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Top Marx's Quotes

Marx's Quotes By Barbara Marx Hubbard

I see more people all the time feeling something growing from within them to more fully realize their heart's desire, their desire to give more, to be more, to do more. — Barbara Marx Hubbard

Marx's Quotes By Karl Marx

Man makes religion, religion does not make man. Religion is indeed man's self-consciousness and self-awareness as long as he has not found his feet in the universe. — Karl Marx

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

A man's only as old as the woman he feels. — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Ronald Reagan

How do you tell a Communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin. — Ronald Reagan

Marx's Quotes By Sun Yat-sen

China is now suffering from poverty, not from unequal distribution of wealth. Where there are inequalities of wealth, the methods of Marx can, of course, be used; a class war can be advocated to destroy the inequalities. But in China, where industry is not yet developed, Marx's class war and dictatorship of the proletariat are impracticable. — Sun Yat-sen

Marx's Quotes By Martin Freeman

The Marx Brothers isn't subtle, and that's hilarious. — Martin Freeman

Marx's Quotes By Tom Robbins

Marx Marvelous is going to break the genius machine when he grows up. That's what everyone said. He hasn't, of course. — Tom Robbins

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

Most young women do not welcome promiscuous advances. (Either that, or my luck's terrible.) — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Barbara Marx Hubbard

We can enhance democracy by making it in line with its original vision. Read the dollar bill - E pluribus unum, out of many, one; novus ordo seclorum, a new order of the ages. That's democracy. — Barbara Marx Hubbard

Marx's Quotes By Noam Chomsky

As far as Marx's analysis of capitalism, there's a lot of very useful ideas in it, but he's developing an abstract model of 19th century capitalism. It's abstract and it's changed. — Noam Chomsky

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

Here's to our wives and girlfriends ... may they never meet! — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

The only game I like to play is "Old Maid", providing she's not too old — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Karl Marx

If one wants to be an ox one can easily turn one's back on hum suffering and look after one's own skin. — Karl Marx

Marx's Quotes By Kent Hovind

[ ... ] most of the environmental hype [regarding global warming] is really to help bring about Karl Marx's dream (nightmare) of a Communist world. [by reduction, and ultimately elimination of private property rights — Kent Hovind

Marx's Quotes By Joseph Stalin

Marxism is not only the theory of socialism, it is an integral world outlook, a philosophical system, from which Marx's proletarian socialism logically follows. This philosophical system is called dialectical materialism. — Joseph Stalin

Marx's Quotes By David Harvey

Marx's critique of free markets and free trade can shed as much devastating light on our own actually existing capitalism as it did for the capitalism of Marx's own time and place. — David Harvey

Marx's Quotes By Terry Eagleton

The most compelling confirmation of Marx's theory of history is late capitalist society. There is a sense in which this case is becoming truer as time passes. — Terry Eagleton

Marx's Quotes By Patty Marx

Ninety percent of all the data in the world has been produced in the last two years. Six thousand YouTube videos are posted a minute - and that figure was computed in 2011; by now there's probably not a number high enough to convey how overwhelming it all is. Here's another cocktail party statistic: The amount of information we generate every two days is equal to the amount produced from the beginning of civilization until 2003. That factoid comes from Eric Schmidt, formerly of Google, so you can partly blame him for all your mental clutter. — Patty Marx

Marx's Quotes By Barbara Marx Hubbard

When you get a new worldview you get a new world. It's like the shift from medieval Christianity to the Renaissance and enlightenment. — Barbara Marx Hubbard

Marx's Quotes By Barbara Marx Hubbard

Mother Earth is giving birth to a co-creative humanity. There's not a majority anywhere, but it's cropping up everywhere, because old leadership does not have the authority to guide us. — Barbara Marx Hubbard

Marx's Quotes By Daniel Hannan

The more we learn of behavioral psychology, the more we understand that ideologies are as much a product of people's nature as of observed experience. The perverted doctrines that actuated the Bolshevists may be immanent in a portion of humanity. Some people are determined to see every success as a swindling of someone else, every transaction as an exploitation, every exercise in freedom as a violation of some ideal plan, every tradition as a superstition. How delicious that, as we approach the bicentenary of his birth, Karl Marx should have turned into the thing he loathed above all: the prophet of an irrational faith. — Daniel Hannan

