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Top Mouth Shutting Quotes

Mouth Shutting Quotes By Jenny Lundquist

I have certainly heard of the Subtle Art of Shutting Up, but I can't say I've practiced it all that much. I greatly prefer the underappreciated genius of Speaking My Mind. I figure if someone doesn't like what I have to say, they shouldn't put their ears in close proximity to my mouth. — Jenny Lundquist

Mouth Shutting Quotes By Rachel Hawkins

Yeah, and we still have to deal with The Eye being ... Eyeish, and me learning to be Head of the Council, which will probably involve lots of boring books and - " Archer pressed his mouth to mine, effectively shutting me up and kissing the hell out of me. When he pulled back, he was grinning. "And you have an arrogant, screwed-up former demon hunter who is stupidly in love with you. — Rachel Hawkins

Mouth Shutting Quotes By Darynda Jones

A wicked grin crinkled one corner of his mouth as he secured another sticky note on the door before shutting it in my face.
I blinked, then read the note.
Use the key. — Darynda Jones

Mouth Shutting Quotes By Liane Moriarty

The opening bars of a new band's song comes on the radio and Sophie quickly flicks up the volume. A good omen. She's been listening out for the song for ages. She's in the early stages of falling in love with it, where she knows the chorus but not the verses and she makes up pretend words so she doesn't have to stop singing. She sings lustily, enjoying how stupid she must look to other people, with her mouth opening and shutting and her face twisting in rock-star anguish. — Liane Moriarty

Mouth Shutting Quotes By Jamie McGuire

Travis' mouth fell open. "Oh, hell no. Are you trying to get me killed? You've gotta change, Pidge."
"Get a t-shirt on ... and some sneakers. Something comfortable."
"What? Why?"
"Because I'll be more worried about who's looking at your tits in that shirt instead of Hoffman," he said, stopping at his door.
"I thought you said you didn't give a damn what anyone else thought?"
"That's a different scenario, Pigeon." Travis looked down at my chest and then up at me. "You can't wear this to the fight, so please ... just ... please just change," he stuttered, shoving me into the room and shutting me in. — Jamie McGuire

Mouth Shutting Quotes By Rachel Robinson

Becky, Freya, and Chloe weren't for me, Marney," Maverick says tactfully. Actually, now my heart is pounding. He lays a hand on my shoulder. "Windsor isn't like them. She's not like anyone, because she is the one. My one. Why did I pick her? I'm lucky she picked me, honestly. She's real. I owe her more than rattling off the never-ending list of why she's the one for me, so I'm shutting my fucking mouth. All you need to know is I'm hers. Make her feel welcome. — Rachel Robinson

Mouth Shutting Quotes By Henry Ward Beecher

There are more quarrels smothered by just shutting your mouth, and holding it shut, than by all the wisdom in the world. — Henry Ward Beecher

Mouth Shutting Quotes By Kirby Howell

I opened the door of my mother's stand-alone wardrobe and let the smell of her wash over me. I loved having this one unspoiled part of her left just for me. I leaned forward, slipped my face in between the hanging silks and chiffons. Her scent was warm and possessive. If my idea of home had a smell, this would be it.
Home. Mother. Oh God, please. My face crumpled, and my knees gave out. I pitched forward into her hanging clothes, grabbing at her blouses and dresses, smelling of gardenias and dusk. I fell to the closet floor, pulling some with me. I toppled amongst her shoes; stinging eyes squeezed shut, mouth frozen open in a silent "O." They were out there somewhere, their lifeless bodies, still and cold, and they would never be coming home again. I curled my legs inside the wardrobe and pulled the door closed, shutting myself away with her memory. — Kirby Howell

Mouth Shutting Quotes By Lisa Renee Jones

Where I needed to go was where I ended up. I was shutting you out, like I shut everything out, and you pulled me back. You made me see what was important. What's real. You made me see you." His lips brush mine. "See me now, Sara." "I do see you." "No. You don't. You see what happened tonight and what you've decided that means for us. See me now, Sara, like you made me see you." He kisses the corner of my mouth and his lips travel down my jaw. "Really see me. — Lisa Renee Jones

Mouth Shutting Quotes By Chiara Cilli

And Morwen lost control.
A quick bite and deep, and a flap of skin fell in her throat, sweet and juicy. Galadir pushed her away with all his might, backing away. Morwen put her hand over her mouth, shutting her eyes. — Chiara Cilli

Mouth Shutting Quotes By Abigail George

You're staring blankly at the fifties now. I'm thirty-ish. Once you were my teacher, my master and I was your student, your apprentice. College years long gone and a decade between us. I think of you every winter and my heart still stops dead, my mouth opening and shutting as if you were still here. I lost something when I found you, something ancient. — Abigail George

Mouth Shutting Quotes By Celia Mcmahon

Well, you should turn your lips inside out because you're going to spend the rest of this trip talking to yourself. — Celia Mcmahon

Mouth Shutting Quotes By Yevgeny Zamyatin

Midsummer Night was roasting hot. The shore, of red granite, glowed with the heat; the dark blood of the earth seemed to be rising from below. There was a sharp, unbearable smell of birds, of cod, of green decaying seaweed. Through the mist the huge ruddy sun loomed nearer and nearer. And in the sea, dark blood welled up to meet it - in bloated, rearing, huge white waves.
Night. The mouth of the bay between two cliffs was like a window. A window shutting out curious eyes with a white shade-white woolly fog. And all that you could see was that behind it something red was happening. ("The North") — Yevgeny Zamyatin