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Top Madness And Sanity Quotes

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Felix J. Palma

I am an artist. And An artist is simply a man who is pulled along by a river: on one side sanity lies, and the other madness, yet he will find no peace on either, as the current of his art drags him away from the everyday life on it's banks, where others watch, unable to help him until he reaches the immensity of the ocean. — Felix J. Palma

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Keigo Higashino

Kusanagi had met plenty of good, admirable people who'd been turned into murderers by circumstance. There was something about them he always seemed to sense, an aura that they shared. Somehow, their transgression freed them from the confines of a mortal existence, allowing them to perceive the great truths of the universe. At the same time, it meant they had one foot in forbidden territory. They straddled the line between sanity and madness. — Keigo Higashino

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Ellen Hopkins

She is madness,
sanity. She is hell, and
paradise. — Ellen Hopkins

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Natasha Mostert

The store owner had settled himself behind the counter again and was reaching for his
book. "The journey will test your sanity." He spoke in a matter-of-fact tone, as though
there were nothing extraordinary about his words. "And once you start walking down
that road, there is no turning back. You will start craving the rush. One can become
addicted to madness, you know. Develop a taste for it." He looked down at the book
in his hands, frowned and turned a page. — Natasha Mostert

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Arthur Machen

But so went forth Darnell, day by day, strangely mistaking death for life, madness for sanity, and purposeless and wandering phantoms for true beings. He was sincerely of opinion that he was a City clerk, living in Shephard's Bush
having forgotten the mysteries and the far-shining glories of the kingdom which was his by legitimate inheritance. — Arthur Machen

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Machado De Assis

He was happy because, after such a long study, experimentation, and struggle, he could at last affirm the ultimate truth: there never were and never would be any madmen in Itaguai or anywhere else. — Machado De Assis

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Jose Mujica

Between madness and sanity, there is a shifting boundary. It is impossible to explain. Time slows down and you have to try to fill it. You don't have anything but solitude. — Jose Mujica

Madness And Sanity Quotes By J. Limbu

How much is real and for how long.. — J. Limbu

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Stacey Jay

But maybe that isn't possible. Maybe the mind of the majority is always the healthy mind, simply by virtue of its numbers. Maybe it's the definition of madness to believe I'm right and everyone else if wrong, to find my thoughts rational and reasonable when almost the entire world finds them damaged and flawed. — Stacey Jay

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Norman Cousins

Silence must be comprehended as not solely the absence of sound. It is the natural environment for serenity and contemplation. Life without silence is life without privacy. The difference between sanity and madness is the quality of our thoughts. Silence is on the side of sanity. — Norman Cousins

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Herman Melville

But, as in his narrow-flowing monomania, not one jot of Ahab's broad madness had been left behind; so in that broad madness, not one jot of his great natural intellect had perished. That before living agent, now became the living instrument. If such a furious trope may stand, his special lunacy stormed his general sanity, and carried it, and turned all its concentred cannon upon its own mad mark; so that far from having lost his strength, Ahab, to that one end, did now possess a thousand fold more potency than ever he had sanely brought to bear upon any one reasonable object. — Herman Melville

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Dale Wasserman

Too much sanity may be madness - and maddest of all: to see life as it is, and not as it should be! — Dale Wasserman

Madness And Sanity Quotes By R.D. Laing

In the context of our present pervasive madness that we call normality, sanity, freedom, all our frames of reference are ambiguous and equivocal. — R.D. Laing

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Susan Sontag

In every society, the definitions of sanity and madness are arbitrary - are, in the largest sense, political. — Susan Sontag

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Fredric Brown

The human race will last. Everywhere and forever, for it will never be sane and only insanity is divine. Only the mad destroy themselves and all they have wrought.
And only the phoenix lives forever. — Fredric Brown

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Stephen King

And what would they find on sale? His sanity? Could be. Half-Price. Smoke and Water Damage. Everything Must Go. — Stephen King

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Falling in love is some kind of madness. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Madness And Sanity Quotes By A.S. King

What's the difference between sanity and madness anyway? We all play headgames with ourselves. We all have baggage. We all cope somehow. I'm not sure if I'm mad or sane. I mean, I hold my life together, I pay my bills, I raise my kids. But the world is so polarized and bizarre now that for some people, none of these these things matter if they're not wearing the right shoes or don't have the right credit score or a fancy family car. Some people think the most important things to worry about are handbags and tan lines. Meanwhile, war and crime and poverty unfold all around us, and we ignore it. In that environment, how can we even begin to talk about sanity and madness? — A.S. King

