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Top Biodiesel Quotes

Biodiesel Quotes By Mark Kennedy

Ethanol and biodiesel allow people to burn a cleaner form of energy. — Mark Kennedy

Biodiesel Quotes By James Howard Kunstler

Suburbia is not going to run on biodiesel. The easy-motoring tourist industry is not going to run on biodiesel, wind power and solar fuel. — James Howard Kunstler

Biodiesel Quotes By Woody Harrelson

When I'm in New York, I bike everywhere. I have a couple of bikes stored over at Ed Norton's. It's the only way to go. But in Hawaii, I drive. I have a little Volkswagen Bug, from the 'Drive it? Hug it?' phase. I run it on biodiesel. — Woody Harrelson

Biodiesel Quotes By Vinod Khosla

Certain food-based biofuels like biodiesel have always been a bad idea. Others like corn ethanol have served a useful purpose and essentially are obsoleting themselves. — Vinod Khosla

Biodiesel Quotes By Julia Roberts

It's very important that we expand our use of clean energy and make a long-term commitment to it. Biodiesel and ethanol are better for the environment and for the air we breathe.The use of biodiesel is a positive step toward minimizing pollutive emissions and greenhouse gases. By focusing on school buses, we can affect the health and wellbeing of the people most susceptible to that pollution - our children - today. — Julia Roberts

Biodiesel Quotes By Daryl Hannah

The biodiesel we use is 100 percent, it has no petroleum in it. It was already used in fryers throughout our local area. It's already had one life and now it's going to be used again, which is nice. — Daryl Hannah

Biodiesel Quotes By Daryl Hannah

So organic farming practices are something that, to me, are interlinked with the idea of using biodiesel. — Daryl Hannah

Biodiesel Quotes By Daryl Hannah

I love the idea that biodiesel has the potential to support farmers, especially the family farms. — Daryl Hannah

Biodiesel Quotes By Robin Sloane

Whenever I come here, I pretend I'm living in the future and the atmosphere is irradiated and wild bands of biodiesel bikers rule the dusty surface. — Robin Sloane

Biodiesel Quotes By Bobby Jindal

We should increase our development of alternative fuels, taking advantage of renewable resources, like using corn and sugar to produce ethanol or soybeans to produce biodiesel. — Bobby Jindal

Biodiesel Quotes By Willie Nelson

Small family farmers are the only things that can save us because they take care of the land. Future farmers of America are going to be our heroes. Same with biodiesel, either way we need small family saustainable and organic farmers. — Willie Nelson

Biodiesel Quotes By Willie Nelson

I see this [biodiesel] as a way for the farmer to grow fuel and food and put him back in business again — Willie Nelson