Marx's Quotes By Richard Marx

The only thing that's a little tricky about it is sometimes people assume that if it's a new song, it's a reflection of what you're feeling or going through now. — Richard Marx

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

It's hard to get ivory in Africa, but in Alabama the Tuscaloosa — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Paul Robeson

In all spheres of modern life the influence of Stalin reaches wide and deep. From his last simply written but vastly discerning and comprehensive document, back through the years, his contributions to the science of our world society remain invaluable. One reverently speaks of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin - the shapers of humanity's richest present and future. — Paul Robeson

Marx's Quotes By Red Army Faction

The fact is that the system in the metropole reproduces itself through an ongoing offensive against the people's psyche, not in an openly fascist way, but rather through the market.
Therefore, to write off entire sections of the population as an impediment to anti-imperialist struggle, simply because they don't fit into Marx' analysis of capitalism, is as insane and sectarian as it is un-Marxist. — Red Army Faction

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

He [Groucho's father] had absolutely no training, and if you had ever seen one of his suits, you'd realize what an accurate statement that is. You see, Pop never used a tape measure. He didn't believe in it. He said he could just look at a man and tell hi. — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Bob Dylan

Despite everybody who has been born and has died, the world has just gone on. I mean, look at Napoleon -but we went right on. Look at Harpo Marx -the world went around, it didn't stop for a second. It's sad but true. John Kennedy, right? — Bob Dylan

Marx's Quotes By Carl Schmitt

Intelligence and rationalism are not in themselves revolutionary. But technical thinking is foreign to all social traditions: the machine has no tradition. One of Karl Marx's seminal sociological discoveries is that technology is the true revolutionary principle, beside which all revolutions based on natural law are antiquated forms of recreation. A society built exclusively on progressive technology would thus be nothing but revolutionary; but it would soon destroy itself and its technology. — Carl Schmitt

Marx's Quotes By Germaine Greer

Women's liberation, if it abolishes the patriarchal family, will abolish a necessary substructure of the authoritarian state, and once that withers away Marx will have come true willy-nilly, so let's get on with it. — Germaine Greer

Marx's Quotes By Patricia Marx

Love can't always be measured by how long u wait,it's about how well u understand WHY and WHAT you are waiting — Patricia Marx

Marx's Quotes By Harpo Marx

But I guess that's the way it is. When you lose something irreplaceable, you don't mourn for the thing you lost. you mourn for yourself. — Harpo Marx

Marx's Quotes By Richard Marx

To me, there was no better drummer than Jeff Porcaro. His musicianship and kindness to me will never be forgotten. Our loss is heaven's gain — Richard Marx

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

I think women are sexy when they got some clothes on. And if later they take them off then you've triumphed.
Somebody once said it's what you dont see you're interested in, and this is true. — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

He's so full of alcohol, if you put a lighted wick in his mouth he'd burn for three days. — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By John Carroll

There is a strain in Marx of the cleric, of the vulgar moralist. He paints the capitalist and the bourgeois as incarnations of evil; it is they who are responsible for the woes of mankind. The dismissal of the individual's responsibility for his own misery is the quintessence of clericalism. — John Carroll

Marx's Quotes By Woody Allen

David: And you think it can just evaporate? Even if at one time they loved one another?
Marx: That's one of the sad truths of existence. Nothing in this world is permanent. Even the characters created by the great Shakespeare will, in millions of years, cease to exist - when the universe runs its course and the lights go out. — Woody Allen

Marx's Quotes By John Ringo

The economic answer to the world's problems is John Adams, not [Karl] Marx. — John Ringo

Marx's Quotes By Angela Davis

We don't go further than what Marx called the exchange value of the actual object- we don't think about the relations that that object embodies- and were important to the production of that object, whether it's our food or our clothes or our iPads or all the materials we use to acquire an education at an institution like this. That would really be revolutionary to develop a habit of imagining the human relations and non-human relations behind all of the objects that constitute our environment. — Angela Davis

Marx's Quotes By Alden Ehrenreich

When I was a little kid, my parents would show me Marx Brothers' films and westerns and stuff like that. That's where all my desire to be an actor comes from and probably most of my understanding of acting comes from for sure. — Alden Ehrenreich

