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Magnum Quotes By Hunter S. Thompson

One of the worst incidents of that era caused no complaints at all: this was a sort of good-natured firepower demonstration, which occured one Sunday morning about three-thirty. For reasons that were never made clear, I blew out my back windows with five blasts of a 12 gauge shotgun, followed moments later by six rounds from a .44 Magnum. It was a prolonged outburst of heavy firing, drunken laughter, and crashing glass. Yet the neighbors reacted with total silence. For a while I assumed that some freakish wind pocket had absorbed all the noise and carried it out to sea, but after my eviction I learned otherwise. Every one of the shots had been duly recorded on the gossip log. Another tenant in the building told me the landlord was convinced, by all the tales he'd heard, that the interior of my apartment was reduced to rubble by orgies, brawls, fires, and wanton shooting. He had even heard stories about motorcycles being driven in and out the front door. — Hunter S. Thompson

Magnum Quotes By Lisa Magnum

For as long as I've known him, Sam has been trying to out-run his demons. But he can't see the truth. His problems - they never sleep, never take a break. They'll wear him down before he can wear them out. — Lisa Magnum

Magnum Quotes By Wendy Vanderwal-Gritter

The world I live in is composing a magnum opus to the heart-stopping, outrageously unbelievable unconditional love and acceptance of God that crushes and demolishes the vestiges of self-righteous "us and them." It's — Wendy Vanderwal-Gritter

Magnum Quotes By Plautus

This is the great evil in wine, it first seizes the feet; it is a cunning wrestler.
[Lat., Magnum hoc vitium vino est,
Pedes captat primum; luctator dolosu est.] — Plautus

Magnum Quotes By Bonnie Jo Campbell

We have a shotgun we inherited from my father-in-law, a paranoid Englishman living in Texas. I have a .22 Marlin rifle, similar to the one Annie Oakley had, and my husband has a .357 Magnum pistol. All those are locked up tight, of course. We have a couple of pellet guns that get more use than the real guns. — Bonnie Jo Campbell

Magnum Quotes By David Hemmings

I would never, ever, ever, ever say I have regretted the 'A-Team,' 'Magnum PI' or 'Murder She Wrote' or any of the others I did - and if you mention a television series, I'm sure I had a hand in it. — David Hemmings

Magnum Quotes By Aza Raskin

When you are solving a difficult problem re-ask the problem so that your solution helps you learn faster. Find a faster way to fail, recover, and try again. If the problem you are trying to solve involves creating a magnum opus, you are solving the wrong problem. — Aza Raskin

Magnum Quotes By Truth Devour

In search of Magnum opus - perhaps you were divined to be mine. — Truth Devour

Magnum Quotes By Edmund Morgan

Cotton Mather's publications in his own lifetime amounted to more than 400 titles, and his magnum opus, on which he labored most of his life, remains unpublished: a commentary on every verse of every book of the Bible. Anyone who leaves that kind of record behind issues an irresistible invitation to historians. — Edmund Morgan

Magnum Quotes By David Gerrold

What I wish is that people would look beyond the tribbles and see I've written some other books that I really would like people to notice. There's 'The Man Who Folded Himself,' there's 'The Martian Child,' which is about my son and the adoption. There's 'The War Against The Chtorr,' which is my magnum opus, my great epic story. — David Gerrold

Magnum Quotes By Terry Pratchett

If there was ever such a thing as redemption, they would have to open a magnum of the stuff for Moist. No, a brewery. — Terry Pratchett

Magnum Quotes By Edward Abbey

Trout fishing. One must be a stickler for proper form. Use nothing but #4 blasting caps, or a hand grenade, if handy, or at a pool well-lined with stone, one blast from a .44 magnum will bring a few stunned brookies quietly to the surface. — Edward Abbey

Magnum Quotes By Pharoahe Monch

My mic is a Magnum.
See me and this chick, we go back like Cro-Magnon.
Man ... we did it in the back of your Magnum;
I said, 'Put them Lifestyles back, give me the Magnums.' — Pharoahe Monch

