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Top Misspelled Words Quotes

Misspelled Words Quotes By Sage Francis

When a boy writes off the world, it's done with sloppy misspelled words, if / a girl writes off the world it's done in cursive? — Sage Francis

Misspelled Words Quotes By Steven Wright

My girlfriend does her nails with white-out. When she's asleep, I go over there and write misspelled words on them. — Steven Wright

Misspelled Words Quotes By Jay Leno

The FBI is urging all Americans to beware of any letters or packages that have badly misspelled words. Man, this is going to be terrible news for the rap industry. — Jay Leno

Misspelled Words Quotes By Craig Ferguson

Some people take the spelling bee very seriously. These people are called "parents of children in the spelling bee." They're trying to make up for their own childhood of crushed dreams and misspelled words. — Craig Ferguson

Misspelled Words Quotes By Mary Norris

The English language is full of words that are just waiting to be misspelled, and the world is full of sticklers, ready to pounce. — Mary Norris

Misspelled Words Quotes By Jonathan Lethem

Some people have things written all over their faces; the big guy had a couple of words misspelled in crayon on his. — Jonathan Lethem

Misspelled Words Quotes By Robert Lowell

Grass Fires"
No ease for the boy at his keyhole,
his telescope,
when the women's white bodies flashed
in the bathroom. Young, my eyes began to fail.
In the grandiloquent lettering on Mother's coffin
Lowell had been misspelled LOVEL
The corpse
was wrapped like panetone in Italian tinfoil
Father's death was abrupt and unprotesting.
His vision was still twenty-twenty.
After a morning of anxious, repetitive smiling,
his last words to Mother were:
"I feel awful."
He smiled his oval Lowell smile ...
It has taken me the time since you died
to discover you are as human as I am ...
If I am. — Robert Lowell

Misspelled Words Quotes By K.M. Scott

Have you tried calling her?" Daryl asked, easing the tension around us only slightly. "No," I answered, shaking my head. "Only texts." "What the fuck is with your generation? A phone is for talking. You know, with your voice? You think she wants to hear from you through misspelled words? She wants to hear you, man. Call her. — K.M. Scott

Misspelled Words Quotes By Ben Marcus

If the words of this book are misspelled, but accidentally spell other words correctly, and also accidentally fall into a grammatically coherent arrangement, where coherency is defined as whatever doesn't upset people, it means this book is legally another book, and not this book. — Ben Marcus

Misspelled Words Quotes By Liane Moriarty

On my way. Nearly there! These were their last foolish (and often misspelled) words. Madeline — Liane Moriarty

Misspelled Words Quotes By Bennett Madison

Jeff is the annoying kind of Scrabble player who plays a lot of obscure two-letter words that shouldn't count but for whatever reason are considered legitimate. My father is the annoying kind of Scrabble player who takes hours with his turn and then plays deliberately misspelled words that no one has the heart to call him out on. I am the perfect Scrabble player, both serious and considerate. Obviously I lost by a lot. — Bennett Madison

Misspelled Words Quotes By Bart D. Ehrman

In fact, most of the changes found in early Christian manuscripts have nothing to do with theology or ideology. Far and away the most changes are the result of mistakes pure and simple slips of the pen, accidental omissions, inadvertent additions, misspelled words, blunders of one sort or another. — Bart D. Ehrman

Misspelled Words Quotes By Mark Twain

And last but not least, reflecting my feelings on proofreading ... excuse any pages on my websites that have misspelled words or grammatical errors ... I'm not a proofreader of any great merit. — Mark Twain