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Top Makeup Artist Quotes

Makeup Artist Quotes By Richard Phillips

Technically, a makeup artist's canvas is the face and body. The difference is that my painting of makeup is integrated into the painting of the flesh and not on top of it. I think in some ways it is more difficult to expressively deploy makeup. — Richard Phillips

Makeup Artist Quotes By Anthony Edwards

David Fincher is a longtime friend. As a director, my wife had worked with him as a makeup artist when he would do Madonna videos years before, and his child and my oldest child were in preschool together, so we're kind of dad-friends through that, too. — Anthony Edwards

Makeup Artist Quotes By Andie MacDowell

I remember early on, in my very, very early days, I had a makeup artist tell me that I needed to get an attitude. I had no idea what he was talking about. — Andie MacDowell

Makeup Artist Quotes By Bella Thorne

My makeup artist, Tonya Brewer, taught me the importance of moisturizing daily. Hydration is a must if you want pretty, dewy skin - which I love. — Bella Thorne

Makeup Artist Quotes By Felicity Jones

If it's something quite low-key then I'll often do my own makeup. But for something like a premiere, it's good to have a makeup artist because they know what they're doing. — Felicity Jones

Makeup Artist Quotes By Jennifer Tilly

A way you can get really good abs in film is you get your makeup artist to paint shadows - faux washboard. But if you see me in a movie and I have great abs, it means I have a great body double. — Jennifer Tilly

Makeup Artist Quotes By Gigi Hadid

If you're not a makeup artist, and you just try to go for the big looks, it just gets the best of you. — Gigi Hadid

Makeup Artist Quotes By Nikki Reed

I'm really into the Tom Ford lipsticks. I was always afraid to wear lip color because I thought it made me look too masculine, but my makeup artist Fiona Stiles got me into wearing coral, orange-y colors from his line, and now I wear lipstick all of the time. — Nikki Reed

Makeup Artist Quotes By Guido Palau

Even though the industry is very big and there's lots of money, when it gets down to it, whether it's a photographer or a designer, as well as a stylist or makeup artist, you're really only working with maybe four or five people on a project. It's all quite small and intimate. — Guido Palau

Makeup Artist Quotes By Liu Wen

Every makeup artist or stylist with whom I work has many special ideas, tips, and creations. I can always learn so much from them. — Liu Wen

Makeup Artist Quotes By Jodie Foster

I really did feel like I was surrounded by family members. I didn't have a dad, and I remember there were all these guys - in the old days, there were no women, except a makeup artist or, occasionally, a script supervisor. So there were just guys who taught me how to, you know, whittle wood, or how to pull focus, and what the camera was doing. And if I was being bratty, they'd sit me down and tell me. There were lots of rules about not being late and making sure that you didn't spill anything. So it felt a little bit like I was in a family. — Jodie Foster

Makeup Artist Quotes By Bobbi Brown

We makeup artists are a unique bunch of people; we don't have the classic brain, the classic training, but we're creative, so we figure it out. — Bobbi Brown

Makeup Artist Quotes By Manila Luzon

I consider myself an artist, but instead of paint or clay, my medium is drag. I put so much of myself into my drag from every detail of the costume, makeup and hair to my performance, the way I speak or even stand. — Manila Luzon

Makeup Artist Quotes By Niki Taylor

I've always enjoyed watching makeup artists - but I'd like to go to the extreme and do monster makeup in movies. — Niki Taylor

Makeup Artist Quotes By Diablo Cody

Let it be said that the makeup artist at '90210' made me look better for the fake red carpet than I've ever looked on an actual red carpet. — Diablo Cody

Makeup Artist Quotes By Beverly Johnson

There's not a hair extension or a makeup artist that can make me feel the way I feel when i give back — Beverly Johnson

Makeup Artist Quotes By Maddie Ziegler

I'm a beauty guru, I just love all of that stuff. We have a makeup artist for 'Dance Moms' that touches us up and stuff, but I love doing my own makeup; sometimes I do my friends', too. My favorite is doing eye shadow and eyeliner. — Maddie Ziegler