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Sudhir Kakar

Certainly, Gandhi is not inferior to Christ in goodness and sanctity, and he surpasses him in touching humility. Gandhi is the prophet of hope in this age of pessimism and disillusionment. He is a promise of sanity in the madness induced by our world's heedless drinking at the fount of war. — Sudhir Kakar

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Carla H. Krueger

Trap yourself inside your own brain, switch off the light, block all the escape routes, then turn your back on everything you know to be reality and try and survive there. Try. Living. Nowhere. — Carla H. Krueger

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Anna Hope

How do you stand it?" she said.
"Stand what?"
"All... this." Ella threw out her arm. "Does it not make you mad?"
Clem glanced up. 'Much madness is divinest sense,' She said, and gave a small laugh. "There are plenty of mad women in here. I'm not sure I'm one of them though." She shrugged. "You'll get used to it. — Anna Hope

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Akshay Vasu

She saw him like he was the only star in the whole damn sky. Like he was the only bridge between her sanity and madness. — Akshay Vasu

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Jenny Diski

But I do know a kind of madness that lies low in the mind, half-buried in consciousness, which lives in parallel to sanity, and given the right circumstances or even just half a chance, creeps like a lick of flame or a growing tumour up and around ordinary perception, consuming it for a while, and causing one, even when not at the movies, to quake in fear of the world and people and what they
I mean, of, we
are capable of. — Jenny Diski

Madness And Sanity Quotes By David Lynch

It's maybe impossible to escape (your own head), but I guess the secret is the prison cell just gets bigger and bigger and bigger and prettier and prettier and prettier. — David Lynch

Madness And Sanity Quotes By R.D. Laing

From the alienated starting point of our pseudo-sanity, everything is equivocal. Our sanity is not "true" sanity. Their madness is not "true" madness. The madness of our patients is an artifact of the destruction wreaked on them by us, and by them on themselves. — R.D. Laing

Madness And Sanity Quotes By R.L. Haas

I finally realized that I had to embrace the madness, let it transform me instead of letting it define me.


"You, my ferocious girl, are embracing the madness. Lean into it, won't ya? — R.L. Haas

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Ray Bradbury

And we lived in a world that was evil. A world that was like a great black ship pulling away from the shore of sanity and civilization, roaring its black horn in the night, taking two billion people with it, whether they wanted to go or not, to death, to fall over the edge of the earth and the sea into radioactive flame and madness. — Ray Bradbury

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Douglas Adams

Zaphod felt he was teetering on the edge of madness and wondered if he shouldn't just jump over and have done with it. — Douglas Adams

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Isaac Asimov

He was going mad and knew it, and
somewhere deep inside a bit of sanity was screaming, struggling to fight off
the hopeless flood of black terror. It was very horrible to go mad and know
that you were going mad
to know that in a little minute you would be here
physically and yet all the real essence would be dead and drowned in the
black madness. For this was the Dark
the Dark and the Cold and the Doom. — Isaac Asimov

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Adrienne Rich

Women have been driven mad, "gaslighted," for centuries by the refutation of our experience and our instincts in a culture which validates only male experience. The truth of our bodies and our minds has been mystified to us. We therefore have a primary obligation to each other: not to undermine each others' sense of reality for the sake of expediency; not to gaslight each other.
Women have often felt insane when cleaving to the truth of our experience. Our future depends on the sanity of each of us, and we have a profound stake, beyond the personal, in the project of describing our reality as candidly and fully as we can to each other. — Adrienne Rich

Madness And Sanity Quotes By D.H. Lawrence

He preferred his own madness, to the regular sanity. He rejoiced in his own madness, he was free. He did not want that old sanity of the world, which was become so repulsive. He rejoiced in the new-found world of his madness. It was so fresh and delicate and so satisfying. — D.H. Lawrence

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Robert Poe

One intriguing way to enter into the battle between good and evil, life and death, sanity and madness, is in the pages of fiction. — Robert Poe

