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Love Whisperer Quotes & Sayings

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Top Love Whisperer Quotes

Love Whisperer Quotes By Mark Andrew Poe

It is difficult to understand the journey of a hero," the whisperer said. — Mark Andrew Poe

Love Whisperer Quotes By Donalyn Miller

This is how I show my students that I love them - by putting books in their hands, by noticing what they are about, and finding books that tell them, I know. I know. I know how it is. I know who you are, and even though we may never speak of it, read this book, and know that I understand you. — Donalyn Miller

Love Whisperer Quotes By Pam Houston

It would have been so perfectly ironic if I had been killed by the dog, because I was petting a dog who was not used to being pet, because I think I'm some kind of dog whisperer, and I think I can make any dog love me. — Pam Houston

Love Whisperer Quotes By Jennifer Love Hewitt

I played a medium on 'Ghost Whisperer' for six years, and the mediums never complained at the fact that I had cleavage while I was crossing people over into the light. In fact, they were super-excited that a hot person was out there representing the medium. — Jennifer Love Hewitt

Love Whisperer Quotes By Jennifer Love Hewitt

My time on TV has been awesome; between 'Party Of Five' and 'Ghost Whisperer,' I've been severely lucky in great long runs on TV series that were attached to the heart and got into the audiences' hearts. — Jennifer Love Hewitt

Love Whisperer Quotes By Kit Harington

I'm kind of a horse whisperer; I don't know what it is. I'm not great on a horse. I'm getting better, but I'm not brilliant. So yeah, I've spent a lot of time with horses. They're great creatures; I love them. I do love riding them when I get the chance to. — Kit Harington