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Top Marketing Importance Quotes

Marketing Importance Quotes By Charles Stross

Demonstrating the importance of being Ernst as the marketing department put it. — Charles Stross

Marketing Importance Quotes By Steven Johnson

As the historian Tom Standage observes, they were among the first to recognize the importance of trademarks and advertising, of slogans, logos ... . Since the remedies themselves usually cost very little to make, it made sense to spend money on marketing. — Steven Johnson

Marketing Importance Quotes By Debra L. Lee

The importance of gratitude is never forgotten. — Debra L. Lee

Marketing Importance Quotes By Joe Bastianich

I think a lot of people overlook the importance of the menu as a marketing tool and a way of communicating to the customer what the ambition of their restaurant is. Not only the typeface and the design, but what is it printed on? Is it cheap-looking? Is it the right kind of paper for that restaurant? — Joe Bastianich

Marketing Importance Quotes By Walter Isaacson

Jobs described Mike Markkula's maxim that a good company must "impute"- it must convey its values and importance in everything it does, from packaging to marketing. Johnson loved it. It definitely applied to a company's stores. " The store will become the most powerful physical expression of the brand," he predicted. He said that when he was young he had gone to the wood-paneled, art-filled mansion-like store that Ralph Lauren had created at Seventy-second and Madison in Manhattan. " Whenever I buy a polo shirt, I think of that mansion, which was a physical expression of Ralph's ideals," Johnson said. " Mickey Drexler did that with the Gap. You couldn't think of a Gap product without thinking of the Great Gap store with the clean space and wood floors and white walls and folded merchandise. — Walter Isaacson

Marketing Importance Quotes By Carl William Brown

Reciprocal marketing, promotions and links. In public good experiments, behavioral economists have demonstrated that the potential for reciprocal actions by players increases the rate of contribution to the public good, providing evidence for the importance of reciprocity in social situations. — Carl William Brown

Marketing Importance Quotes By Philip Kotler

Where is personal selling? Isn't the sales force of key importance in business marketing? — Philip Kotler