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Top Moving Forward In Business Quotes

Moving Forward In Business Quotes By Kumi Naidoo

Currently, we allow our political and business leaders to get away with murder. Now is the time to change that. We need direct liability for those who are destroying our future and this planet. We need fast, profound and systemic change. History only moves forward when courageous people get up and act. That's why I support this citizens' initiative to recognise ecocide as the crime it is. — Kumi Naidoo

Moving Forward In Business Quotes By Meryl Streep

I just think that we're all trying to make ourselves emaciated, in order to pretend that we're all disappearing, as we move forward in every level of society and it's so frightening. This is all a big reaction to the fact that there are more women in medical school than there are men now and I am pretty sure it will be the same soon in law schools and in business. — Meryl Streep

Moving Forward In Business Quotes By John Pople

From an early age I was told that I was expected to do more than continue to run a small business. Education was important and seen as a way of moving forward. — John Pople

Moving Forward In Business Quotes By Jack O'Connell

Certain jobs [films] are for the business really, because they get an audience, they get a global audience. Certain jobs are as an artist. If I can keep moving forward and strike some form of balance between them two, then I'm going to feel content. — Jack O'Connell

Moving Forward In Business Quotes By Jim Stengel

We are an industry that has historically been at the forefront of defining new media environments in ways that benefit consumers and move our entire business model forward. We must ensure that while we are moving quickly, we are also moving smartly. — Jim Stengel

Moving Forward In Business Quotes By Bobby Darnell

Don't let your 'bad pride' prevent you from moving forward on an opportunity that will allow you to showcase your 'good pride'. — Bobby Darnell

Moving Forward In Business Quotes By Lee Iacocca

In business, you're trying to make a buck. God was good to me and blessed me. I made some money and started this foundation years ago, and it has grown in size. With the foundation it's a lot different, because the bottom line isn't how you can make more money or get a better return, it's helping the projects that you feel strongly about move forward. — Lee Iacocca

Moving Forward In Business Quotes By Charles Jaffe

Whales only get harpooned when they come to the surface, and turtles can only move forward when they stick their neck out, but investors face risk no matter what they do.. — Charles Jaffe

Moving Forward In Business Quotes By Reed Hastings

Tomorrow when you come to work, if it doesn't make the customer happy, move the business forward, and save us money - don't do it. — Reed Hastings

Moving Forward In Business Quotes By Tamara Thiel

It's amazing, really, how in one instant a wall can be torn down, or climbed over. Misconceptions can be shattered, illusions dashed, dreams irrevocably ruined. Given the right frame of mind, within a heartbeat, people can begin the business of starting over. — Tamara Thiel

Moving Forward In Business Quotes By Stanley Bing

Businesspeople are like sharks, not just because we're gray and slightly oily, or because our teeth trail the innards of those we have eviscerated, but because we must move forward or die. — Stanley Bing

Moving Forward In Business Quotes By Colin Callender

I think where Playground is heading is deeper into that marriage between stage, film and television, with the increasing number of people in the film business working in television, obviously something that we were very influential in starting and doing at HBO. And I think that that's the focus of where I see the company moving forward, continuing to explore that intersection of all that talent. — Colin Callender

Moving Forward In Business Quotes By Steve Pavlina

I got screwed over in some bad business deals, but as long as I focused on those past problems, I couldn't move forward. I had to let all of that go and forgive everyone and everything first. — Steve Pavlina