Marx's Quotes By Carson McCullers

He married and made a home. He went endlessly from house to house and spoke the mission and the truth. The hopeless suffering of his people made in him a madness, a wild and evil feeling of destruction. At times he drank strong liquor and beat his head against the floor. In his heart there was a savage violence, and once he grasped the poker from the hearth and struck down his wife. She took Hamilton, Karl Marx, William, and Portia with her to her father's home. He wrestled in his spirit and fought down the evil blackness. But Daisy did not come back. And eight years later when she died his sons were not children anymore and they did not return to him. He was left an old man in an empty house. — Carson McCullers

Marx's Quotes By Ed Lynskey

Quote taken from Chapter 1:
Alma idly wondered if he'd blow his nose, too.
He did. Twice. He made it honk, the sound reminding Alma of Harpo Marx squeezing his bulb horn.
Isabel darted a look at Alma, giving her the don't-you-dare-giggle squint.
Alma dug her fingernails into her palm, the inappropriate laugh rising from her throat as she looked up at the ceiling. Blue refolded his handkerchief and returned it to inside his seersucker jacket. Thankfully, Alma's urge to laugh subsided. — Ed Lynskey

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

Why should I care about posterity? What's posterity ever done for me? — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Andi Zeisler

The rise of feminist underpants is a weird twist on Karl Marx's theory of commodity fetishism, wherein consumer products once divorced from inherent use value are imbued with all sorts of meaning. To brand something as feminist doesn't involve ideology, or labor, or policy, or specific actions or processes. It's just a matter of saying, 'This is feminist because we say it is. — Andi Zeisler

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

Die, my dear? Why that's the last thing I'll do! — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Nigel Warburton

Marx's main interest was in economic relationships since in his view they shape everything that we are and can become. — Nigel Warburton

Marx's Quotes By John Kenneth Galbraith

Let's begin with capitalism, a word that has gone largely out of fashion. The approved reference now is to the market system. This shift minimizes-indeed, deletes-the role of wealth in the economic and social system. And it sheds the adverse connotation going back to Marx. Instead of the owners of capital or their attendants in control, we have the admirably impersonal role of market forces. It would be hard to think of a change in terminology more in the interest of those to whom money accords power. They have now a functional anonymity. — John Kenneth Galbraith

Marx's Quotes By Louis O. Kelso

While no inference is intended here, it is worth noting, in connection with Milton Friedman's comment that "Kelso just turned Marx upside down," that it is not necessarily amiss to turn a fellow upside down if that in fact straightens out his thinking. — Louis O. Kelso

Marx's Quotes By David Harvey

The invocation of social necessity should alert us. It contains the seeds for Marx's critique of political economy as well as for his dissection of capitalism . — David Harvey

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

In France, for example, it is not unusual for a husband to have a wife and a mistress. However, if in addition to these two he's also having a fling with a fringe tootsie, both the wife and the mistress are outraged and the combination lover, husband, and cheat may well wind up with a large French bread knife between his ribs. — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Leonard Marx

My grandfather is great. He's a great grandfather. — Leonard Marx

Marx's Quotes By Raymond Geuss

Monotheistic religions in the West have tended to conflate having a general orientation in life, having a specific theory of the world, having a sense of the positive meaningfulness of one's existence, and having a fixed set of rules for behavior, but these elements are in principle separable ... The "metaphysical need," ... both Marx and Nietzsche held, is a historical phenomenon that arises under determinate circumstances, and could be expected to disappear under other circumstances that we could relatively easily envisage. — Raymond Geuss

Marx's Quotes By Patricia Marx

One false word, one extra word, and somebody's thinking about how they have to buy paper towels at the store. Brevity is very important. If you're going to be longwinded, it should be for a purpose. Not just because you like your words. — Patricia Marx

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

There's a man outside with a big black mustache. - Tell him I've got one. — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

I shall drink no # wine before it's time! OK, it's time. — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Anonymous

(By 'abstract labour' Marx means work done simply in order to earn a wage, rather than for the worker's own specific purposes. Thus making a pair of shoes because one wants a pair of shoes is not abstract labour; making a pair of shoes because that happens to be a way of getting money is.) — Anonymous

Marx's Quotes By Michael J. Marx

Good decision making is the result of years of experience making and learning from one's choices - good and bad. — Michael J. Marx

Marx's Quotes By Niall Ferguson

Something that's seldom appreciated about me is that I am in sympathy with a great deal of what Marx wrote, except that I'm on the side of the bourgeoisie. — Niall Ferguson

