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Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Anne Rice

No one is safe from nature's savagery,not even the innocent. Only beauty is consistent.
Gabrielle envisions a time when the Savage Garden will overtake civilizations and destroy it.
Anne Rice

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Albert Pike

We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists and we shall provoke a great social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to all nations the effect of absolute atheism; the origins of savagery and of most bloody turmoil.
Then everywhere, the people will be forced to defend themselves against the world minority of the world revolutionaries and will exterminate those destroyers of civilization and the multitudes disillusioned with Christianity whose spirits will be from that moment without direction and leadership and anxious for an ideal, but without knowledge where to send its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally out into public view. A manifestation which will result from a general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and Atheism; both conquered and exterminated at the same time. — Albert Pike

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By D.H. Lawrence

Every new stroke of civilization has cost the lives of countless brave men, who have fallen defeated by the dragon, in their efforts to win the apples of the Hesperides, or the fleece of gold. Fallen in their efforts to overcome the old, half sordid savagery of the lower stages of creation, and win the next stage. — D.H. Lawrence

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Mohsin Hamid

A country should be judged by how it treats its minorities. To the extent it protect them, it stands for the ennobling values of empathy and compassion, for justice rooted, not in might, but in human equality, and for civilization instead of savagery. — Mohsin Hamid

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Robert E. Howard

The more I see of what you call civilization, the more highly I think of what you call savagery! — Robert E. Howard

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Toba Beta

Poets write beautiful words to describe
savagery-wrapped civilization nowadays. — Toba Beta

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Ariana Franklin

The law should be the point at which savagery ended because civilization stood in its path. — Ariana Franklin

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By H. Rider Haggard

Civilization is only savagery silver-gilt. — H. Rider Haggard

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Thomas Sowell

What then is the intellectual advantage of civilization over primitive savagery? It is not necessarily that each civilized man has more knowledge but that he requires far less. — Thomas Sowell

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Arthur C. Clarke

Perhaps you understand now why that crystal pyramid was set upon the Moon instead of on the
Earth. Its builders were not concerned with races still struggling up from savagery. They would be
interested in our civilization only if we proved our fitness to survive -by crossing space and so
escaping from the Earth, our cradle. That is the challenge that all intelligent races must meet,
sooner or later. It is a double challenge, for it depends in turn upon the conquest of atomic energy
and the last choice between life and death." (do conto The Sentinel) — Arthur C. Clarke

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Cullen Hightower

One difference between savagery and civilization is a little courtesy. There's no telling what a lot of courtesy would do. — Cullen Hightower

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Octavia E. Butler

Civilization is the way one's own people live. Savagery is the way foreigners live. — Octavia E. Butler

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Calvin Coolidge

Those who want their rights respected under the Constitution and the law ought to set the example themselves of observing the Constitution and the law. While there may be those of high intelligence who violate the law at times, the barbarian and the defective always violate it. Those who disregard the rules of society are not exhibiting a superior intelligence, are not promoting freedom and independence, are not following the path of civilization, but are displaying the traits of ignorance, of servitude, of savagery, and treading the way that leads back to the jungle. — Calvin Coolidge

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Carl Von Clausewitz

Savage peoples are ruled by passion, civilized peoples by the mind. The difference lies not in the respective natures of savagery and civilization, but in their attendant circumstances, institutions, and so forth. The difference, therefore, does not operate in every sense, but it does in most of them. Even the most civilized peoples, in short, can be fired with passionate hatred for each other. — Carl Von Clausewitz

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By L. Ron Hubbard

The African tribesman, with his complete contempt for truth and his emphasis on brutality and savagery for others but not for himself, is a no-civilization. — L. Ron Hubbard

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Edmund Morris

Roosevelt remarked on the anomaly whereby man, as he progressed from savagery to civilization, used up more and more of the world's resources, yet in doing so tended to move to the city, and lost his sense of dependence on nature. — Edmund Morris

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By George Bernard Shaw

There have been summits of civilization at which heretics like Socrates , who was killed because he was wiser than his neighbors, have not been tortured, but ordered to kill themselves in the most painless manner known to their judges. But from that summit there was a speedy relapse into our present savagery. — George Bernard Shaw

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Herman Melville

Long exile from Christendom and civilization inevitably restores a man to that condition in which God placed him, i.e. what is called savagery. — Herman Melville

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Judith Martin

The family dinner table is the cornerstone of civilization and those who 'graze' from refrigerators or in front of the television sets are doomed to remain in a state of savagery. — Judith Martin

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Terry Goodkind

Richard straightened with a sigh. "People are often more willing to believe lies than truth. Lies can be made to sound pleasant. The truth, by it's very nature, isn't always so attractive."
"That leaves peaceful people no choice but to fight for their lives or fall to the blades of madmen. In such a situation, there is no middle ground. There is no such thing as compromise between civilization and savagery. Civilization must always defend itself against savagery or else fall to it."
"I guess that's our part in this?"
Richard nodded. "I've never wanted to fight, to be in a war, to see good people die, to have to kill. I just wanted to live my life in peace. Others wouldn't allow me that life of peace. The battles I fight have always been to survive and live in peace, not to conquer. — Terry Goodkind

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Boria Sax

For the house of Dunraven, the ravens represented a spiritual claim to the Tower for the Celtic, especially the Welsh, people. For the English, the ravens represented the colorful savagery of their ancestors, which, however, testified to the exalted state of civilization they had since achieved. The national sagas of the Welsh and English gradually blended in tall tales told to tourists by Yeoman Warders, to eventually create a national myth. The romanticized past of Wales, predicated on survival, was fused with that of England, predicated on progress and conquest, to create a legend of Britain. — Boria Sax

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Jacqueline Carey

It is a fine line, in all of us, between civilization and savagery. To any who think they would never cross it, I can only say, if you have never known what it is to be utterly betrayed and abandoned, you cannot know how close it is. — Jacqueline Carey

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Bryant McGill

There is nothing more savage than modern civilization. — Bryant McGill

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Charles Dickens

There was a curious mixture in the boy, of uncompleted savagery, and uncompleted civilization. — Charles Dickens

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By James Henry Breasted

There was an age, however, when the transition from savagery to civilization, with all its impressive outward manifestations in art and architecture, took place for the first time. — James Henry Breasted

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Terry Goodkind

There is no such thing as compromising between civilization and savagery. Civilization must always defend itself against savagery or else fall to it. — Terry Goodkind

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Charles Baudelaire

I'm not saying that the world will be reduced to expedient means and ridiculous disorder of the South American republics, - that we could maybe even return to savagery, and walk through the overgrown ruins of our civilization searching for food with a gun in our hand. No; - because such a destiny and such adventures would still presuppose a vital energy, an echo of primeval ages. As the new example and the new victims of inexorable moral laws, we shall perish by what we thought was our life-giver. Engineering will make us so Americanized, progress will create such great atrophy of everything spiritual in us, that the bloody, sacrilegious or unnatural dreams of the utopians could never compare with its positive results. — Charles Baudelaire

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Mark Twain

The peoples furthest from civilization are the ones where equality between man and woman are furthest apart-and we consider this one of the signs of savagery. — Mark Twain

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By George Bernard Shaw

The more ignorant men are, the more convinced are they that their little parish and their little chapel is an apex to which civilization and philosophy has painfully struggled up the pyramid of time from a desert of savagery. — George Bernard Shaw

Savagery Vs Civilization Quotes By Isabella L. Bird

Oh! To be beyond the pale once more, out of civilization into savagery? I abhor civilization! — Isabella L. Bird