Makeup Artist Quotes By Amanda Crew

Whenever possible, I try to get a professional to do my makeup, because the idea of putting together a flawless look intimidates me. I like to be open to a makeup artist's ideas on the look they want to create, but I always ask to keep my foundation pretty lightweight and luminescent. — Amanda Crew

Makeup Artist Quotes By Eric Christian Olsen

I was at Pepperdine University in Malibu, and during my sophomore year, I played a dying burn victim on 'ER.' The makeup artist put burn makeup all over my body and I couldn't move or eat for 12 hours. I lost 8 pounds that week. — Eric Christian Olsen

Makeup Artist Quotes By Bobbi Brown

As a makeup artist, I learned quickly that the color of your lips affects the way a lipstick looks. If you see your friend wearing a great color, don't assume it will be right for you. — Bobbi Brown

Makeup Artist Quotes By Gigi Hadid

My makeup artist likes to define my brows with Maybelline Brow Drama. We brush up on the part closest to my nose and it's straight after that. Then, I like to use the matte brown shades from Maybelline The Nudes Palette to shadow my eyes, but without it looking like I'm wearing much. — Gigi Hadid

Makeup Artist Quotes By Monica Bellucci

I'm not someone that wants to control everything. I like to work with people that bring their talents to the project. So I like it when the makeup artist has a chance to do their work, when the dresser does their work, when the director does their work. They all come with stories and ideas to think about. — Monica Bellucci

Makeup Artist Quotes By Marina And The Diamonds

I love natural beauty, and I think it's your best look, but I think makeup as an artist is so transformative. — Marina And The Diamonds

Makeup Artist Quotes By Kelsea Ballerini

Blake Lively is my style icon, and she always has rocking clothes and shoes. She keeps it really simple with hair and makeup, and I try to do the same thing. Onstage, I do a little smokier, a little more contouring, but I still always want to be an approachable and real artist, so I never try to go overboard. — Kelsea Ballerini

Makeup Artist Quotes By Nikki Reed

I always wanted to be a makeup artist. When I don't get to have my stylist, I do my own makeup! — Nikki Reed

Makeup Artist Quotes By Rose McIver

I work with a stylist called Devon Nuszer and a makeup artist called Aaron Barry, and between those two, I trust them implicitly. I have the things I do over and over again and that I feel safe with, but they inspire me to take risks, and I trust them so much. — Rose McIver

Makeup Artist Quotes By Louise Rennison

Jackie wears even more makeup than those scary circus people. You know, when you go to the circus and you accidentally see a trapeze artist close-up and they are orange. — Louise Rennison

Makeup Artist Quotes By Olivia Wilde

Cleanses and products don't make you look more beautiful. They certainly help, but if you reach contentment, you're set. My makeup artist, Melanie Iglesias, couldn't figure out why my skin looks so good. I think it's because I'm happy! — Olivia Wilde

Makeup Artist Quotes By Jessica Biel

I trust my makeup artist to apply dark lipstick, but I get nervous about reapplying it, so I'll just use gloss instead. The last time I tried to reapply dark lipstick, I dropped it on my dress and it left a spot. — Jessica Biel

Makeup Artist Quotes By Allison Williams

I love Emma Watson's makeup a lot. I love Cate Blanchett. I'm biased, though. I love my makeup artist, Julie Harris; she is really phenomenal, but everyone has their technique, and there are incredible-looking girls out there. — Allison Williams

Makeup Artist Quotes By Janelle Monae

When I got into the music industry, I wasn't focused on being the most famous artist or even getting a major record deal. It was just to make music on my own terms or create my own image, do my own hair, do my own makeup. — Janelle Monae

Makeup Artist Quotes By Clive Davis

You look for stars. You look for the makeup of artists who can have long lasting careers and who could be headliners. — Clive Davis

Makeup Artist Quotes By Christina Hendricks

If my legs are showing, the makeup artist adds a tiny amount of foundation to body lotion and rubs it in. — Christina Hendricks

Makeup Artist Quotes By Chloe Grace Moretz

If I'm talking to a photographer, I'm talking to a stylist, I'm talking to a makeup artist, we're kind of creating and collaborating and making something that is artwork and is special and is different. — Chloe Grace Moretz

