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Mental Disorders Quotes By Adah Sachs

In this paper I propose the existence of two distinct presentations of DID, a Stable and an Active one. While people with Stable DID struggle with their traumatic past, with triggers that re-evoke that past and with the problems of daily functioning with severe dissociation, people with Active DID are, in addition, also engaged in a life of current, on-going involvement in abusive relationships, and do not respond to treatment in the same way as other DID patients. The paper observes these two proposed DID presentations in the context of other trauma-based disorders, through the lens of their attachment relationship. It proposes that the type, intensity and frequency of relational trauma shape - and can thus predict - the resulting mental disorder.
- Through the lens of attachment relationship: Stable DID, Active DID and other trauma-based mental disordersAdah Sachs

Mental Disorders Quotes By George Vithoulkas

Homeopathy has been of tremendous value in reversing diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, bronchial asthma, epilepsy, skin eruptions, allergic conditions, mental or emotional disorders, especially if applied at the onset of the disease. — George Vithoulkas

Mental Disorders Quotes By Christopher Morley

Do you know why people are reading more books now than ever before? Because the terrific catastrophe of the war has made them realize that their minds are ill. The world was suffering from all sorts of mental fevers and aches and disorders, and never knew it. Now our mental pangs are only too manifest. We are all reading, hungrily, hastily, trying to find out - after the trouble is over - what was the matter with our minds. — Christopher Morley

Mental Disorders Quotes By Brene Brown

If you trade your authenticity for safety, you may experience the following: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction, rage, blame, resentment, and inexplicable grief. — Brene Brown

Mental Disorders Quotes By Bill Gaede

Lacking medicines and procedures that could do anything for them, the American Psychiatric and Psychological Associations decided to take homosexuality off the list of mental disorders and declare the alarming rise in the tide faggots as normal. — Bill Gaede

Mental Disorders Quotes By James A. Chu

Instead of showing visibly distinct alternate identities, the typical DID patient presents a polysymptomatic mixture of dissociative and posttraumatic stressdisorder (PTSD) symptoms that are embedded in a matrix of ostensibly non-trauma-related symptoms (e.g., depression, panic attacks, substance abuse,somatoform symptoms, eating-disordered symptoms). The prominence of these latter, highly familiar symptoms often leads clinicians to diagnose only these comorbid conditions. When this happens, the undiagnosed DID patient may undergo a long and frequently unsuccessful treatment for these other conditions.
- Guidelines for Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder in Adults, Third Revision, p5 — James A. Chu

Mental Disorders Quotes By Neel Burton

Facing up to non-being enables us to put our life into perspective, see it in its entirety, and thereby lend it a sense of direction and unity. If the ultimate source of anxiety is fear of the future, the future ends in death; and if the ultimate source of anxiety is uncertainty, death is the only certainty. It is only by facing up to death, accepting its inevitability, and integrating it into life that we can escape from the pettiness and paralysis of anxiety, and, in so doing, free ourselves to make the most out of our lives and out of ourselves. — Neel Burton

Mental Disorders Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

If a person refuses to develop his potential, it can lead to nervous or mental disorders, somatic diseases and personal degradation — Sunday Adelaja

Mental Disorders Quotes By Jasmine Warga

Anyone who has actually been that sad can tell you that there's nothing beautiful or literary or mysterious about depression. — Jasmine Warga

Mental Disorders Quotes By Steven Magee

Jail has become the biggest mental health hospital. — Steven Magee

Mental Disorders Quotes By David Lovelace

Love is not enough. It takes courage to grab my father's demon, my own, or - God help me - my child's and strap it down and stop its mad jig; to sit in a row of white rooms filled with pills and clubbed dreamers and shout: stop smiling, shut up; shut up and stop laughing; you're sitting in hell. Stop preaching; stop weeping. You are a manic-depressive, always. your life is larger than most, unimaginable. You're blessed; just admit it and take the damn pill. — David Lovelace

