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Top Mouse And Cheese Quotes

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Benjamin De Casseres

My studies in Speculative philosophy, metaphysics, and science are all summed up in the image of a mouse called man running in and out of every hole in the Cosmos hunting for the Absolute Cheese. — Benjamin De Casseres

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Helio Gracie

Jiu Jitsu is a mousetrap. The trap does not chase the mouse. But when the mouse grabs the cheese, the trap plays its role. — Helio Gracie

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Casey Scieszka

Dear Fly,

I love you. If you are a mouse I am cheese. If you are a cat I am a mouse. You are a fly, so I want to be shit. — Casey Scieszka

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Ian Fleming

The first thing he noticed was that Las Vegas seemed to have invented a new school of functional architecture, 'The Gilded Mousetrap School' he thought it might be called, whose main purpose was to channel the customer-mouse into the central gambling trap whether he wanted the cheese or not. — Ian Fleming

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Neil Gaiman

The reason you cannot see the Mouse Circus," said the man upstairs, "is that the mice are not yet ready and rehearsed. Also, they refuse to play the songs I have written for them. All the songs I have written for the mice to play go oompah oompah. But the white mice will only play toodle oodle, like that. I am thinking of trying them on different types of cheese. — Neil Gaiman

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Michio Kaku

David Eagleman describes how you can take a male stickleback fish and have a female fish trespass on its territory. The male gets confused, because it wants to mate with the female, but it also wants to defend its territory. As a result, the male stickleback fish will simultaneously attack the female while initiating courtship behavior. The male is driven into a frenzy, trying to woo and kill the female at the same time. This works for mice as well. Put an electrode in front of a piece of cheese. If the mouse gets too close, the electrode will shock it. One feedback loop tells the mouse to eat the cheese, but another one tells the mouse to stay away and avoid being shocked. By adjusting the location of the electrode, you can get the mouse to oscillate, torn between two conflicting feedback loops. — Michio Kaku

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Barbara Taylor Bradford

Elizabeth was counting on Marco to keep cousin Mary occupied until after the board meeting was over. A piece of cheese might catch a mouse, but an afternoon alone with a muscular masseur would ensnare her cousin far more effectively. And afterwards, while Mary lay sated and sleeping upon a massage table, wiser heads could determine the company's future. There were times, Elizabeth thought, when success in business demanded utter ruthlessness. — Barbara Taylor Bradford

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Willie Nelson

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. — Willie Nelson

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Nicholas Von Hoffman

We preach free enterprise capitalism. We believe in it, we give our lives in war for it, but the closest most of us come to profiting from it are a few miserable shares of stock in a company that doesn't pay large enough dividends to keep a small mouse in cheese. The truth is, most of us are job serfs. At a time when invested capital returns 20 to 30 percent, we have no capital. We only have our wages and salaries, and a debt so high that something like 20c on every dollar we earn is spent to pay off what we owe. — Nicholas Von Hoffman

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By George Lopez

When I was 10 there wasnt trampolines and cartoon charaters, I never went to Chuck E Cheese! My mom said 'You wanna see a mouse pull the refrigerator Out!' — George Lopez

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Edgar Bergen

Early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
Early bird gets the worm, but the second worm gets to live.
Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy. — Edgar Bergen

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Wendell Johnson

To a mouse, cheese is cheese. That is why mouse traps are effective. — Wendell Johnson

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Terry Pratchett

The second mouse gets the cheese! — Terry Pratchett

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Melinda K. Trotter

Jill showed friend Kay the cute white mice.
They liked to run races for cheese.
Mice were lots of fun to play with.
Jill said, "Take Poopsie, the male one, please! — Melinda K. Trotter

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Saki

In baiting a mousetrap with cheese, always leave room for the mouse. — Saki

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Shel Silverstein

And here we see the invisible boy
In his lovely invisible house,
Feeding a piece of invisible cheese
To a little invisible mouse.
Oh, what a beautiful picture to see!
Will you draw an invisible picture for me? — Shel Silverstein

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Loretta Graziano Breuning

A mouse who fails to get the cheese tries again without kicking herself for being an idiot. — Loretta Graziano Breuning

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Steven Wright

The early bird may get the worm, but it's the second mouse who gets the cheese. — Steven Wright

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Emo Philips

I've always kind of pushed the envelope in terms of trying to get away with things no one else was going near. I always thought of myself like a mouse trying to get cheese that no one else could get without getting their tail snipped off. — Emo Philips

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Alicia K. Leppert

I felt like a mouse running through one of those cardboard mazes. I didn't have to think about anything I did. My body just ... went. The difference was that, unlike the mouse, there was no hunk of cheese waiting for me at the end. No reward of any kind for making it through. In fact, there was no end at all. — Alicia K. Leppert

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Anna Land

The early bird may get the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese." -Anon. — Anna Land

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Rowan Atkinson

I'm as poor as a church mouse, that's just had an enormous tax bill on the very day his wife ran off with another mouse, taking all the cheese. — Rowan Atkinson

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Larry Eisenberg

Worry is today's mouse eating tomorrow's cheese. — Larry Eisenberg

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By Charlie N. Holmberg

tall buildings and clustered streets of the city had her trapped like a mouse in a maze, without even the possible reward of cheese. — Charlie N. Holmberg

Mouse And Cheese Quotes By William Plomer

Oh, the twenties and the thirties were not otherwise designedThan other times when blind men into ditches led the blind,When the rich mouse ate the cheese and the poor mouse got the rind,And man, the self-destroyer, was not lucid in his mind. — William Plomer