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Top Need My Beauty Sleep Quotes

Need My Beauty Sleep Quotes By Richelle Mead

Maybe you don't need beauty sleep, but some of us aren't so lucky. — Richelle Mead

Need My Beauty Sleep Quotes By Rachel Renee Russell

Miss Penelope THINKS I need beauty sleep?! Sorry, Brianna, but Miss Penelope CAN'T think. She doesn't have a BRAIN! She's a hand puppet!" I shot back. — Rachel Renee Russell

Need My Beauty Sleep Quotes By Heather Vogel Frederick

You need your beauty sleep for tomorrow"
she tells us "don't stay up too late talking"
We ignore her of course.The whole point of a sleepover is to stay up too late talking. — Heather Vogel Frederick

Need My Beauty Sleep Quotes By Rachel Renee Russell

Brianna! Did you take my clock again?!" I yelled. "If I'M late for school, it's all YOUR fault!" "I didn't take your clock. Miss Penelope did! She thinks you need all the BEAUTY SLEEP you can get! — Rachel Renee Russell

Need My Beauty Sleep Quotes By Fiona Paul

Come on," Falco said. "I'll see you safely home to your fancy sheets. I'd say you need your beauty sleep, but it looks like you've been getting plenty. — Fiona Paul

Need My Beauty Sleep Quotes By Aimee Mullins

The best beauty secret, besides sleep and plenty of water, is do whatever it is - before you go out, before you need to feel beautiful - do whatever makes you feel confident. If it's putting on a great dance record and rocking out in your apartment, do it. If kissing someone for 10 minutes makes you feel confident, do it. — Aimee Mullins

Need My Beauty Sleep Quotes By Julian Barnes

Flaubert teaches you to gave upon the truth and not blink from its consequences; he teaches you, with Montaigne, to sleep on the pillow of doubt; he teaches you to dissect out the constituent parts of reality, and to observe the Nature is always a mixture of genres; he teaches you the most exact use of language; he teaches you not to approach a book in search of moral or social pills
literature is not a pharmacopoeia; he teaches the pre-eminence of Truth, Beauty, Feeling and Style. And if you study his private life, he teaches courage, stoicism, friendship; the importance of intelligence, skepticism and wit; the folly of cheap patriotism; the virtue of being able to remain by yourself in your own room; the hatred of hypocrisy; distrust of the doctrinaire; the need for plain speaking. — Julian Barnes

Need My Beauty Sleep Quotes By Shana Norris

Zac: Now I have a key to your house. I could sneak in tonight and disturb your beauty sleep.
Avery: Eight hours of sleep is crucial to a body that functions at peak efficiency
Zac: A body that functions at peak efficiency? Are you sure you're really sixteen? You sound like Einstein.
Avery: What would you prefer I say? 'I, like, totally need tons of sleep or else I'm, like, a complete zombie — Shana Norris

Need My Beauty Sleep Quotes By Maurice Maeterlinck

There needs but so little to encourage beauty in our soul; so little to awaken the slumbering angels; or perhaps is there no need of awakening --- it is enough that we lull them not to sleep. It requires more effort to fall, perhaps, than to rise. Can we, without putting constraint upon ourselves, confine our thoughts to everyday things at times when the sea stretches before us, and we are face to face with the night? And what soul is there but knows that it is ever confronting the sea, ever in presence of an eternal night? — Maurice Maeterlinck

Need My Beauty Sleep Quotes By Elizabeth Morgan

How long are you planning on us sitting up here, kid?" Brendan asked.
I looked over at him. He sat still, with his head leant back against the rooftop wall, his eyes closed, his hands resting on his lap.
"Sorry, is being here getting in the way of your beauty sleep?"
"I don't need beauty sleep, kid. I'm naturally this good-looking."
I snorted.
"Whatever makes you feel good, Shifter." No point boosting his ego. — Elizabeth Morgan

Need My Beauty Sleep Quotes By Amy A. Bartol

I miss the outline of your body pressed to mine and the feel of your breath on my neck when you sleep. I miss the sound of your voice. I need you. I have to go soon, but I will be back for you. I promise you. Then, I will show you that there is still beauty in the world
not a future full of despair. I promise you, I will. — Amy A. Bartol

Need My Beauty Sleep Quotes By Amanda Howells

Simon nodded. "You need your beauty sleep."
"Do I?" I said coolly.
"I didn't mean," Simon stuttered. "I meant ... you're a girl and all."
"Thanks for telling me, — Amanda Howells