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Fear And Leadership Quotes By Lee Ellis

... some leaders don't want to celebrate with their team because they are afraid - yes, afraid that if they celebrate, people will quit working hard and lower the standards. I say don't let your fear take you out. — Lee Ellis

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Yousef Munayyer

Humility is a great quality of leadership which derives respect and not just fear or hatred. — Yousef Munayyer

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

You can and should stand up for who you are and what you represent, without fear or prejudice. You take the promises you have made to yourself and to others very seriously. — Archibald Marwizi

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Peter David

That was when it was all made painfully clear to me. When you are a child, there is joy. There is laughter. And most of all, there is trust. Trust in your fellows. When you are an adult ... then comes suspicion, hatred, and fear. If children ran the world, it would be a place of eternal bliss and cheer. Adults run the world; and there is war, and enmity, and destruction unending. Adults who take charge of things muck them up, and then produce a new generation of children and say, "The children are the hope of the future." And they are right. Children are the hope of the future. But adults are the damnation of the present, and children become adults as surely as adults become worm food.
Adults are the death of hope. — Peter David

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Vincent De Paul

An honorable man would never abandon his friend in time of need, especially if they were in a foreign country. Why? For fear of acting like a coward or of being boorish. I repeat, I admire the fact that, those persons have, through human respect, more courage than Christians and priests have, through charity or through their good intentions. — Vincent De Paul

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Charles Stanley

God will never direct us to be prideful, arrogant and unforgiving, immoral or slothful or full of fear. We step into these things because we are insensitive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit within us. — Charles Stanley

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Nick Morgan

The precise form of your fear will be different from everyone else's, but everyone has those fears, attitudes, and beliefs getting in the way of their leadership potential. — Nick Morgan

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Noel DeJesus

Procrastination and fear are the enemies of success; the war is lifelong, but the battles are daily. — Noel DeJesus

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Isobelle Carmody

My favourite mentor brother told me that there were three kinds of people: followers, leaders and scouts. Scouts are capeable of leadership, but they could not tolerate the responsibility of it. Disinclined to take orders either, they invariably flouted authority and fomented strife. This is why scouts, he said wryly, were the first to be sent into danger, It was half hoped they would be killed. 'I fear you are destined to trouble us as a scout, little sister' he said — Isobelle Carmody

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Jane Caro

My current fear is that the message being sent by the level of vitriol surrounding Gillard's flawed leadership (but tell me whose wasn't flawed) is being heard by Australian women and girls loud and clear. And the message is: 'Don't aspire to high office,sweetheart, because we'll flay you alive.' — Jane Caro

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Dilip Bathija

Dream without fear, love without limits, and let your life sing its song. — Dilip Bathija

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Sometimes you may feel like your life is submerged in life's relentless challenges, but you can develop the kind of internal substance in you that displaces every negativity, fear and self-doubt. Even if the challenges were bigger and heavy on your soul and life, the new attitude and belief within will displace every challenge before you - then the law of buoyancy will begin to force your challenges to be ejected out of your pathway to success. — Archibald Marwizi

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Edward M. Hallowell

So don't look over your shoulder or let fear and anxiety rule you. Go for broke. Let passion blaze your trail. Look ahead and pursue the dream that fits who you are as a person and a manager. Learn what you can, but don't get bogged down
in today's world, there's so much to know that learning can actually take the place of action and hold you back. Learn enough, then trust your gut and act. Be bold
or crazy
enough not to hold back. Take advantage of the freedom to be your own person. When the game is over, regardless of the score, you'll revel in what you've done. — Edward M. Hallowell

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Drew Karpyshyn

Des felt a familiar feeling in the pit of his stomach. All soldiers felt the same thing going into battle, whether they admitted it or not: fear. Fear of failure, fear of dying, fear of watching their friends die, fear of being wounded and living out the rest of their days crippled or maimed. The fear was always there, and it would devour you if you let it.
Des knew how to turn that fear to his own advantage. Take what makes you weak and turn it into something that makes you strong. Transform the fear into anger and hate: hatred of the enemy; hatred of the Republic and the Jedi. The hate gave him strength, and the strength brought him victory.
For Des the transformation came easily once the fighting started. Thanks to his abusive father, he'd been turning fear into anger and hate ever since he was a child. Maybe that was why he was such a good soldier. Maybe that was why the others looked to him for leadership. — Drew Karpyshyn

