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Mrs Beasley Quotes & Sayings

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Mrs Beasley Quotes By Deborah A. Beasley

Sometimes our work as caregivers is not for the faint of heart. But, you will never know what you are made of until you step into the fire. Step bravely! — Deborah A. Beasley

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Billy Beasley

Hearts have no color.. #TheRiverHideaway — Billy Beasley

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Mumia Abu-Jamal

The men laugh at the witty line, but it is not a belly laugh. Beasley's mouth is in a wide smile, but his eyes do not laugh, for there is little reason for joy. And if eyes are indeed mirrors of the soul, then they reflect an infinite sadness. I look away, afraid of what mine might reflect — Mumia Abu-Jamal

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Deborah A. Beasley

Decoding (a child's difficult) behavior is like looking at a rain wrapped tornado crossing the road in front of you. You see the fury of rain, hail, wind and debris, but you have to look real hard to see the driving force behind it. — Deborah A. Beasley

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Kate Beasley

...sometimes you had an awful, horrible, rotten day and you were sure that nothing was ever going to be right again. But then you had a good sleep and the next morning your Twinkies tasted creamier than ever and everything was okay or at least not as bad as you thought. — Kate Beasley

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Kim Beasley

When I was bartering to gain clients, I was self-sabotaging my business. I wasn't making money, and the promised "exchange of advertising" wasn't helping to grow my business. — Kim Beasley

Mrs Beasley Quotes By LaVyrle Spencer

Will asked Miss Beasley what kind of man Glendon Dinsmore had been and she answered, as different from you as air is from earth. He asked which he was, air or earth? She laughed and said, That's what I like about you - you really don't know. — LaVyrle Spencer

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Kevin E. Beasley

What ifs" are the doorways into new adventures. "Why nots" are the doorknobs. We turn knobs and tug at doors until we find the one that opens for us. The Maker will leave that one unlocked and when we get to the other side, the light will be on and He'll be waiting with all the resources and help we need to fulfill His best desires for us. — Kevin E. Beasley

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Kim Beasley

Gaining visibility is just the process of being SEEN so that you can connect with others. — Kim Beasley

Mrs Beasley Quotes By David Beasley

Birth of a Nation — David Beasley

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Deborah A. Beasley

That so many thousands of children around the world are available for adoption is a sign of our impoverished humanity. That so many persons around the world open their hearts and homes each year to embrace a few of these children is a lasting testimony to humanity's enduring nobility. — Deborah A. Beasley

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Michael John Beasley

Man-centeredness is the universal religion of fallen man, and we are all dull fools to deny this. — Michael John Beasley

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Branford Marsalis

Walter Beasley is an anomaly: a successful performing musician who possesses the rare skill of understanding the musical process beyond the intuitive. This special ability enables Walter to communicate with aspiring musicians in a way that removes the sense of mystery that sometimes enshrouds our profession. — Branford Marsalis

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Deborah A. Beasley

Without trust and respect, only fear and distrust of others' motives and intentions are left. Without trust and respect between parties, it is nearly impossible to find good solutions to effective communication. — Deborah A. Beasley

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Sandra Beasley

You are that moment before falling, the falling,
a whir of falling, a wail of falling, the sweet
thud. — Sandra Beasley

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Emma Beasley

I screamed, Go to hell! in the car, and the GPS took me to my mother-in-law's house. — Emma Beasley

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Bob Beasley

While micro-evolution--change within species--has been observed in the laboratory, macro-evolution--change from one species to another has not, and never will be. — Bob Beasley

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Deborah A. Beasley

Mindfulness allows you to face the past with courage, whether it is scarred with pain or caressed with joy, and it gently holds you in the safe haven of the present without allowing you to become overwhelmed with what may or may not be waiting in the future. — Deborah A. Beasley

Mrs Beasley Quotes By David Beasley

Georgia law at the time allowed a defendant to make an unsworn statement to the jury with no cross-examination allowed. Gallogly started reading his statement to the jury but talked so fast and so low that Reuben Arnold suggested he stand directly in front of the jury box, which he did. Gallogly met — David Beasley

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Rod Serling

Beasley was a little man whose face looked like an X ray of an ulcer. — Rod Serling

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Peter Cooper

Don Light talks ...

... The Marines help teach you patience, and patience is a virtue. My old friend Les Beasley was in the Marines, too. When we first got in the Marines, they gave us these little white pills, so we wouldn't think about girls. Not long ago, Les told me that his little white pills had just started working. See, patience. — Peter Cooper

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Lynn Austin

Today Mrs. Beasley began by clearing her throat. Again, this isn't a worrisome sign. Librarians are not overly talkative so our throats can get froggy from lack of use. — Lynn Austin

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Jon Beasley-Murray

Part geographical, part political, part cultural, Latin America overspills its bounds: is Belize Latin America? Quebec? Miami? Lavapies, Madrid? The Gaucho Grill, Manchester? — Jon Beasley-Murray

Mrs Beasley Quotes By Kevin E. Beasley

Adventure is about what we do; not what we plan, strategize or dream about. Adventure begins with "what ifs" and "why nots." "What if I were to step out to chase that dream? Why not take the first steps and see what happens? When we step through the doorway of adventure our life is suddenly worth the living. And we experience life as it was meant to be. — Kevin E. Beasley