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Kahlil Gibran

MADNESS Madness is the first step towards unselfishness. Be mad and tell us what is behind the veil of "sanity." The purpose of life is to bring us closer to those secrets, and madness is the only means. SP-ST-62 — Kahlil Gibran

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Colin Fletcher

I had better admit right away that walking can in the end become an addiction ... even in this final stage it remains a delectable madness, very good for sanity, and I recommend it with passion. — Colin Fletcher

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Kate Summerscale

Nothing can be more slightly defined than the line of demarcation between sanity and insanity ... Make the definition too narrow, it becomes meaningless; make it too wide, and the whole human race becomes involved in the dragnet. In strictness we are all mad when we give way to passion, to prejudice, to vice, to vanity; but if all the passionate, prejudiced and vain people were to be locked up as lunatics, who is to keep the key to the asylum?
(Editorial, The Times, 22 July 1853) — Kate Summerscale

Madness And Sanity Quotes By C.D. Reiss

I love you Contessa, Your madness is silent and your sanity makes a racket. Now is the time for madness. — C.D. Reiss

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Virginia Woolf

Madness is terrific I can assure you, and not to be sniffed at; and in its lava I still find most of the things I write about. It shoots out of one everything shaped, final, not in mere driblets, as sanity does. — Virginia Woolf

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Herman Melville

If a drunkard in a sober fit is the dullest of mortals, an enthusiast in a reason-fit is not the most lively. And this, without prejudice to his greatly improved understanding; for, if his elation was the height of his madness, his despondency is but the extreme of his sanity. — Herman Melville

Madness And Sanity Quotes By W.T. Shad

People who detest their sanity love to tell you they are insane, authors included...and all for a few bucks. Their charlatan madness is masturbation. — W.T. Shad

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Michael Robotham

The cab driver is staring at me in his mirror. I'm talking to myself.
"The second sign of madness," I explain.
"What's the first one?"
"Killing lots of people and eating their genitals."
He laughs and sneaks another look at me. — Michael Robotham

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Neil Gaiman

You've seen them. They have mouths that twitch, and eyes that stare, and they babble and they mewl and they whimper. Some of them walk the cities in ragged clothes, their belongings under their arms. Others of their number are locked in the dark, in places where they can no longer harm themselves or others. They are not mad, or rather, the loss of their sanity is the lesser of their problems. It is worse thn madness. They will tell you, if you let them: they are the ones who live, each day, in the wreckage of their dreams. — Neil Gaiman

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Neel Burton

A more fundamental problem with labelling human distress and deviance as mental disorder is that it reduces a complex, important, and distinct part of human life to nothing more than a biological illness or defect, not to be processed or understood, or in some cases even embraced, but to be 'treated' and 'cured' by any means possible - often with drugs that may be doing much more harm than good. This biological reductiveness, along with the stigma that it attracts, shapes the person's interpretation and experience of his distress or deviance, and, ultimately, his relation to himself, to others, and to the world. Moreover, to call out every difference and deviance as mental disorder is also to circumscribe normality and define sanity, not as tranquillity or possibility, which are the products of the wisdom that is being denied, but as conformity, placidity, and a kind of mediocrity. — Neel Burton

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Nathanael Emmons

Insanity destroys reason, but not wit. — Nathanael Emmons

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Wilhelm Reich

I know, Little Man, you are quick with the diagnosis of craziness when you meet a truth you don't like. And you feel yourself as the 'homo normalis'. You have locked up crazy people, and the normal people manage this world. Who then is to blame for all the misery? Not you, of course, you only do your duty, and who are you to have an opinion of your own? I know, you don't have to repeat it. It isn't you that matters, Little Man. But when I think of your newborn children, of how you torture them in order to make them into 'normal' human beings after your image. — Wilhelm Reich

Madness And Sanity Quotes By C.D. Reiss

Your madness is silent and your sanity makes a racket. — C.D. Reiss

Madness And Sanity Quotes By D.J. LeMarr

You are mad, Malloreigh!" It is an odd thing to have madness call you mad. Makes you think for a moment that you are sane, but also makes you think that it is truly sane. My mind hurts. I stopped thinking. I painted. — D.J. LeMarr

