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Rko Quotes By James Ellroy

Howard got sex-crazy in the winter and probably wanted to send him out on a poontang prowl: Schwab's Drugstore, the extra huts at Fox and Universal, Brownie snapshots of well-lunged girls naked from the waist up. His Majesty's yes or no, then standard gash contracts to the yes's
one-liners in RKO turkeys in exchange for room and board at Hughes Enterprises' fuck pads and frequent nighttime visits from The Man himself. — James Ellroy

Rko Quotes By Martin Scorsese

I was born in 1942, so I was mainly aware of Howard Hughes' name on RKO Radio Pictures. — Martin Scorsese

Rko Quotes By Ginger Rogers

'Flying Down to Rio' established RKO as a leader in musical film production throughout the 1930s. The film helped to rescue the studio from its financial straits and it gave a real boost to my movie career. — Ginger Rogers

Rko Quotes By Ginger Rogers

During my seven-year contract with RKO, there were seven different studio presidents, from David O. Selznick to Charles W. Koerner. You literally had to check the name on the door so as not to call the new boss by the former boss's name. — Ginger Rogers

Rko Quotes By Ginger Rogers

I had been making films for almost ten years, and the head men at RKO thought of me only in terms of musicals. I found no fault with that, except I just couldn't stand being typed or pigeonholed as only a singing and dancing girl. I wanted to extend my range. — Ginger Rogers

Rko Quotes By Maria Kanellis

Do you think Team Rated RKO can win tonight AND at Survivor Series? — Maria Kanellis

Rko Quotes By Ginger Rogers

While I was making my solo films, RKO was busily trying to get me and Fred Astaire back together. The studio wanted to capitalize on the success of 'Flying Down to Rio' and realized that the pairing of Rogers and Astaire had moneymaking potential. — Ginger Rogers

Rko Quotes By Dorothy Malone

The only thing I did at RKO of any note was lose my Texas accent. — Dorothy Malone

Rko Quotes By Randy Orton

I'd RKO my own grandmother if it meant keeping this title. Then I'd RKO your grandmother just to see the look on her face. — Randy Orton