Mental Disorders Quotes By David Lovelace

In our family "whim-wham" is code, a defanged reference to any number of moods and psychological disorders, be they depressive, manic, or schizoaffective. Back in the 1970s and '80s - when they were all straight depression - we called them "dark nights of the soul." St. John of the Cross's phrase ennobled our sickness, spiritualized it. We cut God out of it after the manic breaks started in 1986, the year my dad, brother, and I were all committed. Call it manic depression or by its new, polite name, bipolr disorder. Whichever you wish. We stick to our folklore and call it the whim-whams. — David Lovelace

Mental Disorders Quotes By Syesha Mercado

Addictions and mental disorders are like a disease, and they need treatment. — Syesha Mercado

Mental Disorders Quotes By James A. Chu

The difficulties in diagnosing DID result primarily from lack of education among clinicians about dissociation, dissociative disorders, and the effects of psychological trauma, as well as from clinician bias. This leads to limited clinical suspicion about dissociative disorders and misconceptions about their clinical presentation. Most clinicians have been taught (or assume) that DID is a rare disorder with a florid, dramatic presentation. Although DID is a relatively common disorder, R. P. Kluft (2009) observed that "only 6% make their DID obvious on an ongoing basis" (p. 600).
- Guidelines for Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder in Adults, Third Revision, p4-5 — James A. Chu

Mental Disorders Quotes By Martin Clay Fowler


Before commencing any program of sustained physical inactivity, consult your physician. Sedentary living doubles the likelihood of stroke and coronary artery disease, making it as risky as smoking, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure. If unaccustomed to sitting for extended periods, you may experience weak muscles, low bone density, high cholesterol, hyperglycaemia, a rapid resting heart rate, mental decline, mood disorders, and obesity. Start slowly and increase inactivity gradually. If you experience drowsiness, difficulty in concentration, or craving for stimulation, discontinue inactivity immediately. — Martin Clay Fowler

Mental Disorders Quotes By Cyma Rizwaan Khan

He's been looking at my file. So the question has to be right there on the tip of his tongue right about now, waiting to be spoken. But he keeps up the 'act professional' charade, makes it feel like he sees this kind of thing all the time, but in reality he's having a little fun with it. I'm the story he's going to tell at a bar after making my name anonymous. I'm the case study that's going to become dinner conversation when he takes some rich bitch out next week. He's going to do it to make himself look well-balanced, prove how normal he is in a world full of weirdoes. In short, he's going to look 'normal' at my expense. — Cyma Rizwaan Khan

Mental Disorders Quotes By Matthew Quick

Daisy doesn't even go to his funeral, Nick and Jordan part ways, and Daisy ends up sticking with racist Tom ... you can tell Fitzgerald never took the time to look up at clouds during sunset, because there's no silver lining at the end of that book, let me tell you.
I do see why Nikki likes the novel, as it's written so well. But her liking it makes me worry now that Nikki really doesn't believe in silver linings, because she says The Great Gatsby is the greatest novel ever written by an American, and yet it ends so sadly. One thing's for sure, Nikki is going to be very proud of me when I tell her I finally read her favorite book. -Silver Linings Playbook, p. 9 — Matthew Quick

Mental Disorders Quotes By Tiffany Madison

The problem with having problems is that 'someone' always has it worse. — Tiffany Madison

Mental Disorders Quotes By Marya Hornbacher

I look back on my life the way one watches a badly scripted action flick, sitting at the edge of the seat, bursting out, "No, no, don't open that door! The bad guy is in there and he'll grab you and put his hand over your mouth and tie you up and then you'll miss the train and everything will fall apart!" Except there is no bad guy in this tale. The person who jumped through the door and grabbed me and tied me up was, unfortunately, me. My double image, the evil skinny chick who hisses, Don't eat. I'm not going to let you eat. I'll let you go as soon as you're thin, I swear I will. Everything will be okay when you're thin. — Marya Hornbacher

Mental Disorders Quotes By Alan A. Stone

[A]ll mental disorders are in some sense passionate convictions about the situation of the self in the world. — Alan A. Stone