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Michael Tianias

I find myself set upon a ship of fools and cast adrift.
Adrift in sea of madness, steaming towards a storm of uncertainty.
Overboard, swirling, twirling tumbling.
Engulfed in madness.
Shipwrecked, marooned.
Washed upon a rock of hope.
Darkness surrounds.
Within the darkness madness laps upon a distant shore.
Morning breaks and sun rises once more.
Darkness retreats into the shadows.
Golden rays of light cleanse the mind and soul.
A new day dawns heralding sanity, and hope
for the human race once more. — Michael Tianias

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Lauren DeStefano

I've recently begun to believe that love is synonymous with madness. It can't possibly be an act of sanity. It is restless and always in pursuit. It will fall from the sky to have what it wants. — Lauren DeStefano

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Kirk Diedrich

She is both my madness and my sanity.

She is the calm quiet eye of my storm.

She is the whisper in the maddening din.

She is a rare mix of dirty mind, exquisite beauty, curves that make your hands ache, deep heart and mischief that you want for your own.

She is peace in the shape of a woman. — Kirk Diedrich

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sanity is very rare; every man almost and every woman has a dash of madness. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Susanna Kaysen

I got better and Daisy didn't and I can't explain why. Maybe I was just flirting with madness the way I flirted with my teachers and my classmates. I wasn't convinced I was crazy, though I feared I was. Some people say that having any conscious opinion on the matter is a mark of sanity, but I'm not sure that's true. — Susanna Kaysen

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Kay Redfield Jamison

It has been said that grief is a kind of madness. I disagree. There is a sanity to grief, in its just proportion of emotion to cause, that madness does not have. I know madness well, but I understood little of grief and I was not always certain which was grief and which was madness. Grief, as it transpires has its own territory. — Kay Redfield Jamison

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Morgan Rhodes

Sometimes, to regain sanity, one had to acknowledge and embrace the madness. — Morgan Rhodes

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Alan W. Watts

The real reason why human life can be so utterly exasperating and frustrating is not because there are facts called death, pain, fear, or hunger. The madness of the thing is that when such facts are present, we circle, buzz, writhe, and whirl, trying to get the "I" out of the experience. We pretend that we are amoebas, and try to protect ourselves from life by splitting in two. Sanity, wholeness, and integration lie in the realization that we are not divided, that man and his present experience are one, and that no separate "I" or mind can be found. — Alan W. Watts

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Mindy McGinnis

It's a madness so discreet that it can walk the streets and be applauded in some circles, but it is madness nonetheless. — Mindy McGinnis

Madness And Sanity Quotes By George Price

Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't the fine line between sanity and madness gotten finer? — George Price

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Robert Hughes

It was van Gogh's madness that prevented him from working; the paintings themselves are ineffably sane, if sanity is to be defined in terms of exact judgment of ends and means and the power of visual analysis. — Robert Hughes

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Zoe Heller

Somewhere between sanity and madness lays a fine line, for some it is a tightrope walked daily, a fight for balance to be won or lost. That fight is lost one of two ways. Some simply lose their balance and fall, others are pushed. — Zoe Heller

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Bryant McGill

If you learn to look at the worldly madness through spiritual eyes, you will begin to see divine balance and sanity. — Bryant McGill

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Spider Robinson

I think of us as a people who inoculate ourselves against a plague of insanity with a powerful anti-idiotic called science fiction. I think sf is a literature which by its very nature requires that you be at least a little sane, that you know at least a little something. You must abdicate the right to be ignorant in order to enjoy science fiction, which most people are unwilling to do; and you must learn, if not actually how to think things through, at least what the trick looks like when it's done. Frequent injections will keep a lot of madness away. — Spider Robinson

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Munia Khan

Madness is like an alternative residence. When sanity chases you out of home, take shelter in madness. — Munia Khan

Madness And Sanity Quotes By David Ssembajjo

A sane person who dwells among the mad will become insane because they will act like the mad. One who cares and treats the insane will have mad traits. A sane man who lives among the mad will be made mad by virtue of his associations and dealings. No sane person can dwell among the mad unless if that person is mad himself/herself. A mad person percieves madness and has no clear object or picture that can come out of his mind. Remember sore grapes can ruin good tasty grapes when taken together.You can't live amongst pigs if you are not a pig yourself. Therefore how can the mad treat their fellow mad. That is vanity too be treated by a mad physician who thinks he is sane. The treatment of a mad person speaks volumes and appears to suggest and show that they are treated in a haphazard way without a clear path in regard to recovering their sanity. — David Ssembajjo