Magnum Quotes By Hunter S. Thompson

For reasons that were never made clear, I blew out my back windows with five blasts of a 12-gauge shotgun, followed moments later by six rounds from a .44 Magnum. It was a prolonged outburst of heavy firing, drunken laughter and crashing glass. Yet the neighbors reacted with total silence. — Hunter S. Thompson

Magnum Quotes By Tara Sivec

Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles, Trojan Magnum (oh yeah, my three foot cock definitely needed those), Contempo, Vivid and Rough Rider. Seriously? There was a condom brand called Rough Rider? Why not just go with Fuck Her Hard and be done with it? I stood in the "Family Planning" aisle of the grocery store, trying to decide which condom brand was more effective. Family Planning ... give me a break. How many people came to this aisle because they were planning a family? They came to this aisle to AVOID planning a family.
Carter — Tara Sivec

Magnum Quotes By Quintus Curtius Rufus

A spark neglected has often raised a conflagration.
[Lat., Parva saepe scintilla contempta magnum excitavit incendium.] — Quintus Curtius Rufus

Magnum Quotes By Ludwig Von Mises

Library of the Works of Ludwig von Mises". Here is an article he wrote in 1951, some two years after his magnum opus Human Action appeared, where is lays out his case in a more popular form. The money sentences are "Economic theory has demonstrated in an irrefutable way that a prosperity created by an expansionist monetary and credit policy is illusory and must end in a slump, an economic crisis. It has happened again and again in the past, and it will happen in the future, too. — Ludwig Von Mises

Magnum Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Fern showed him an organizational plan that had the name Magnum Opus, Incorporated. It was a marvelous engine for doing violence to the spirit of thousands of laws without actually running afoul of so much as a city ordinance. — Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Magnum Quotes By Christopher Panza

This happened not once, but twice - first with Martin Heidegger's magnum opus, Being and Time, and then with his pupil Jean-Paul Sartre's Being and Nothingness. (We discuss Sartre in the next section.) — Christopher Panza

Magnum Quotes By Bryan Cranston

It used to be that people would watch TV shows because they knew the characters would stay the same. Whether it's Archie Bunker or it's Thomas Magnum you watch it because it's like, 'I'm comfortable, this is the same guy.' — Bryan Cranston

Magnum Quotes By Alan Bradley

If there is a thing I truly despise, it is being addressed as "dearie." When I write my magnum opus, A Treatise Upon All Poison, and come to "Cyanide," I am going to put under "Uses" the phrase "Particularly efficacious in the cure of those who call one 'Dearie. — Alan Bradley

Magnum Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

Renounce poor work.
Shun trivial work.
Entertain respectable work.
Welcome superior work.
Honor transcendent work. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Magnum Quotes By Janet Evanovich

I know what you're thinking," Grandma said into the silence. "Do I have anymore bullets in this here gun? Well, with all the confusion, what with being locked up in a refrigerator, I plumb forgot what was in here to start with. But being that this is a 45 magnum, the most powerful handgun in existence, and it could blow your head clean off, you just got to ask yourself one question. Do you feel lucky today? Well, do you, punk?"
Christ," Spiro whispered. "She thinks she's f**king Clint Eastwood. — Janet Evanovich

Magnum Quotes By Edward Abbey

I always write with my .357 magnum handy. Why? Well, you never know when God may try to interfere. — Edward Abbey

Magnum Quotes By Mike Epps

I would love to play Magnum P.I. — Mike Epps

Magnum Quotes By Steve Berry

1. "...All the complicated things in life can be settled over a cup of coffee. A person will tell more of their private life after one good cup of coffee, than after a magnum of Champagne or a quarter of port.." ((page 79)).

2. "..Care for the needy,comfort the distressed, befriend the rejected.." ((Simon's Testimony..page 464..))