Mental Disorders Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

Insanity is everyone expecting you not to fall apart when you find out everything you believed in was a lie. — Shannon L. Alder

Mental Disorders Quotes By Karen Stollznow

With this intermarriage comes the increased risk of congenital disorders. After decades of inbreeding, Colorado City and Hildale have the world's greatest concentration of a disease called Fumarase Deficiency. The disorder has a range of symptoms, including frequent epileptic seizures, the inability to walk or sit upright, speech impediments, and severe mental retardation. There is no cure. Also known as "Polygamist Down's," this disorder is caused by a recessive gene that has been traced back to the Barlow and Jessop families. — Karen Stollznow

Mental Disorders Quotes By Hugh Brody

The disorders that psychology associates with the dissonance between what parents say to children and what children know to be reality - from deep insecurities to chronic anxiety to depression - are not to be found among the hunter-gatherers I have known. This is not to claim that they are people who know nothing of mental illness. Rather, it is to look at the absence of a particular kind of illness, one that in my own society is somewhere between common and the norm. The apparent sturdiness of the hunter-gatherer personality, the virtual universality of self-confidence and equanimity, the absence of anxiety disorders and most depressive illnesses - these may well be the benefits of using words to tell the truth. — Hugh Brody

Mental Disorders Quotes By Jon Ronson

The DSM-IV-TR is a 943-page textbook published by the American Psychiatric Association that sells for $99 ... There are currently 374 mental disorders. I bought the book ... and leafed through it ... I closed the manual. "I wonder if I've got any of the 374 mental disorders," I thought. I opened the manual again. And instantly diagnosed myself with twelve different ones. — Jon Ronson

Mental Disorders Quotes By Marlene Steinberg

Many people with Dissociative Disorders are very creative and used their creative capacities to help them cope with childhood trauma.p55 — Marlene Steinberg

Mental Disorders Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

Sensitive people usually love deeply and hate deeply. They don't know any other way to live than by extremes because thier emotional theromastat is broken. — Shannon L. Alder

Mental Disorders Quotes By Neel Burton

Unlike 'mere' medical or physical disorders, mental disorders are not just problems. If successfully navigated, they can also present opportunities. Simply acknowledging this can empower people to heal themselves and, much more than that, to grow from their experiences. — Neel Burton

Mental Disorders Quotes By Nancy Jo Sales

The APA surveyed multiple studies which found links between the sexualization of girls and a wide range of mental health issues, including low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, cutting, even cognitive-dysfunction. Apparently, thinking about being hot makes it hard to think: "Chronic attention to physical appearance leaves fewer cognitive resources available for other mental and physical activities," said the APA report. — Nancy Jo Sales

Mental Disorders Quotes By Danny Wedding

There is no evidence of spontaneous remission or integration of personality alters without mental health treatment. Therapy is long-term and requires the establishment of a strong therapeutic relationship with the individual. — Danny Wedding

Mental Disorders Quotes By Cecily McMillan

I would like to start a discussion about ending solitary confinement. I'd like to start a discussion about the removal of MO wings - an "MO" is a "Mental Observation" inmate - from Rikers Island, to be set up in mental health institutions. You can't put people in jail for having mental disorders. — Cecily McMillan

Mental Disorders Quotes By Frank M. Corrigan

The primary driver to pathological dissociation is attachment disorganization in early life: when that is followed by severe and repeated trauma, then a major disorder of structural dissociation is created (Lyons-Ruth, Dutra, Schuder, & Bianchi, 2006). — Frank M. Corrigan

Mental Disorders Quotes By Bethany Pierce

If you put the wrong foods in your body, you are contaminated and dirty and your stomach swells. Then the voice says, Why did you do that? Don't you know better? Ugly and wicked, you are disgusting to me. — Bethany Pierce

Mental Disorders Quotes By Roni Askey-Doran

It is in my head! That's why it's called Mental Illness. — Roni Askey-Doran

Mental Disorders Quotes By H. A. Berlin

It happens that there are a lot of people who are very talented who also happen to have a mental disorder. A lot of the mental disorders are initially things that are adaptive. Like even OCD, it's good to sort of have structure and have certain rituals but when it gets to be extreme then it becomes problematic. — H. A. Berlin

