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Top Macroeconomic Quotes

Macroeconomic Quotes By Jeroen Dijsselbloem

Macroeconomic adjustment programmes are tailor-made to the situation of the country concerned and no models or templates are used. — Jeroen Dijsselbloem

Macroeconomic Quotes By Paul Krugman

It should be possible to emphasize to students that the level of employment is a macroeconomic issue, depending in the short run on aggregate demand and depending in the long run on the natural rate of unemployment, with microeconomic policies like tariffs having little net effect. Trade policy should be debated in terms of its impact on efficiency, not in terms of phoney numbers about jobs created or lost. — Paul Krugman

Macroeconomic Quotes By Barbara Ehrenreich

A free-enterprise economy depends only on markets, and according to the most advanced mathematical macroeconomic theory, markets depend only on moods: specifically, the mood of the men in the pinstripes, also known as the Boys on the Street. When the Boys are in a good mood, the market thrives; when they get scared or sullen, it is time for each one of us to look into the retail apple business. — Barbara Ehrenreich

Macroeconomic Quotes By Mario Monti

In the area of macroeconomic policies, I think we'll see more centralization, like in the budgetary sphere. — Mario Monti

Macroeconomic Quotes By J.D. Vance

But this book is about something else: what goes on in the lives of real people when the industrial economy goes south. It's about reacting to bad circumstances in the worst way possible. It's about a culture that increasingly encourages social decay instead of counteracting it. The problems that I saw at the tile warehouse run far deeper than macroeconomic trends and policy. too many young men immune to hard work. Good jobs impossible to fill for any length of time. And a young man [one of Vance's co-workers] with every reason to work - a wife-to-be to support and a baby on the way - carelessly tossing aside a good job with excellent health insurance. More troublingly, when it was all over, he thought something had been done to him. There is a lack of agency here - a feeling that you have little control over your life and a willingness to blame everyone but yourself. This is distinct from the larger economic landscape of modern America. — J.D. Vance

Macroeconomic Quotes By Ben Bernanke

I think that having good data, good statistics-and the United States generally has better macroeconomic statistics than most countries-and having good economists to interpret those data and present the policy alternatives, has a substantially beneficial effect on policymaking in the United States. — Ben Bernanke

Macroeconomic Quotes By Ha-Joon Chang

Gore Vidal, the American writer, once described the American economic system as 'free enterprise for the poor and socialism for the rich'. Macroeconomic policy on the global scale is a bit like that. It is Keynesianism for the rich countries and monetarism for the poor. — Ha-Joon Chang

Macroeconomic Quotes By Jim Rogers

When things go wrong on a macroeconomic level, it's almost always this way. People find someone to blame, whether it's blacks, whites, Christians, Jews, Muslims-whoever. — Jim Rogers

Macroeconomic Quotes By Joseph Stiglitz

Macroeconomic policy can never be devoid of politics: it involves fundamental trade-offs and affects different groups differently. — Joseph Stiglitz

Macroeconomic Quotes By James Tobin

At the time, my personal research objectives were to provide Keynesian economics with more rigorous foundations and to tighten and elaborate the logic of macroeconomic and monetary theory. — James Tobin

Macroeconomic Quotes By Janet Yellen

Will capitalist economies operate at full employment in the absence of routine intervention? Certainly not. Do policy makers have the knowledge and ability to improve macroeconomic outcomes rather than make matters worse? Yes. — Janet Yellen

Macroeconomic Quotes By Ben Bernanke

When historical relationships are taken into account, it is difficult to ascribe the house price bubble either to monetary policy or to the broader macroeconomic environment. — Ben Bernanke

Macroeconomic Quotes By Peter Drucker

No single piece of macroeconomic advice given by the experts to their government has ever had the results predicted. — Peter Drucker

Macroeconomic Quotes By Baba Kalyani

In 2006, the global economy was doing well. In India, the political and economic situation was stable. All key macroeconomic indicators reflected an economy that was in robust good health. — Baba Kalyani

Macroeconomic Quotes By Tyler Cowen

If one sentence were to sum up the mechanism driving the Great Stagnation, it is this: Recent and current innovation is more geared to private goods than to public goods. That simple observation ties together the three major macroeconomic events of our time: growing income inequality, stagnant median income, and the financial crisis. — Tyler Cowen

Macroeconomic Quotes By Joseph E. Stiglitz

For most people, wages are the most important source of income. Macroeconomic and monetary policies that result in higher unemployment - and lower wages for ordinary citizens - are a major source of inequality in our society today. Over the past quarter century macroeconomic and monetary policies and institutions have failed to produce stability; they failed to produce sustainable growth; and, most importantly, they failed to produce growth that benefited most citizens in our society. In — Joseph E. Stiglitz

Macroeconomic Quotes By Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

Our investments in social justice and basic needs are as vital to our future as fiscal and macroeconomic reforms. A nation deeply divided will not stand. And it certainly will not move forward. — Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo