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Famous Quotes By L.J. Hayward

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When my world gets reset to zero, my starting post is blood. Specifically, the elements of it, the working compounds that make it what it is. Red cells, white cells, DNA, plasma full of proteins, enzymes, antibodies, minerals, electrolytes - all the things that when poked and prodded right tell you just about everything you want to know about a person. Fascinating stuff, and a little freaky, when you think about it. Blood was where I returned to after the accident that smashed my knee. It was where I went when I got out of prison. It was where I was when Mercy fell into my lap. Now it seemed, blood was my whole reason for being. — L.J. Hayward

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Luckily, I have ESP. Extra sensory presumption. It means I have this unbelievable talent for guessing and occasionally, I get it right. — L.J. Hayward

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That haunting longing for the moon returned. Stronger, broader, flavoured with all the bone-deep desire only a nocturnal creature could feel for their sole light-giver, the lonely satellite that watched over them when the rest of the daylight world abandoned them. — L.J. Hayward

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Great," I muttered. "Maybe we can go out on a date, fall in love, get married, have us a whole bunch of kids and die fucking horrible deaths — L.J. Hayward

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That woman freaks me out. She's the whole reason I'm gay and I only met her yesterday. — L.J. Hayward

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In that space between one beat and the next, all you are is potential. And that is where all the cool kids go to get their psychic powers. — L.J. Hayward

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I just didn't feel old enough to have children...I had my hands full with a vampire, thank you very much. — L.J. Hayward