Mental Disorders Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

Two people with mental issues in a relationship does not work. It's like sitting in a boat and neither one has an oar to row the other to shore. You can meet your mirror image in life, but that doesn't mean you should marry him. — Shannon L. Alder

Mental Disorders Quotes By Stanley Victor Paskavich

I've accepted the fact I have mental illness but when my imaginary friends start calling me crazy that's where I draw the line — Stanley Victor Paskavich

Mental Disorders Quotes By Lauren Slater

Mistrust is the fuel for so much mental pain, so many mental disorders. I am not talking here about the suspicions we sometimes have of one another, the distant but lurking sense that perhaps our lover lies to us, our best friend whispers behind our back. I am talking about a belief that betrayal inundates the atoms of the universe, is so woven into the workings of the world that every step is treacherous, and that below the rich mud lies a mine. — Lauren Slater

Mental Disorders Quotes By Richard Nelson-Jones

Possible ways of attempting to distinguish counselling from psychotherapy include: that psychotherapy deals more with mental disorders than counselling; that psychotherapy is longer-term and deeper; and that psychotherapy is predominantly associated with medical settings. However, matters are by no means this clear-cut. Many counsellors work in medical settings, have helpees with recognized mental disorders, and do longer-term work that may or may not be of a deep psychodynamic nature. — Richard Nelson-Jones

Mental Disorders Quotes By Sheila Jeffreys

Male domination, and the low and stigmatised status of women, cause teenage girls to engage in punishment of their bodies through eating disorders and self-mutilation. There is increasing evidence that woman-hating Western cultures are toxic to girls and very harmful to their mental health. It is, perhaps, not surprising, therefore, that there seem to be some girls baling out and seeking to upgrade their status. — Sheila Jeffreys

Mental Disorders Quotes By Allen Frances

Mental disorders don't really live 'out there' waiting to be explained. They are constructs we have made up - and often not very compelling ones. — Allen Frances

Mental Disorders Quotes By Alyssa Reyans

Except you cannot outrun insanity, anymore than you can outrun your own shadow. — Alyssa Reyans

Mental Disorders Quotes By Stanley Victor Paskavich

The reason I don't Kill Myself
is because I know I can. — Stanley Victor Paskavich

Mental Disorders Quotes By R. YS Perez

You want to be there for me but an anxiety attack is a solitary activity. — R. YS Perez

Mental Disorders Quotes By Neel Burton

Rather than being medicalized or romanticized, mental disorders, or mental dis-eases, should be understood as nothing less or more than what they are, an expression of our deepest human nature. By recognizing their traits in ourselves and reflecting upon them, we may be able both to contain them and to put them to good use. This is, no doubt, the highest form of genius. — Neel Burton

Mental Disorders Quotes By Jon Ronson

The killer's name was Michael Stone and he was a known psychopath. He had previous convictions. But the law stated that only patients whose mental disorders were considered treatable could be detained beyond their prison sentences. Psychopaths were considered untreatable and so Michael Stone had to be free. — Jon Ronson

Mental Disorders Quotes By Vironika Tugaleva

Many so-called disorders of the mind are simply disorders of thought. — Vironika Tugaleva

Mental Disorders Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

The good part about having a mental disorder is having a valid reason for all the stupid things we do because of a damaged prefrontal cortex. However, the best part is seeing someone completely sane do the exact same things, without a valid excuse. This is the great equalizer of God and his little gift for all us crazy people to enjoy. — Shannon L. Alder

Mental Disorders Quotes By Robin Tunney

Actors love mental disorders, dialects, and corsets. Give them one of the three and they're happy. — Robin Tunney