Madness And Sanity Quotes By James Dashner

Since he'd killed Newt, he hadn't thought once about what he had set out to do. Free of WICKED, finally, and here he was voluntarily going back.
He didn't care anymore. Whatever happened, happened. He knew that for the rest of his life he'd be haunted by what he'd seen. Chuck gasping for air while he bled to death, and now Newt screaming at him with raw, terrifying madness. And that last moment of sanity, eyes begging for mercy.
Thomas closed his own, and the images were still there. It took a long time for him to fall asleep. — James Dashner

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Alastair Reynolds

You've found a way to stay sane, Renfew--even if that means admitting a tiny piece of piano-playing madness into your world. But there's a cost to that sanity, and it isn't moi. the cost is you can't ever allow yourself an instant of hope, because hope is something that will always be crushed, crushed utterly, and in the crushing of hope you will be weakened forever, just as surely as if you'd mainlined some slow-acting poison."
~"Understanding Space & Time — Alastair Reynolds

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Julie Cantrell

I know there is a thin silver line between the sane and the insane, and even in that realm of madness, there are degrees of reason, fluttering moments of clarity and truth. Maybe the world can't handle the their truth. Maybe we are too weak. Maybe, like Sloth used to say, It's the blind who see the most. — Julie Cantrell

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Emily Dickinson

Much Madness Is Divinest Sense
Much Madness is divinest Sense
To a discerning Eye
Much Sense - the starkest Madness
'Tis the Majority
In this, as All, prevail
Assent - and you are sane
Demur - you're straightway dangerous
And handled with a Chain - — Emily Dickinson

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Ransom Riggs

My parents and their world represented a return to sanity and predictability, something I was longing for after all this madness. — Ransom Riggs

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Jon Ronson

That's an incredibly depressing thought," I said "that if you're in a room and at one end lies madness and at the other end lies sanity it is human nature to veer towards the madness end. — Jon Ronson

Madness And Sanity Quotes By John D. MacDonald

My friend Meyer, the economist, says that cretins are the only humans who can be absolutely certain of their own sanity. All the rest of us go rocketing along rickety rails over spavined bridges and along the edge of bottomless gorges. The man who believes himself free of any taint of madness is a damned liar. — John D. MacDonald

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Dwight Longenecker

Because we are limited in our knowledge, even the sanest of us are slightly insane. Our limitations are a kind of madness, and we can only choose to deny we are mad, and so descend into a dark spiral of total insanity, or accept we are mad and embark on a quest to regain our true and wholesome sanity — Dwight Longenecker

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Herman Melville

All my means are sane, my motive and my object mad. — Herman Melville

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Machado De Assis

He had found in himself the perfect, undeniable case of insanity. He possessed wisdom, patience, tolerance, truthfulness, loyalty, and moral fortitude - all the qualities that go to make an utter madman. — Machado De Assis

Madness And Sanity Quotes By William Shakespeare

How pregnant sometimes his replies are. A happiness that often madness hits on, which reason and sanity could not so prosperously be delivered of. — William Shakespeare

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Mindy McGinnis

But how can I find fault with your deeds when without them our paths would never have crossed? If you are mad then I owe my life to a madman, and he is no less dear to me for his actions. Truly evil people do exist, this I know, but I do not count you among them. Instead, I choose to see you as a good person who has done bad things, and who among us cannot be dubbed so? — Mindy McGinnis

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Dean Koontz

She realized then that madness and sanity were two worlds separated from each other by no more than a single step. — Dean Koontz

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Frances Hardinge

I swam across the torrent of my madness, and pulled myself upon the shore of a new and better sanity. — Frances Hardinge

Madness And Sanity Quotes By Alan Moore

Memories can be vile. Repulsive little brutes, like children I suppose. But can we live without them? Memories are what our reason is based upon. If we can't face them, we deny reason itself! Although, why not? We aren't contractually tied down to rationality. There is no sanity clause. So when you find yourself locked down in an unpleasant train of thought, heading for the places in your past where the screaming is unbearable, remember: There's always madness. You can just step outside and close the door, and all those dreadful things that happened, you can lock them away. Madness ... is an emergency exit. — Alan Moore