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Top Micromanager Quotes

Micromanager Quotes By Daniel Goleman

But there is virtually no relationship between being an expert and being seen as someone people can trust with their secrets, doubts, and vulnerabilities. A petty office tyrant or micromanager may be high on expertise, but will be so low on trust that it will undermine their ability to manage, and effectively exclude them from informal networks. — Daniel Goleman

Micromanager Quotes By Billy Beane

I hate this idea that I've somehow become detached. It's like I can't win. I'd been hearing all these years that I was too hands-on: that I was the guy writing out the lineup card. Now, I'm not present enough. How is it possible to be a detached micromanager? — Billy Beane

Micromanager Quotes By Keith Rabois

It's actually a good thing if you do reference checks on somebody and half the people you call say they are a micromanager and the other half say they actually give me a lot of responsibility. That's a feature not a bug. — Keith Rabois

Micromanager Quotes By Christine Quinn

I have a tendency toward being a micromanager. Which, the bigger the project you're involved in, the harder that becomes. — Christine Quinn

Micromanager Quotes By Mark Kirk

I would say the difference between 'old Mark' and post-stroke Mark ... is that pre-stroke Mark was a major micromanager. I just don't have the time or inclination to micromanage as much as I used to. — Mark Kirk

Micromanager Quotes By Adam Hamilton

God's role in superintending our world and our lives is neither absentee landlord nor micromanager. — Adam Hamilton