Mental Disorders Quotes By J. Lynn

One of the things you never really see in a romance book is a woman who has self-esteem issues. I mean, I'm sure they're out there, but they're few and far between. Like they can have eating disorders, post-traumatic stress from sexual assault or mental abuse. They can be sold into sex trafficking and they can carry epic amounts of grief. We have female characters who have suffered every loss imaginable and ones who are scarred physically and mentality, but where in the hell are the average women? Ones who look in the mirror and cringe a little? Like, why are all those others acceptable to women, but reading or knowing another woman who has a low self-esteem is, like, worse than all that drama llama? — J. Lynn

Mental Disorders Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

People that have been consistently hurt by others in life will only see the one time you hurt them and be blinded to all the good your heart has to offer. They look no further than what they want to see. Unfortunately, most of them remain a victim throughout their life. — Shannon L. Alder

Mental Disorders Quotes By Kimberlee Roth

Owing to a poorly defined sense of self, people with BPD rely on others for their feelings of worth and emotional caretaking. So fearful are they of feeling alone that they may act in desperate ways that quite frequently bring about the very abandonment and rejection they're trying to avoid. — Kimberlee Roth

Mental Disorders Quotes By Ashly Lorenzana

My sadness is beautiful. It infuses everything I do. It is at the core of my identity and always has been, just as happiness is in some people. I refuse to be told that it's a flaw. I will not mute it with medications for the sake of society. I will hold it close to me and celebrate it rightfully while the rest of the world fails to see it for what it is and it will be their loss. — Ashly Lorenzana

Mental Disorders Quotes By Cyma Rizwaan Khan

They say there's so much beauty in the world, but I don't see it. Perhaps that's my problem. Am I crazy for having major depressive disorder, or is the rest of the population crazy for not having it? How do you even define sanity? Is it the will to live another day in spite of a lifetime of failures? Or is it the desire to keep going after you've lost everything you really, truly cared about? — Cyma Rizwaan Khan

Mental Disorders Quotes By Thomas Szasz

The pressure to reduce health care costs is aimed only at the treatment of real diseases. There is no pressure to reduce the costs of treating fictitious diseases. On the contrary, there is pressure to define ever more types of undesirable behaviors as mental disorders or addictions and to spend ever more tax dollars on developing new psychiatric diagnoses and facilities for storing and treating the victims of such diseases, whose members now include alcoholics, drug abusers, smokers, overeaters, self-starvers, gamblers, etc. — Thomas Szasz

Mental Disorders Quotes By Anita Johnston

Counting calories is not the answer, because eating is not the problem. — Anita Johnston

Mental Disorders Quotes By Gerard Verschuuren

Exorcists always need to distinguish demonic possessions from mental or psychiatric disorders, and they use three symptoms to identify people as possessed. First, those people have the ability to see hidden sacred objects, which they always want removed. Second, they have an extraordinary physical strength. And third, they show an aversion to the sacred — Gerard Verschuuren

Mental Disorders Quotes By Ian Sansom

But then twitching nervously in the presence of a librarian wasn't an uncommon response - librarians, like ministers of religion, and poets, and people with serious mental health disorders, can make people nervous. Librarians possess a kind of occult power, an aura. They could silence people with just a glance. At least, they did in Israel's fantasies. In Israel's fantasies, librarians were mild-mannered superheroes, with extrasensory perceptions and a highly developed sense of responsibility who demanded respect from everyone they met. In reality, Israel couldn't silence even Mrs Onions on her mobile phone when she was disturbing other readers. — Ian Sansom

Mental Disorders Quotes By Peter Joseph

Make no mistake. The greatest destroyer of ecology. The greatest source of waste, depletion and pollution. The greatest purveyor of violence, war, crime, poverty, animal abuse and inhumanity. The greatest generator of personal and social neurosis, mental disorders, depression, anxiety. Not to mention the greatest source of social paralysis, stopping us from moving into new methodologies for personal health, global sustainability and progress on this planet, is not some corrupt government or legislation.
Not some rogue corporation or banking cartel.
Not some flaw of human nature and not some secret cabal that controls the world.
It is the socioeconomic system itself at its very foundation. — Peter Joseph