3."..The man Jesus said that was wrong and offered the sick the courage to become well, the weak the ability to grow a strong spirit, and nonbelievers the chance to believe.." ((Simon's Testimony..page 461)) — Steve Berry

Magnum Quotes By Terry Pratchett

It was a Magnum .32, CIA issue, gray, mean, heavy, capable of blowing a man away at thirty paces, and leaving nothing more than a red mist, a ghastly mess, and a certain amount of paperwork. — Terry Pratchett

Magnum Quotes By Madonna Ciccone

I'm guilty of eating Magnum bars before I go to sleep at night. — Madonna Ciccone

Magnum Quotes By Harry Callahan

A man has to know his limitations. — Harry Callahan

Magnum Quotes By Bill Jay

There are many reasons why photography does not attract the social and cultural attention it deserves. I would add one more which has received scant attention: it does not make a lot of noise ... Perhaps photography would be more appreciated if camera shutters fired with the sound of a .357 Magnum. — Bill Jay

Magnum Quotes By Laurell K. Hamilton

His gun was a .357 Magnum, great for whale hunting. It was overkill for anything on two legs. That was human. I felt very human staring down that gun barrel. — Laurell K. Hamilton

Magnum Quotes By Lisa Magnum

No one can make you feel anything. Emotions are whatever you choose to feel. It might be an instantaneous decision - to choose to be happy or sad or offended or hurt - but it's still a decision. — Lisa Magnum

Magnum Quotes By Gillian Flynn

On a September morning, just after school started, I'd gotten Diane's .44 Magnum and held it, babylike, in my lap for hours. What an indulgence it would be, to just blow off my head, all my mean spirits disappearing with a gun blast, like blowing a seedy dandelion apart. — Gillian Flynn

Magnum Quotes By Stewart O'Nan

I like the idea of being a working writer, not of saying that it's going to take me 30 years to write my magnum opus. — Stewart O'Nan

Magnum Quotes By Seneca The Younger

There has not been any great talent without an element of madness. -Nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementiae fuit — Seneca The Younger

Magnum Quotes By Janet Evanovich

Grandma pulled a .44 magnum out of her purse. Everybody duck, and I'll shoot out his tires. — Janet Evanovich

Magnum Quotes By Christopher Dawson

The moment that the state came into conflict with the higher power, the moment that it set itself up as an end in itself, it became identified with Augustine's earthly city and lost all claims to a higher sanction than the law of force and self-interest. Without justice, what is a great kingdom but a great robbery, magnum latrocinium? — Christopher Dawson

Magnum Quotes By Bret Easton Ellis

If all of your friends are morons is it a
felony, a misdemeanor or an act of God if
you blow their fucking heads off with a
thirty-eight magnum? — Bret Easton Ellis

Magnum Quotes By Dan Skinner

There's quite a difference between fucking what you can get, and fucking something that blows the brains out of your skull like a 44 Magnum. — Dan Skinner

Magnum Quotes By N.K. Jemisin

J. R. R. Tolkien, the near-universally-hailed father of modern epic fantasy, crafted his magnum opus The Lord of the Rings to explore the forces of creation as he saw them: God and country, race and class, journeying to war and returning home. I've heard it said that he was trying to create some kind of original British mythology using the structure of other cultures' myths, and maybe that was true. I don't know. What I see, when I read his work, is a man trying desperately to dream.
Dreaming is impossible without myths. If we don't have enough myths of our own, we'll latch onto those of others - even if those myths make us believe terrible or false things about ourselves. Tolkien understood this, I think because it's human nature. Call it the superego, call it common sense, call it pragmatism, call it learned helplessness, but the mind craves boundaries. Depending on the myths we believe in, those boundaries can be magnificently vast, or crushingly tight. — N.K. Jemisin

Magnum Quotes By Tom Selleck

I think a lot of Magnum was me. — Tom Selleck

Magnum Quotes By George Magnum

He knew the routine, but it still annoyed the hell out of him. It didn't matter how much blood and sweat he'd sacrificed for his nation - in the end of the day, he knew, you either give orders, or you follow them. — George Magnum

