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Top Magicked Prism Quotes

Magicked Prism Quotes By Halle Berry

I believe that you can experience very profound moments of change in life ... I never would have become an actress if I hadn't dropped out of high school. As a teenager, I was so driven to pursue my dreams that I made a decision to quit school at 17 so I could find my voice as an actress and eventually the profession embraced me. — Halle Berry

Magicked Prism Quotes By Jiddu Krishnamurti

No book can teach you about yourself, no psychologist, none of the professors or philosophers. What they can teach you is what they think you are or what they think you should be. — Jiddu Krishnamurti

Magicked Prism Quotes By Franklin D. Roosevelt

All of us in all the Americas will be living at the point of a gun. — Franklin D. Roosevelt

Magicked Prism Quotes By Cormac McCarthy

To make the world. To make it again and again. To make it in the very maelstrom of its undoing. — Cormac McCarthy

Magicked Prism Quotes By Enya

When you spend two to three years working on an album that I feel very happy with the end result, there is nothing I would change. Musically, I have achieved what I set out to do. — Enya

Magicked Prism Quotes By Ben H. Winters

Still, the conscientious detective is obliged to examine the question of motive in a new light, to place it within the matrix of our present unusual circumstance. — Ben H. Winters

Magicked Prism Quotes By Neil Gaiman

The globby aliens went a very pale green. The pirates, shiny-black-hair-men, and the piranhas looked at them puzzled, seeking some kind of explanation, as did the wumpires.
"If two things that are the same thing touch," proclaimed the volcano god, "then the whole Universe shall end. Thus sayeth the great and unutterable Splod."
"How does a volcano know so much about transtemporal meta-science?" asked one of the pale green aliens.
"Being a geological formation gives you a lot of time to think," said Splod. "Also, I subscribe to a number of learned journals. — Neil Gaiman

Magicked Prism Quotes By Jasinda Wilder

I will always love you. You saved me, Rania."
"No, you saved me."
"We saved each other, then, — Jasinda Wilder

Magicked Prism Quotes By Martin Luther

It is impossible for one man both to labor day and night to get a living, and at the same time give himself to the study of sacred learning as the preaching office requires. — Martin Luther

Magicked Prism Quotes By Travis Fimmel

Half of acting is you're very intimidated, overcoming your fears, letting yourself be vulnerable in front of people and that sort of stuff. — Travis Fimmel