Mental Disorders Quotes By Meredith F. Small

For all we know, our ancestors may have had better reproductive success not because they were smart, but because they were emotionally sensitive, dynamically moody, and ridden with anxiety. In other words, it makes sense to hold up an evolutionary lens to mental disorders because they might not be disorders at all, but adaptations. — Meredith F. Small

Mental Disorders Quotes By Harriet Brown

I've never had anorexia, but I know it well. I see it on the street, in the gaunt and sunken face, the boney chest, the spindly arms of an emaciated woman. I've come to recognize the flat look of despair, the hopelessness that follows, inevitably, from years of starvation. I think: That could have been [me]. It wasn't. It's not. — Harriet Brown

Mental Disorders Quotes By Leslie Burby

According to National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the following anxiety disorders exist within adults with Asperger's: 1. Panic Disorder 2. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) 3. Social Anxiety Disorder / Social Phobia 4. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) — Leslie Burby

Mental Disorders Quotes By Marlene Steinberg

Early identification of patients who suffer from dissociative symptoms and disorders is essential for successful treatment, because these disorders do not resolve spontaneously. — Marlene Steinberg

Mental Disorders Quotes By Stanley Victor Paskavich

Because of my bipolar condition I will have to take anti psychotics until I die but hopefully a handful of them won't be the last thing I taste — Stanley Victor Paskavich

Mental Disorders Quotes By Sam Harris

A review of the psychological literature suggests that mindfulness in particular fosters many components of physical and mental health: It improves immune function, blood pressure, and cortisol levels; it reduces anxiety, depression, neuroticism, and emotional reactivity. It also leads to greater behavioral regulation and has shown promise in the treatment of addiction and eating disorders. Unsurprisingly, the practice is associated with increased subjective well-being.13 — Sam Harris

Mental Disorders Quotes By Joel Paris

What is actually observed in so-called 'biplar children'? If you read the research reports carefully, they describe broad and persistent emotional dysregulation. Although these children have mood swings, they do not develop manic or hypomanic episodes. They are moody, irritable, oppositional and likely to misbehave - like all children with disruptive behavior disorders. Their grandiose thinking usually consists of little beyond boastfulness. No evidence from genetics, neurobiology, follow-up studies or treatment response shows that this syndrome has anything in common with classical bipolarity. — Joel Paris

Mental Disorders Quotes By Joel Paris

The main reason why clinicians may not diagnose personality disorders is that they think that doing so supports therapeutic pessimism. Recent research has shown this is not true; most patients get better, either with time or with treatment, that the prognosis is actually better than in many patients with severe mood and anxiety disorders. — Joel Paris

Mental Disorders Quotes By Jane E. Ryan

All expression is missing from her face and he sees that her eyes look totally blank. He says with fear gripping his throat, "Where are you?"
"Nowhere," she responds with difficulty. Zeb drops his head before he says, "I'm a minister with a calling to help people. I wish I could help you..."
She remains motionless with eyes half open, looking toward the horizon.
Zeb continues, "...but you've shut me out."
He thinks he sees Annika gesture sluggishly toward the house before he hears her say thickly, "He's like a boarder in an old-time rooming house. He sleeps in our bed and eats at our table, but we don't really know who he is at all. — Jane E. Ryan

Mental Disorders Quotes By Blythe Baird

Killing yourself slowly is still killing yourself. Wanting to die is not the same as wanting to come home. Recovery is hard work. Not wanting to die is hard work. — Blythe Baird

Mental Disorders Quotes By Jael McHenry

Everybody struggles with this stuff, you know. With social discomfort and grief and fitting in. People with syndromes, people with disorders, people with diagnoses, and without. People who would be classified as neurotypical. Idiots and geniuses, maids and doctors. Nobody's got it all figured out. — Jael McHenry

Mental Disorders Quotes By Marya Hornbacher

People who've Been to Hell and Back develop a certain sort of self-righteousness. There is a tendency to say: I have an addictive personality, I am terribly sensitive, I'm touched with fire, I have Scars. There is a self-perpetuating belief that one simply cannot help it, and this is very dangerous. It becomes an identity in and of itself. It becomes its own religion, and you wait for salvation, and you wait, and wait, and wait, and do not save yourself. If you saved yourself and did not wait for salvation, you'd be self-sufficient. How dull. — Marya Hornbacher