Magnum Quotes By A.K. Kuykendall

My fingers burn behind the keys of my typewriter, the lettering fading with every thoughtful strike. The many words I write I dare not stall; my mind perpetually alert for my magnum opus call. — A.K. Kuykendall

Magnum Quotes By Epicurus

Haec ego non multis (scribo), sed tibi: satis enim magnum alter alteri theatrum sumus. I am writing this not to many, but to you: certainly we are a great enough audience for each other. — Epicurus

Magnum Quotes By Elmer Keith

Due to the fact that .375 H&H magnum ammunition is available all over the world, the .375 H&H becomes a very good choice of a plains rifle for Africa. I found that many of the 17 white hunters regularly employed by White Hunters Limited of Niarobi used a .375 for their medium rifle, and most all of them considered it ideal. — Elmer Keith

Magnum Quotes By Jonathan Nolan

I grew up watching 'Magnum, P.I.' and shows like that, where you could develop a character over eight seasons, with stories along the way. — Jonathan Nolan

Magnum Quotes By Karen Chance

What's this shit?" Ray demanded, looking at the salesclerk. "Honey, truth hurts, but ain't no way you're a Magnum." "Well, I ain't no medium!" The clerk smiled. "Yeah, but I was being generous. — Karen Chance

Magnum Quotes By E.A. Bucchianeri

Upon the publication of Goethe's epic drama, the Faustian legend had reached an almost unapproachable zenith. Although many failed to appreciate, or indeed, to understand this magnum opus in its entirety, from this point onward his drama was the rule by which all other Faust adaptations were measured. Goethe had eclipsed the earlier legends and became the undisputed authority on the subject of Faust in the eyes of the new Romantic generation. To deviate from his path would be nothing short of blasphemy. — E.A. Bucchianeri

Magnum Quotes By Martin Parr

Magnum photographers were meant to go out as a crusade ... to places like famine and war and ... I went out and went round the corner to the local supermarket because this to me is the front line. — Martin Parr

Magnum Quotes By Yann Martel

Nil magnum nisi bonum. No greatness without goodness. — Yann Martel

Magnum Quotes By Alan Light

Needless to say, the song ["Hallelujah"] was now a climax in every show [of the 2009 Leonard Cohen tour], received like holy scripture. It belonged in a category with seeing Bob Dylan sing "Like a Rolling Stone" or watching Bruce Springsteen perform "Born to Run" - it was an event that people simply wanted to witness, to say they had seen. It took on a power that had to do with the song's history first, its feeling second, and its details hardly at all. Every performance carried with it a sense of where this song had been, who had sung it,where and how every listener had first encountered it; it had reached a place where it was something to be experienced, rather than listened to. — Alan Light

Magnum Quotes By John Waters

Even illegal weapons have lost their panache. Zip guns and shanks were at least homemade. Where is the craft in a grade-schooler firing a magnum? What is the world coming to? It's not even bad to be a communist anymore! — John Waters

Magnum Quotes By Sophie Kinsella

There are moments in life that the white-chocolate Magnum ice cream was invented for, and this is one of them. — Sophie Kinsella

Magnum Quotes By Penny Reid

And why did men insist on buying the largest size? Didn't they understand the concept of sizes? Did they think buying a magnum sized condom was going to fool me into thinking their Toyota Camery was an aircraft carrier? — Penny Reid

Magnum Quotes By LeRoy Neiman

I played an artist in a comedy called 'Rooster.' It was a zany film by Glen Larson, a friend who produced several successful television series including 'Magnum PI.' — LeRoy Neiman

Magnum Quotes By P. J. O'Rourke

Oh, God. The Sixties are coming back. Well I've got a 12-gauge double-barreled duck gun chambered for three-inch Magnum shells. And - speaking strictly for this retired hippie and former pinko beatnik - if the Sixties head my way, they won't get past the porch steps. They will be history. Which, for chrissakes, is what they're supposed to be. — P. J. O'Rourke