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Kevin Kelly DO The Pursuit Of Xcdeptional Execution

The challenge for the entrepreneur is to find your passion and make fear history. — Kevin Kelly DO The Pursuit Of Xcdeptional Execution

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Leave no room for fear and excuses. Be strong in spirit and possess unwavering convictions. Choose to be an optimist and commit to succeed. — Archibald Marwizi

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Mollie Marti

High above the noise and fear mongering of critics and cynics softly speaks your true self. — Mollie Marti

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Patrick Lencioni

Great teams do not hold back with one another. They are unafraid to air their dirty laundry. They admit their mistakes, their weaknesses, and their concerns without fear of reprisal. — Patrick Lencioni

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Tony Robbins

Life is found in the dance between your deepest desire and your greatest fear. — Tony Robbins

Fear And Leadership Quotes By M. Scott Peck

Yet the opposite style of leadership, which the guilt-ridden neurotic so often exerts over his feelings, is equally self-destructive. In this style the slave-owner is so obsessed with the fear that his slaves (feelings) might get out of control and so determined that they should cause him no trouble that he routinely beats them into submission and punishes them severely at the — M. Scott Peck

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Winston Churchill

There is only one duty, only one safe course, and that is to try to be right and not to fear to do or say what you believe to be right. That is the only way to deserve and to win the confidence of our great people in these days of trouble. — Winston Churchill

Fear And Leadership Quotes By John C. Maxwell

Leadership involves the heavy burden of responsibility, and the fear of getting it wrong can paralyze a leader. — John C. Maxwell

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

To take risk and fail is not a failure. Real failure is to fear taking any risk — Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Jason Taylor

I have met so-called leaders who showed fear in a moment when strength was required, and they give leadership a bad name. — Jason Taylor

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Ronald Reagan

Our policy is simple: We are not going to betray our friends, reward the enemies of freedom, or permit fear and retreat to become American policies ... None of the four wars in my lifetime came about because we were too strong. It is weakness ... that invites adventurous adversaries to make mistaken judgments. — Ronald Reagan

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Ted Cruz

America has receded from the world. Today our friends and allies don't trust us. And our enemies don't fear us. I think we should get back, number one, to American leadership in the world. — Ted Cruz

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Ben Roberts-Smith

I do what I do because I believe in the country that we live in. I believe we are making a difference in stemming the flow of terrorism into Australia ... I want my children to be able to live as everyone does now without the fear of getting on a bus and having it blow up. — Ben Roberts-Smith

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Michael Dobbs

The immediate reactions of the two superpower leaders when confronted with the gravest international crisis of their careers were much the same, shock, wounded pride, grim determination, and barely repressed fear. — Michael Dobbs

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Patrick McGorry

The stress that they're under is absolutely extreme. Indefinite detention. Not knowing when you're going to get out. The threat of being sent back to a country that you fear you're going to be murdered or tortured upon return. I mean, this is the most extreme form of stress you can possibly conjure up. And our country is doing this to these people. — Patrick McGorry

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Mike Krzyzewski

In all forms of leadership, whether you are a coach, a CEO, or a parent, there are four words that, when said, can bring out the best in your team, your employees, and your family. I BELIEVE IN YOU. Those four words can mean the difference between a fear of failure and the courage to try. — Mike Krzyzewski

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Roger Enrico

In really good companies, you have to lead. You have to come up with big ideas and express them forcefully. I have always been encouraged
or sometimes forced
to confront the very natural fear of being wrong. I was constantly pushed to find out what I really thought and then to speak up. Over time, I came to see that waiting to discover which way the wind was blowing is an excellent way to learn how to be a follower. — Roger Enrico

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Lolly Daskal

Believe you can and you will be halfway there. — Lolly Daskal

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Noel DeJesus

Never allow doubt to roam unimpeded within you. When it arises acknowledge it immediately, and then exterminate it with extreme prejudice. — Noel DeJesus

Fear And Leadership Quotes By John Wooden

Good coaching is about leadership and instilling respect in your players. Dictators lead through fear - good coaches do not. — John Wooden

Fear And Leadership Quotes By James D. Robinson III

True leadership must have follower-ship. Management styles can vary, but even an autocrat needs people who believe and simply don't follow from fear. — James D. Robinson III

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Tony Dovale

Fear based mindsets see challenges as problems, that are dangerous and impossible. Courageous Mindsets see problems as challenges, that are possible and exciting. — Tony Dovale

