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Maintaining A Healthy Body Quotes By S.C. Sterling

My main concern was my teeth because they were in constant pain. Meth depletes the body of calcium, the vitamin essential to maintaining healthy teeth. It also includes acidic ingredients that can damage teeth. The ingredients include but are not limited to battery acid: Drano, over-the-counter cold medications like Sudafed, antifreeze, engine starter fluid, and brake fluid. Basically, pop the hood of your car and you can find the ingredients you need to cook meth. I'm no dentist, but I came to the conclusion that was the root of my tooth pain. — S.C. Sterling

Maintaining A Healthy Body Quotes By Neil Constantine

Energy Drinks for Power Cyclist Cycling is a high intensity sport where huge amounts of calories are burned, muscle tissue broken up and a lot of water lost through sweat. To recover and regenerate energy and muscle tissue, your body undergoes a repair mechanism that depends on what you eat and drink. While eating proper foods keeps you healthy and builds your muscle stamina, taking energy drinks cannot be overemphasized as it increases energy and hydration needed for cycling and recovery. Energy drinks are formulated with ample supply of carbs and electrolytes ideal for maintaining high energy levels as well as replacing fluids lost during the rides. — Neil Constantine

Maintaining A Healthy Body Quotes By Joseph P. Kauffman

Our food industry ignores health and our health industry ignores food. Studies have shown that diet is the most effective medicine. Studies have also shown that prescription drugs are terrible for your body. The majority of people seem to have no knowledge of the things that make humans healthy, and many people also show a huge lack of interest in maintaining their health. — Joseph P. Kauffman