Marx's Quotes By George Orwell

In an Empire that was simply stagnant, neither being developed nor falling to pieces, and in an England ruled by people whose chief asset was their stupidity, to be 'clever' was to be suspect. If you had the kind of brain that could understand the poems of T.S. Eliot or the theories of Karl Marx, the higher-ups would see to it that you were kept out of any important job. — George Orwell

Marx's Quotes By Anonymous

The second and third volumes of Capital are much less interesting than the first. The second volume is a technical discussion of how capital circulates. It also discusses the origin of economic crises. The third volume attempts to patch up some problems in the first volume, particularly the objection that prices do not reflect the amount of labour in a product, as one would expect them to do on Marx's account. — Anonymous

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

He [Harpo] loved life and lived it joyously and deeply and that's about as good an epitaph as anyone can have. — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Sebastian Gorka

The similarities between groups like Al Qaeda or the Islamic State and USSR are too numerous and fundamental to be ignored. Both groups are driven by a totalitarian vision. The followers of Karl Marx envisioned a world transformed into a workers' paradise in which all other classes had been destroyed and only one party, the Communist Party, was in control. Today's jihadists also have a universal vision. They look forward to a global caliphate in which all have submitted to the will of Allah and live as Muslims, the infidels and apostates having been slain. Both visions are exclusive, absolutist, and totalitarian. They are predicated on a 'them or us' vision of how the world must be. There is no possibility for peaceful coexistence with the 'other'. — Sebastian Gorka

Marx's Quotes By Niall Ferguson

If being rightwing is thinking that Karl Marx's doctrine was a catastrophe for humanity, then I'm rightwing. — Niall Ferguson

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

Afraid? Me? A man who's licked his weight in wild caterpillars? — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Barbara Marx Hubbard

"Christ" states that those who see themselves as "separate" and not "divine" hinder humanity's ability to spiritually evolve. Those who deny their own "divinity" are like "cancer cells" in the body of God. — Barbara Marx Hubbard

Marx's Quotes By Eric Hobsbawm

Seventy years after Marx's death, one third of the human race lived under regimes ruled by communist parties which claimed to represent his ideas and realise his aspirations. — Eric Hobsbawm

Marx's Quotes By Chico Marx

Dat's a some joke, Hey Boss. — Chico Marx

Marx's Quotes By Richard Marx

I have complete freedom, and there's no way to get pigeonholed or bored. What could be better than that? — Richard Marx

Marx's Quotes By A. James Gregor

For Sorel, the fact that Marx's prediction that contemporary society would increasingly divide itself into two, and no more than two, mutually hostile classes was falsified by time, could be offset by the readiness of the proletariat to remain intransigent, opposing its nonproletarian opponents with absolute determination. — A. James Gregor

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

There's only two things you can start without a plan: a riot and a family, for everything else you need a plan. — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Harpo Marx

He looked like something that had gotten loose from Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. — Harpo Marx

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

Today's Father Day and we're giving you a tie, it's not much you know, it's just our way of showing you, you're a regular guy. — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

Some people claim that marriage interferes with romance. There's no doubt about it. Anytime you have a romance, your wife is bound to interfere. — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Marc Chagall

But my knowledge of Marxism was limited to knowing that Marx was a Jew, and that he had a long white beard. I said to Lunatcharsky (the political communist commissar for Education, 1918, fh) 'Whatever you do, don't ask me why I painted in blue or green, and why you can see a calf inside the cow's belly, etc. On the other hand you're welcome: if Marx is so wise, let him come back to life and explain it himself'. I showed him my canvases. — Marc Chagall

Marx's Quotes By Michael J. Marx

The Christian coach keeps ethics in perspective by aligning his principles and values with his biblical worldview, endeavoring to see things from God's point of view. — Michael J. Marx

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

Policeman: "A hermit eh? Then why's your table set for four?"
Groucho: "That's nothing. My alarm clock is set for eight. — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Karl Marx

The French Revolution gave rise to ideas which led beyond the ideas of the entire old world order. The revolutionary movement which began in 1789 ... gave rise to the communist idea which Babeuf's friend Buonarroti re-introduced in France after the Revolution of 1830. This idea, consistently developed, is the idea of the new world order. — Karl Marx