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Christopher D. Kolenda

The shelves are filled with books about improving the process of leadership; discussions of how to hone its art are few. Checklists and processes do not challenge our ability to think, they do not force us to defend our ideas or look new ones in the face. They demand no depth. Defining leadership as an art rather than as a process does not mean that leadership cannot be taught. It merely means that gaining a greater understanding of leadership requires intellectual courage. Just as we develop physical courage by experiencing and functioning under physical fear and moral courage by making the choice of right amidst the pressure to do otherwise, so we develop intellectual courage through the discomfort and ambiguity of experiencing ideas that challenge our depth and perspective. Leaders develop intellectual courage by continuously sharpening the saber through education, and in doing so they
hone within themselves the art of leadership. — Christopher D. Kolenda

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Robert Jackall

The most feared situation is to end up inadvertently in the wrong place at the wrong time and get blamed. Yet this is exactly what happens in a structure that systematically diffuses responsibility. It is because managers fear blame-time that they diffuse responsibility; however such a diffusion inevitably means that someone, somewhere is going to become a scapegoat when things go wrong. — Robert Jackall

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Wangari Maathai

In the course of history, there comes a time when humanity is called to shift to a new level of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground. A time when we have to shed our fear and give hope to each other. That time is now. — Wangari Maathai

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Christian Nestell Bovee

Who aspires to remain leader must keep in advance of his column. His fear must not play traitor to his occasions. The instant he falls into line with his followers, a bolder spirit may throw himself at the head of the movement initiated, and in that moment his leadership is gone. — Christian Nestell Bovee

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Victor Giannini

Advice? Fail constantly. Because the word doesn't mean what you think it means, especially when you're an artist. I use the word artist to mean everything from songwriting to writing a novel to even writing video games. Anything that tells a story, which is almost any medium. Gotta take risks, you gotta go through multiple drafts which means you have to FAIL, a lot. So you won't always get the reaction you always want from every single person, so when you lose that fear of failure, when you stop even thinking of it as failure, and you push yourself farther, you'll take bigger risks, and eventually, after about six or seven hundred rejections, you'll find success. And you'll find a way of conveying what you really want to say, in the best manner. — Victor Giannini

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Vannevar Bush

Fear cannot be banished, but it can be calm and without panic; it can be mitigated by reason and evaluation. — Vannevar Bush

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Raymond E. Feist

A hunt leader could not show fear, or let it linger in his stomach, for others would sense it soon enough, taste that fear and become possessed by it. They would hesitate when an order was given, and uncertainty would claim their life as readily as the blade of the enemy. — Raymond E. Feist

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Zbigniew Brzezinski

I think it is important to ask ourselves as citizens, not as Democrats attacking the administration, but as citizens, whether a world power can really provide global leadership on the basis of fear and anxiety? — Zbigniew Brzezinski

Fear And Leadership Quotes By David E. Wilkins

A critical element in nearly all effective social movements is leadership. For it is through smart, persistent, and authoritative leaders that a movement generates the appropriate concepts and language that captures the frustration, anger, or fear of the group's members and places responsibility where it is warranted. — David E. Wilkins

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Edmund Ezra Day

There are certain fundamental requisites for wise and resolute democratic leadership. It must build on hope, not on fear; on honesty, not on falsehood; on justice, not on injustice; on public tranquility, not on violence; on freedom, not on enslavement. It must weave a social fabric in which the most important strands are a devotion to truth and a commitment to righteousness. These are essential ingredients of the American way of life. They are the necessary conditions for the achievement of freedom and human progress the world over. — Edmund Ezra Day

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

The courageous attitudes of leaders ramble around coward followers and sooner or later, they become courageous too! — Israelmore Ayivor

Fear And Leadership Quotes By John Mark Reynolds

Every nation needs more people who love liberty, fear mob rule, and hate tyranny with the consistent logic and passion of Alexis de Tocqueville. He is still quoted by presidential candidates, but too often he's ignored by presidents, and therein lies the danger. Tocqueville reads beautifully but governs even better. — John Mark Reynolds

Fear And Leadership Quotes By April White

The power to compel is not the same thing as leadership, and one does inspire the other. You are not a leader, Walters, you are a bully and a coward of the worst kind. the fear you believe you inspire is merely the fear in which you constantly live, and it undermines the very leadership you profess to have. Strip a bully of his pulpit and he becomes a cowering, quivering thing... You will never lose the fear because it defines you, and the very things you seek to annihilate will be those which ultimately destroy you. — April White