Mental Disorders Quotes By Jon Ronson

Even sleep offered no respite from my mental disorders. There was Nightmare Disorder, which is diagnosed when the sufferer dreams of being "pursued or declared a failure." All my nightmares involve someone chasing me down the street while yelling, "You're a failure! — Jon Ronson

Mental Disorders Quotes By Neel Burton

Other pressing problems with the current medical model [of mental disorder] is that it encourages false epidemics, most glaringly in bipolar disorder and ADHD, and the wholesale exportation of Western mental disorders and Western accounts of mental disorder. Taken together, this is leading to a pandemic of Western disease categories and treatments, while undermining the variety and richness of the human experience. — Neel Burton

Mental Disorders Quotes By Darren Fletcher

As young girls we grow up with the idea that life is going to be a bit of a fairytale. But at some point reality hits and we realise that's not what life is about. Many of us are faced with eating disorders and mental health struggles, bad relationships and heartbreak, low self-esteem and confused sexualities and more. Life is very much real. — Darren Fletcher

Mental Disorders Quotes By Thomas Taylor

Yet the Bible also talks about diseases, both of the body and mind, and Jesus heals these diseased people. Ergo, while it is true that we can all be made in God's image theologically, it is also true theologically that there are attributes of our makeup which are not Holy, and which need to be healed or gotten rid of, physical and mental disorders and affectations comprising some of these, and our sinful nature comprising the rest. Chunk — Thomas Taylor

Mental Disorders Quotes By Neel Burton

As it stands, the diagnostic criteria for depression are so loose that two people with absolutely no symptoms in common can both end up with the same unitary diagnosis of depression. For this reason especially, the concept of depression as a mental disorder has been charged with being little more than a socially constructed dustbin for all manner of human suffering. — Neel Burton

Mental Disorders Quotes By Richard A Chefetz

Identity confusion... is as if somebody lost their mental road map and has no appreciation of who they are or what is going on in their life. They may know they know but become blustered or baffled as to why they don't. The information is inaccessible and likely would remind a person about things that have gone on in their life that are simply unacceptable and unknowable, in a given moment, because of the emotional gravity involved. — Richard A Chefetz

Mental Disorders Quotes By Lev Grossman

If this was madness it was an entirely new kind of madness, as yet undocumented in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. She had nerdophrenia. She was dorkotic. — Lev Grossman

Mental Disorders Quotes By Mike Jay

To look back before 1800 is to enter another world, one where the number of institutions for the mad was a tiny fraction of today's and what we would now call mental disorders were often understood as religious ecstasies or diabolical possessions. — Mike Jay

Mental Disorders Quotes By Lee Ann Hoff

While a psychiatric diagnosis can serve a purpose in treatment plans, it should not become a tool to discredit a person's disclosure of abuse. — Lee Ann Hoff

Mental Disorders Quotes By Glenn Close

The mentally ill frighten and embarrass us. And so we marginalize the people who most need our acceptance. What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation. — Glenn Close

Mental Disorders Quotes By Lauren Miller

The fear, though, is unassailable. The dark balls of dread pinball through my brain. This is what anxiety does to a brain, I know that. A barrage of intrusive, unwanted, and distressing thoughts that the person thinking them can't turn them off no matter how hard they try... — Lauren Miller

Mental Disorders Quotes By Sherman Alexie

Being colonized automatically makes you bipolar. — Sherman Alexie

Mental Disorders Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

Worry is like a roller coaster ride that you think will take you somewhere, but it never does. — Shannon L. Alder