Marx's Quotes By James Traficant

Mr. Speaker, in 1848, Karl Marx said, a progressive income tax is needed to transfer wealth and power to the state. Thus, Marx's Communist Manifesto had as its major economic tenet a progressive income tax. Think about it, 1848 Karl Marx, Communism ... I say it is time to replace the progressive income tax with a national retail sales tax, and it is time to abolish the IRS, my colleagues. I yield back all the rules, regulations, fear, and intimidation of our current system. — James Traficant

Marx's Quotes By Erich Fromm

This popular picture of Marx's 'materialism' - his anti-spiritual tendency, his wish for uniformity and subordination - is utterly false. Marx's aim was that of the spiritual emancipation of man, of his liberation from the chains of economic determination, of restituting him in his human wholeness, of enabling him to find unity and harmony with his fellow man and with nature. Marx's philosophy was, in secular, nontheistic language, a new and radical step forward in the tradition of prophetic Messianism; it was aimed at the full realization of individualism, the very aim which has guided Western thinking from the Renaissance and the Reformation far into the nineteenth century. — Erich Fromm

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

Anyone buying this book is going to be out a tidy sum if he is sucked in by the title. I wish I could write a real sexy book that would be barred from the mails. Apparently nothing whets a reader's appetite for literature more than the news that the author has been thrown into a federal pokey for disturbing the libido of millions of Americans. — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Christopher Butler

Foucault thus provides a sophisticated, language-based version of the class antagonisms of Marx - he relies on beliefs about the inherent evil of the individual's class position, or professional position, seen as 'discourse', regardless of the morality of his or her individual conduct. — Christopher Butler

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

I know a member of one of New York's first families (first as you drive up Tenth Avenue) — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Bertrand Russell

Marx's father became a Christian when Marx was a little boy, and some, at least, of the dogmas he must have then accepted seem to have born fruit in his son's psychology. — Bertrand Russell

Marx's Quotes By Jasper Fforde

There are not many secure hospitals that can boast someone who thought he was Napoleon, but St. Cerebellum's could field three - not to mention a handful of serial killers whose names inexplicably yet conveniently rhymed with their crimes. Notorious cannibal "Peter the Eater" was incarcerated here, as were "Sasha the Slasher" and "Mr. Browner the Serial Drowner." But the undisputed king of rhyme-inspired serial murder was Isle of Man resident Maximilian Marx, who went under the uniquely tongue-twisting epithet "Mad Max Marx, the Masked Manxman Axman." Deirdre Blott tried to top Max's clear superiority by changing her name so as to become "Nutty Nora Newsome, the Knife-Wielding Weird Widow from Waddersdon," but no one was impressed, and she was ostracized by the other patients for being such a terrible show-off. — Jasper Fforde

Marx's Quotes By Francis Fukuyama

but on Hegel, his "idealist" predecessor who was the first philosopher to answer Kant's challenge of writing a Universal History. For Hegel's understanding of the Mechanism that underlies the historical process is incomparably deeper than that of Marx or of any contemporary social scientist. For Hegel, the primary motor of human history is not modern natural science or the ever expanding horizon of desire that powers it, but rather a totally non-economic drive, the struggle for recognition. Hegel's Universal History complements the Mechanism we have just outlined, but gives us a broader understanding of man - "man as man" - that allows us to understand the discontinuities, the wars and sudden eruptions of irrationality out of the calm of economic development, that have characterized actual human history. — Francis Fukuyama

Marx's Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Why?" she screamed. "Are you crazy? You know the English subjunctive, you understand trigonometry, you can read Marx, and you don't know the answer to something as simple as that? Why do you even have to ask? Why do you have to make a girl SAY something like this? I like you more than I like him, that's all. I wish I had fallen in love with somebody a little more handsome, of course. But I didn't. I fell in love with you! — Haruki Murakami

Marx's Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

How subservient to Jesus, or to a humane God Almighty, were the leaders of this country back in the 1840's, when Marx said such a supposedly evil thing about religion? They had made it perfectly legal to own human slaves, and weren't going to led women vote or hold public office, God forbid, for another eighty year. — Kurt Vonnegut

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

That's bad luck: three on a midget. From At The Circus — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

Celebrate the cracks, because that's how the light comes in. — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

I'm leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it's not raining. — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Elizabeth Marx