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Noel DeJesus

Everyday that I procrastinate, everyday that I sit stagnant in fear, everyday that I fail to better myself, someone else out there with the same goals and dreams as me is doing the exact opposite. — Noel DeJesus

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Debasish Mridha

A great leader never fears criticism and welcomes them with openness and love as if they are the beauty of the journey. — Debasish Mridha

Fear And Leadership Quotes By T.A. Uner

If you can't handle the answer, then don't ask the question. — T.A. Uner

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Henna Inam

Don't believe everything you think. Our minds are thought-creating machines. Most of these thoughts are fear-based. Our authentic self has the power to pick the thoughts that best serve us and those we lead. — Henna Inam

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Patrick Dodson

In a climate of uncertainty and fear, without strong and visionary leadership, people panic. — Patrick Dodson

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Richard M. Nixon

When the strongest nation in the world can be tied up for years in a war with no end in sight, when the richest nation in the world can't manage its own economy, when the nation with the greatest tradition of the rule of law is plagued by unprecedented lawlessness, and when the President of the United States cannot travel abroad or to any major city at home without fear of a hostile demonstration - then it's time for new leadership for the United States of America. — Richard M. Nixon

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Phil Dourado

When you trust your own abilities and those of the people around you, you overcome fear. And when the people you lead trust themselves and you - that you have their best interests at heart and are authentic - is when you and they will achieve the most. — Phil Dourado

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Gary J. Byrne

Bill Clinton was friendly and charming with just about everyone besides Hillary. He always seemed to want to give his company extra time. He was very generous that way. Like him or not, share his political ideas or not, find yourself in the same room with him, and you are hooked. You can't help but like him. But that was not Hillary. She was clearly all business, 24/7. Her private leadership style was based on pure fear and loathing - and I never saw her that turn off. Even in the president's presence, Mrs. Clinton operated at far greater than arm's length - a cheerless grifter always on her scheming way to someone or something else more important than the person directly in front of her. — Gary J. Byrne

Fear And Leadership Quotes By P.J. Ortmeier

Without that
courage, an officer is just another person in the crowd of badges. Demonstrating
courage takes practice. Many police professionals have the knowledge and ability
to lead. Yet, they may choose not to exercise their leadership skills - not to do the
right thing - because they fear losing the rewards that conformity provides (such — P.J. Ortmeier

Fear And Leadership Quotes By John C. Maxwell

COURAGE isn't an absence of fear. It is doing what you are afraid to do, letting go of the familiar and forging ahead into new territory. What I have discovered is that the best leaders have the courage to act - are willing to take the risk, make the statement, point the way, lead the way - when others hesitate out of fear. Effective leadership requires the ability to stand up, stand out, and the conviction to do it. I have never known a successful leader that was not courageous. — John C. Maxwell

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Cesar Millan

Mother Nature's ruthless to the weak, but isn't arbitrary cruel or negative. Mother Nature saves aggression for extreme situations, and instead uses consistent leadership
to help keep things running smoothly. Mother nature doesn't rule by fear and anger, but by calm strength and assertiveness. — Cesar Millan

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Abhijit Naskar

Stop groveling, stop whining and start working! — Abhijit Naskar

Fear And Leadership Quotes By David Foster Wallace

Real leaders are people who help us overcome the limitations of our own individual laziness and selfishness and weakness and fear and get us to do better, harder things than we can get ourselves to do on our own. — David Foster Wallace

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Seth Godin

The merits of leadership are so ingrained that it's natural to say, "I'll take the lead."
Sometimes, though, it may make more sense to take the follow. Leading when you don't know where to go, when you don't have the commitment or the passion, or worst of all, when you can't overcome your fear- that sort of leading is worse than none at all.
It takes guts to acknowledge that perhaps this time, right now, you can't lead. So get out of the way and take the follow instead. — Seth Godin

Fear And Leadership Quotes By Michael Patrick Goodwin

We are witnessing the total collapse of a bad idea. Obamaism, a quasi-socialist commitment to a more powerful government at home and an abdication of American leadership around the world, is being exposed as a historic calamity. It is fueling domestic fear and global disorder and may well lead to a world war. — Michael Patrick Goodwin