Magnum Quotes By Petra Hermans

Magnum Opus : Without me, you all,
would not be Breathing, no more.
Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
Religion of Blue Circle
October 17, 2016 — Petra Hermans

Magnum Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

Write the masterpiece that has not been written.
Sing the masterpiece that has not been sung.
Paint the masterpiece that has not been painted.
Create the masterpiece that has not been created. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Magnum Quotes By Rene Burri

In 1958, a year before the revolution, Magnum wanted to send me to Cuba because they had contacts with the rebels. I'd just spent six months in South America and said 'No', so I missed everything. — Rene Burri

Magnum Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

stationery of Magnum Opus, — Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Magnum Quotes By Tom Selleck

I quit 'Magnum' to have a family. It took a long time to get off the train, but I try very hard to have balance, and this ranch has helped me do that. — Tom Selleck

Magnum Quotes By Chris Steele-Perkins

Everything shifts as you move, and different things come into focus at different points of your life, and you try to articulate that. — Chris Steele-Perkins

Magnum Quotes By Hunter S. Thompson

About a week earlier I had finished a book (on the Hell's Angels, scheduled this fall by Random House) and I felt that I needed about a week of total degeneration to cool out my system. To this end I went down to Big Sur and Monterery and filled my body with every variety of booze and drug available to modern man. For six or seven days I ran happily amok - spending money, sitting in baths, and futilely hunting wild boar with a .44 Magnum revolver. At one point I gave my car away to a man who paid $25 for the privilege of pushing it off a 400-foot cliff.
- to Max Scherr editor, Berkley Barb 7/20/1966 — Hunter S. Thompson

Magnum Quotes By Drexel Deal

When I snatched the gun out of his hand, it fired because the hammer was already pulled back. It made the thunderous sound that the .357 magnum is known for. Even though the sound itself was deafening, it was like beautiful music to my ears. Just a few short seconds ago, the odds were greatly stacked against me. Now the tides had turned. The odds were now stacked against them, and they knew it. When I turned around to face my pursuers, they were in an all-out retreat. All I saw were their backs. — Drexel Deal

Magnum Quotes By Bruce Springsteen

So I bought a forty-four magnum, it was solid steel cast, and in the blessed name of Elvis, well I just let it blast 'til my TV lay in pieces. — Bruce Springsteen

Magnum Quotes By Clint Eastwood

Over my career I played some badass characters. So, people sometimes think I should have a .44 magnum. But that's not true, I don't have that. But I do fire them and I do enjoy target shooting and all that sort of thing. I'm not much of a hunter. I don't like killing animals, but I love to shoot. — Clint Eastwood

Magnum Quotes By Susana Martinez

At 18, I guarded the parking lot at the Catholic church bingos. Now my dad made sure I could take care of myself. I carried a Smith and Wesson 357 magnum. — Susana Martinez

Magnum Quotes By Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

Plunge, scoundrel, rogue, monster - for such I take thee to be - plunge, I say, into the mare magnum of their histories; and if thou shalt find that any squire ever said or thought what thou hast said now, I will let thee nail it on my forehead, and give me, over and above, four sound slaps in the face. — Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

Magnum Quotes By Jasper Fforde

Thursday, you mean everything to me. Not just because you're cute, smart, funny and have a devastatingly good figure and boobs to die for, but that you do right for right's sake - it's what you are and what you do. Even if I never get my magnum opus published, I will still die secure in the knowledge that my time on this planet was well-spent - giving support, love and security to someone who actually makes a difference. — Jasper Fforde

Magnum Quotes By James Boswell

Boswell, when he speaks of his Life of Johnson, calls it my magnum opus, but it may more properly be called his opera, for it is truly a composition founded on a true story, in which there is a hero with a number of subordinate characters, and an alternate succession of recitative and airs of various tone and effect, all however in delightful animation. — James Boswell

Magnum Quotes By Tacitus

You might believe a good man easily, a great man with pleasure. -Bonum virum facile crederes, magnum libenter — Tacitus