Mental Disorders Quotes By John Corey Whaley

Solomon had good days and he had bad days, but the good had far outnumbered the bad since Lisa and Clark had started coming around. Sometimes, though, they'd show up and he's look completely exhausted, drained of all his charm and moving in slow motion. They could do that to him - the attacks. Something about the physical response to panic can drain all the energy out of a person, and it doesn't matter what causes it or how long it lasts. What Solomon had was unforgiving and sneaky and as smart as any other illness. It was like a virus or cancer that would hide just long enough to fool him into thinking it was gone. And because it showed up when it damn well pleased, he'd learned to be honest about it, knowing that embarrassment only made it worse. — John Corey Whaley

Mental Disorders Quotes By Paul H Blaney

Despite the growing clinical and research interest in dissociative symptoms and disorders, it is also true that the substantial prevalence rates for dissociative disorders are still disproportional to the number of studies addressing these conditions.
For example, schizophrenia has a reported rate of 0.55% to 1% of the normal population (Goldner, Hus, Waraich, & Somers, more or less similar to the prevalence of DID. Yet a PubMed search generated 25,421 papers on research related to schizophrenia, whereas only 73 publications were found for DID-related research. — Paul H Blaney

Mental Disorders Quotes By Santosh Kalwar

Suicide and mental health problems have no boundaries. — Santosh Kalwar

Mental Disorders Quotes By Demi Lovato

Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses, not lifestyle choices. — Demi Lovato

Mental Disorders Quotes By American Psychiatric Association

the essential feature of the Dissociative Disorders is a disruption in the usually integrated functions of consciousness, memory, identity,or perception — American Psychiatric Association

Mental Disorders Quotes By Robert Graves

A well chosen anthology is a complete dispensary of medicine for the more common mental disorders, and may be used as much for prevention as cure. — Robert Graves

Mental Disorders Quotes By Neel Burton

In 1949, neurologist Egas Moniz (1874-1955) received a Nobel Prize for his discovery of 'the therapeutic value of leucotomy in certain psychoses'. Today, prefrontal leucotomy is derided as a barbaric treatment from a much darker age, and it is to be hoped that, one day, so too might antipsychotic drugs. — Neel Burton

Mental Disorders Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

In order to master compassion, you have to spend time getting to know monsters. When you can do that you will see that there are no monsters, only people that acted like monsters because no one gave them the time or compassion to hear their story. — Shannon L. Alder

Mental Disorders Quotes By Meg Haston

We are all a collection of lost causes, stashed here so no one has to see just how wounded we are. — Meg Haston

Mental Disorders Quotes By Ruby Wax

1 in 5 people have dandruff. 1 in 4 people have mental health problems. I've had both. — Ruby Wax

Mental Disorders Quotes By Nenia Campbell

The amount of sympathy you get from having an illness is paid out like a Ponzi scheme and psychiatric disorders are all the way at the bottom. — Nenia Campbell

Mental Disorders Quotes By Ruby Wax

This disease comes with a package: shame. When any other part of your body gets sick, you get sympathy. — Ruby Wax

Mental Disorders Quotes By Gene Tierney

I never understood the theory, once popular among doctors, that blamed mental disorders on too little or too much mother love. My own mother was my darling. — Gene Tierney

Mental Disorders Quotes By Chinua Achebe

There was another epidemic that was not talked about much, a silent scourge - the explosion of mental illness: major depression, psychosis, schizophrenia, manic-depression, personality disorders, grief response, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, etc. - on a scale none of us had ever witnessed. — Chinua Achebe

Mental Disorders Quotes By Kimberlee Roth

It's not about blame or wallowing...you are all molded by so much more than a dysfunctional past, and you must ultimately take responsibility for creating the life you want. — Kimberlee Roth

Mental Disorders Quotes By Antonio R. Damasio

It is not customary to refer to organisms when we talk about brain
and mind. It has been so obvious that mind arises from the activity
of neurons that only neurons are discussed as if their operation
could be independent from that of the rest of the organism. But as I
investigated disorders of memory, language, and reason in numerous
human beings with brain damage, the idea that mental activity, from
its simplest aspects to its most sublime, requires both brain and body
proper became especially compelling. — Antonio R. Damasio

Mental Disorders Quotes By Kirstie Alley

I don't believe you have to have eating disorders and mental illness to screw up. — Kirstie Alley