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Top Low Riding Quotes

Low Riding Quotes By Veronica Li

good times and bad times are like the sun and moon. You usually see one and not the other, and yet you know that both are always there. Therefore, she concluded, when your fortunes are riding high, you shouldn't feel arrogant, and when they're low, you shouldn't feel depressed. — Veronica Li

Low Riding Quotes By Jennifer Lowery

Confused, she pressed a fist to her mouth to stifle her sobs as her tears came harder.
The door opened and Lucas stood there, bare-chested, a pair of jeans riding low on his lean hips. "Nora? Ah, hell. I hurt you, didn't I?"
He moved into the room and pulled her into his arms, hugging her to his chest. She wanted to fight it, avoid her feelings, but she melted into him, absorbing his warm strength.
"I'm sorry, baby," he murmured.
She shook her head. "you didn't hurt me."
Some of the tension left his muscles. "Well, not to worry, you only hurt me a little, but I'm taking it like a man. — Jennifer Lowery

Low Riding Quotes By Yukio Mishima

He was a ship loaded down with a full cargo of emotion, riding low in the dark winter sea of death. Isao — Yukio Mishima

Low Riding Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

I think of Sean folded low over the red stallion, riding bareback at the top of the cliffs. Of the easy way they had with each other when I met him to look at the uisce mare. I think, even, of the way Sean looked when he stood on the bloody festival rock and said his name, and then Corr's, like it was just one fact after the other. Of the way he said "the sky and the sand and the sea and Corr" to me. And I feel a bite of unfairness, because in everything but name, it seems to me that Sean Kendrick already owns Corr. — Maggie Stiefvater

Low Riding Quotes By Craig Childs

This far north the sun was still up, although very low, riding through the mountains as if looking for something it lost on the ground. — Craig Childs

Low Riding Quotes By Nikki Giovanni

Floating to shore ... riding a low moon ... on a slow cloud. — Nikki Giovanni

Low Riding Quotes By Steven Erikson

Bright were the memories of his childhood at these docks, to which he had been ever drawn by the allure of the stranger traders as they swung into their berths like weary and weathered heroes returned from some elemental war. In those days it was uncommon to see the galleys of the Freemen Privateers ease into the bay, sleek and riding low with booty. They hailed from such mysterious ports as Filman Orras, Fort By a Half, Dead Man's Story, and exile; names that rang of adventure in the ears of a lad who had never seen his home city from outside its walls.
The man slowed as he reached the foot of the stone pier. The years between him and that lad marched through his mind, a possession of martial images growing ever grimmer. If he searched out the many crossroads he had come to in the past, he saw their skies storm-warped, the lands ragged and wind-torn. The forces of age and experience worked on them now, and whatever choices he had made then seemed fated and almost desperate. — Steven Erikson

Low Riding Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

Vin snorted, kneeling in the low tent as she pulled her belt tight; then she crawled over to him. "I don't know how you read while riding," she said. "Oh, it's quite easy - if you aren't afraid of horses." "I'm not afraid of them," Vin said. "They just don't like me. They know I can outrun them, and that makes them surly. — Brandon Sanderson

Low Riding Quotes By David Foster Wallace

And girl-women, women, curved like instruments or fruit, skin burnished brown-bright, suit tops held by delicate knots of fragile colored string against the pull of mysterious weights, suit bottoms riding low over the gentle juts of hips totally unlike your own, immoderate swells and swivels that melt in light into a surrounding space that cups and accommodates the soft curves as things precious. You almost understand. — David Foster Wallace

Low Riding Quotes By Terry Pratchett

They were scrawny, even by Feegle standards, with barely a wisp of beard hair between them and impractically low-slung spogs knocking about their knees, their kilts hung low on their skinny hips. To Tiffany's amazement, she could see the top bands of colored pants riding high above them. pants? On a Feegle? The times were indeed changing.
"Pull yon kilts up, lads!" Ron muttered as they pushed their way past. — Terry Pratchett

Low Riding Quotes By Cherry Adair

The boat bounced hard on the waves. Reflexively, Tally shot out a hand to brace herself on the closest stable object.
She stared in horror at her own pale fingers gripping the front waistband of the pirate's shorts.
His purple Hawaiian shorts were now riding low, very low, on his hips, as the weight of her hand dragged the fabric down.
And down ... — Cherry Adair

Low Riding Quotes By Rachel Field

Oh, well, it might look like a patterned world, laid out in prim design, but to those living there it could never be so simple. They were as alive as she: that old peasant contriving to outwit the cold; that woman anxiously counting her comical flock lest one goose escape her vigilance; all those who slept, or toiled, or loved under the low-hung roofs or the sharp turrets. Those people out there, if they caught sight of her own face pressed close to the window pane, might be speculating about her. To them she was part of the pattern of the lumbering train with its trail of smoke and little boxlike carriages. Perhaps they envied her, riding at ease to distant Paris. How little they knew of that! How little she herself know what awaited her at the end of the journey! — Rachel Field

Low Riding Quotes By Katy Evans

There he is, a woman's living, breathing fantasy, doing his slow, cocky turn, spiky black hair, darkly tanned chest, dimpled smile-killer smile-all in the package of Remington Tate. He's perfection itself, and a new surge of hormones sweeps through me as I do what the rest of the crowd does and take in his visual, so blatantly on display in those low riding boxing shorts and so strikingly sexy, he becomes the center of my attention. The center. Of my. World. — Katy Evans

Low Riding Quotes By Hugh Laurie

Perseverance does not equal worthiness. Next time you want to get my attention, wear something fun. Low-riding jeans are hot. — Hugh Laurie

Low Riding Quotes By T.D. Jakes

Many of us harbor hidden low self-esteem. We deem everything and everyone more important that ourselves and think that meeting their needs is more important than meeting our own. But if you run out of gas, everyone riding with you will be left stranded. — T.D. Jakes