Makeup Artist Quotes By Kelly Rowland

I remember going to Europe and one makeup artist made me look pink, then she tried to correct it but turned me green! I had to learn how to do my own makeup. — Kelly Rowland

Makeup Artist Quotes By Michele Lee

My parents were New Yorkers, and I was conceived in Los Angeles. My father was a makeup artist to Clint Eastwood and Richard Chamberlain. — Michele Lee

Makeup Artist Quotes By Richard Corliss

It is said that no star is a heroine to her makeup artist. — Richard Corliss

Makeup Artist Quotes By Sasha Grey

As a woman, and as somebody in the public eye, we always have to be ready for the red carpet and have the nicest outfit, work with the best makeup artist. While all that's nice, we're also human beings. — Sasha Grey

Makeup Artist Quotes By Rick Yune

They shaved my head, eyebrows. This is not a sci-fi picture. It's not a fantasy picture. You're dealing with something that's supposed to be in reality. But we had a genius makeup artist. — Rick Yune

Makeup Artist Quotes By Lana Wood

In a pinch, I could always get work in pictures as a makeup artist. — Lana Wood

Makeup Artist Quotes By Ari Emanuel

We define content very broadly. Representing chefs, designers, makeup artists - it's all important. — Ari Emanuel

Makeup Artist Quotes By Anthony Edwards

Why is there such vanity about hair? I make a point to bathe. I worry about boogers in my nose, and I ask the makeup artist to cover up my pimples, but beyond that, I try not to be too vain. — Anthony Edwards

Makeup Artist Quotes By Shannen Doherty

I'd be more than willing to give names and phone numbers of every makeup artist I worked with. — Shannen Doherty

Makeup Artist Quotes By Gigi Hadid

I pay attention to how every makeup artist does everything. — Gigi Hadid

Makeup Artist Quotes By Johnnie Dent Jr.

God is the best makeup Artist I have ever seen however, you may get an honorable mention for sprucing. — Johnnie Dent Jr.

Makeup Artist Quotes By Gwyneth Paltrow

There are makeup artists sometimes that have a jade face roller. If you're really tired those are really good. — Gwyneth Paltrow

Makeup Artist Quotes By Helena Rubinstein

Whether you are sixteen or over sixty, remember, understatement is the rule of a fine makeup artist. — Helena Rubinstein

Makeup Artist Quotes By Michelle Phan

Most people think of me as a makeup guru, but might be surprised to know I'm also a trained artist and a huge comic book fan. — Michelle Phan

Makeup Artist Quotes By Gwen Stefani

I take the palette with me, but I have a lot of makeup. I was a makeup artist when I was younger, but I'm not that good compared with my makeup artist, so I keep things pretty simple. I explore a lot with pink and nude lipsticks, but I love red lipsticks. I love a line and a lash and a brow. So I don't need a lot, but I have a lot. It's all there just in case - for Halloween or whatever. — Gwen Stefani

Makeup Artist Quotes By J. Randy Taraborrelli

Her makeup artist, Allan Snyder, recalled applying her makeup in the morning while she was still flat on her back in bed. "There was no other way," he said. "It would take her so long to get up in the morning, we had to start with the makeup before she was out of bed. — J. Randy Taraborrelli

Makeup Artist Quotes By Diana Ross

I don't like to have too many makeup artists around, so I always like to do my own. — Diana Ross

Makeup Artist Quotes By Denise Richards

Every photo shoot, I'm always asking the makeup artist what they're using on me, and I'll go out and get it. — Denise Richards

Makeup Artist Quotes By Ja Rule

You know, whenever you're shooting a film there's different obstacles and challenges, whether it be from the makeup artist getting fired that you liked or whatever - the one that did the makeup the way you wanted. There's always stuff that changed, like the DP leaving the set, and there's a new guy in there, and the way he does lighting isn't the same as the last guy. — Ja Rule

Makeup Artist Quotes By Kelly Ripa

It makes my makeup artist's life easier. [Plus] it makes my eyes look a little more open on TV, which is where I happen to work right now. — Kelly Ripa