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Top Mission Trip Quotes

Mission Trip Quotes By Helen Sharman

Is a one-way trip to Mars ever really seriously going to happen? Surely that's morally reprehensible. However old people are, however much they say they want to go on a one-way mission, people should be thinking about the possibility of returning. — Helen Sharman

Mission Trip Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Knowing the path through the forest doesn't make the trip any less daunting. Knowing the steps to your dreams doesn't make the climb any less of a challenge. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Mission Trip Quotes By Reggie McNeal

Live your life as a missions trip. — Reggie McNeal

Mission Trip Quotes By Haruki Murakami

I'd be doing it to screw the literary world. Those bastards all huddle in their gloomy cave and kiss each other's asses, and lick each other's wounds, and trip each other up, all the while spewing this pompous crap about the mission of literature. — Haruki Murakami

Mission Trip Quotes By Jane Bowles

This did not in any way alter her intention of accomplishing her mission; on the contrary; it seemed to her all the more desperately important now that she was almost certain, in her innermost heart, that her trip was a failure. Her attitude was not an astonishing one, since like many others she conceived of her life as separate from herself; the road was laid out always a little ahead of her by scared hands, and she walked down it without a question. This road, which was her life, would go on existing after her death, even as her death existed while she still lived. — Jane Bowles

Mission Trip Quotes By Andrew Root

The point of the mission trip is to invite young people to act in ways that witness to the promise of God's action, which will make all things new. — Andrew Root

Mission Trip Quotes By Andrew Root

A mission trip in youth ministry is not about bringing the resurrection; It is about witnessing to the resurrection. — Andrew Root

Mission Trip Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

I might define a 'journey' as something that life itself calls me to. And I might then define a 'trip' as something I create to avoid a journey by mimicking a journey. And while fear is most certainly part and parcel of both, the latter is emboldened by fear while the former surrenders to it. — Craig D. Lounsbrough

Mission Trip Quotes By Mark Batterson

If you're in a spiritual slump, let me give you a prescription: go on a mission trip.33 There is no better or sure way of coming out of the cage of routine. It's a cure-all. — Mark Batterson

Mission Trip Quotes By Holly Michael

I was so done with looking at life through the eyes of beer-drinking cheese-heads. I wanted to go on that mission trip and look through the eyes of someone from a different culture and see what they saw. I wanted to meet people who didn't crush the can of what they just drank on their forehead.-Rebecca Meyer, Crooked Lines — Holly Michael

Mission Trip Quotes By Pittacus Lore

This is starting to look less like a rescue mission and more like you going on a leisurely road trip with two hot chicks," Nine grumbles.
Sarah rolls her eyes. I glare at Nine. "It's not like that. You know we need you here, in case something happens."
"Yeah, I'm backup," he snorts. "Johnny, do I have to start dating you to get some action around here?"
Sarah winks at him. "It might help."
Nine looks me over. "Ugh. Not worth it. — Pittacus Lore

Mission Trip Quotes By Ann Voskamp

Expose your life to real need. Visit a developing a country. Take a short term mission trip. Write an inmate, send a letter to a sponsored child, serve in the inner city, at a food bank, with a crisis pregnancy center. Make time for shut-ins, the elderly, the sick, the single-parents, the new believers. Just find one way you can make your awareness of your gift-graced life intersect with a real place of need - and Christ in us will do the rest. — Ann Voskamp

Mission Trip Quotes By Giles Milton

merchants who financed this expedition viewed it as a reconnaissance mission rather than a trading venture and little cargo was loaded on board the ships. Instead, all available space was converted into living space for the large number of men on board, a necessary feature of long voyages into the unknown. Many would die on the outward trip and for those that survived there was a cornucopia of tropical diseases awaiting them on their arrival in the East — Giles Milton