rose. — Hilary McKay

Mummy Love Quotes By Nalini Singh

"I want my mummy in our web."
Dorian's heart kicked in his chest. "She will be." It was the one thing he wouldn't compromise on. And if that made him animal in his possessiveness, so be it. — Nalini Singh

Mummy Love Quotes By Rebecca Stead

Bridge knew why she was here. It's why we're all here, she thought. Call it Mr. Partridge with his black-and-white cookies. Call it Em standing on that stage with her knees shaking but her voice strong. Call it Jamie looking awkward in the doorway of her bedroom after she'd had the mummy nightmare. Call it love. — Rebecca Stead

Mummy Love Quotes By Bjorn Street

It all begins with goodness in the heart. — Bjorn Street

Mummy Love Quotes By Hilary McKay

Darling Daddy,
This is Rose.
Very good news. Caddy is going to marry Micheal. In case you have forgotten because you have not been home for so long he is the one with the ponytail and the earring that you do not like. And Caddy says she will have a white lace dress and three bridesmaids, Saffron and Sarah and me, and a big party for everyone, all her old boyfriends too. Fireworks. A band. A big tent called a marquee. But where will we put it? Carriages with white horses for us all to go to the church. Afterward Caddy and Micheal will go for a holiday to Australia to visit the Great Barrier Reef. Caddy has it all worked out and Mummy says Yes She Can Of Course You Can Darling Of Course You Must Do That. Saffron said That Will Cost a Few Weeks Housekeeping and Mummy said Yes But We Do Not Need to Worry About That. DADDY WILL PAY.
Love, Rose. — Hilary McKay

Mummy Love Quotes By Colleen Houck

I've learned that it helps when you're in love with a mummy to pay attention to little things like curses, adder stones, and long-winded archaeologists. — Colleen Houck

Mummy Love Quotes By Joanna Lumley

I love a cardboard coffin. Both Mummy and Daddy went off in cardboard coffins, painted - Daddy's was rifle green. Beautifully made. — Joanna Lumley

Mummy Love Quotes By Paul Burrell

Princess Diana talking to Prince William about the loss of her title Her Royal Highness: She turned to William in her distress. She (Princess Diana) told me how he had sat with her one night when she was upset over the loss of HRH, put his arms around her and said: Don't worry, Mummy. I will give it back to you one day when I am king. — Paul Burrell