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Top Mechanical Design Quotes

Mechanical Design Quotes By Roger Fry

Perhaps, the highest pleasure in art is identical with the highest pleasure in scientific theory. The emotion which accompanies the clear recognition of unity in a complex seems so similar in art and in science that it is difficult not to suppose that they are psychologically the same. It is, as it were, the final stage of both a processes.This unity-emotion in science supervenes upon a process of pure mechanical reasoning; in art it supervenes upon a process of which emotion has all along been an essential concomitant. — Roger Fry

Mechanical Design Quotes By Carl Magnusson

Everything that I do has a certain mechanical logic to it, and follows my definition of design
which is function with cultural content. — Carl Magnusson

Mechanical Design Quotes By Robert Greene

The people with money were meddling in mechanical and design affairs. They were interjecting their mediocre ideas into the process and polluting it. — Robert Greene

Mechanical Design Quotes By Bobby Seale

My father was a master carpenter and builder. Architectural design, engineering design, mechanical design, three-dimensional views, that was my shtick, my forte. — Bobby Seale

Mechanical Design Quotes By John Maeda

Videogames are indeed design: They're sophisticated virtual machines that echo the mechanical systems inside cars. — John Maeda

Mechanical Design Quotes By James Gleick

Final cause is cause based on purpose or design: a wheel is round because that shape makes transportation possible. Physical cause is mechanical: the earth is round because gravity pulls a spinning fluid into a spheroid. The distinction is not always so obvious. A drinking glass is round because that is the most comfortable shape to hold or drink from. A drinking glass is round because that is the shape naturally assumed by spun pottery or blown glass. — James Gleick