Aidan: "From the moment I laid eyes on her she was trouble to my concentration, my libido, and my mental health. After six weeks of pursuit, I'd trapped her between my upraised arms against a book case, somewhere betwixt Shakespeare and Voltaire. "I want the witchcraft in your lips," I'd whispered. Instead of arguing, she grabbed me by the ears. She'd been soft lips, liberal tongue and nipping teeth. I'd contributed a willing body and a vulgar groan. She'd drawn away, licked her lips and ducked underneath my arms. When she was about three yards from me, she's tilted her head up like a siren on the bow of a ship and pursed a devil-may-care smile at me before she bowed. She'd challenged me to pursue her, and I'd intended to, but when I pushed off, the bookcase fell backwards. I tumbled into a heap of literary tombs. I could still hear her laughing when the library's elevator door chimed closed. — Elizabeth Marx

Marx's Quotes By Friedrich Engels

The Shawnees, Miamis and Delawares follow the custom of placing their children into the male gens by giving them a gentile name belonging to the father's gens, so that they may be entitled to inherit. "Innate casuistry of man, to change the objects by changing their names, and to find loopholes for breaking tradition inside of tradition where a direct interest was a sufficient motive." (Marx.) — Friedrich Engels

Marx's Quotes By Jonathan Haidt

It's not that human nature suddenly changed and became egalitarian; men still tried to dominate others when they could get away with it. Rather, people armed with weapons and gossip created what Boehm calls "reverse dominance hierarchies" in which the rank and file band together to dominate and restrain would-be alpha males. (It's uncannily similar to Marx's dream of the "dictatorship of the proletariat.")34 The result is a fragile state of political egalitarianism achieved by cooperation among creatures who are innately predisposed to hierarchical arrangements. It's a great example of how "innate" refers to the first draft of the mind. The final edition can look quite different, so it's a mistake to look at today's hunter-gatherers and say, "See, that's what human nature really looks like! — Jonathan Haidt

Marx's Quotes By George Lincoln Rockwell

Communism is as Jewish as the Mafia is Italian. It's a fact that almost all of the convicted spies for communism have been atheist Jews like the Rosenbergs. And international communism was invented by the Jew Karl Marx and has since been led mostly by Jews - like Trotsky. — George Lincoln Rockwell

Marx's Quotes By Karl Marx

Self-contempt is a serpent that ever gnaws at one's breath, sucking the life-blood from one's own heart and mixing it with the poison of misanthropy and despair. — Karl Marx

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

There's one way to find out if a man is honest - ask him. If he says "yes" you know he is a crook. — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Heather Paxson

Kessler depicts his developing intimacy with a handful of dairy goats and offers an enviable glimpse of the pastoral good life. Yet he also cautions, "Wherever the notion of paradise exists, so does the idea that it was lost. Paradise is always in the past." The title Goat Song is a literal rendering of the Greek word traghoudhia, tragedy. Reading it, I was reminded of Leo Marx's analysis of Thoreau's Walden. In The Machine in the Garden, Marx names Thoreau a tragic, if complex pastoralist. After failing to make an agrarian living raising beans for commercial trade (although his intent was always more allegorical than pecuniary), Thoreau ends Walden by replacing the pastoral idea where it originated: in literature. Paradise, Marx concludes, is not ultimately to be found at Walden Pond; it is to be found in the pages of Walden. — Heather Paxson

Marx's Quotes By Will Ferrell

I always find it actually funny that the analysis is that the characters I play in comedies are the manchild, the adolescent, characters that refuse to grow up. And yet, if you look back in the history of comedy all the way back to the Marx brothers, that's a big part of comedy. — Will Ferrell

Marx's Quotes By Anonymous

There would be no need for political power in the Marxist sense of the organized power of one class used to oppress another. Nor, given Marx's idea that communism would come first to the most industrially advanced societies, and would be international in character, would there be any need for the state in the sense of an organization existing to defend the nation against attacks from other nations. Relieved from oppressive conditions that bring their interests into conflict, people would voluntarily co-operate with each other. The political state resting on armed force would become obsolete; its place would be taken by 'an association, in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all' (CM 238). — Anonymous

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

I hate London when it's not raining. — Groucho Marx

Marx's Quotes By Groucho Marx

[Mrs. Teasdale]: He's had a change of heart. [Groucho]: A lot of good that'll do him. He's still got the same face. — Groucho Marx