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Top Love Goodreads Quotes

Love Goodreads Quotes By Lime Craven

AUTHOR'S GOODREADS PAGE: I love antiheroes. Female characters who don't just accept their faults, but downright exploit them.

No nice boys.
No shame. — Lime Craven

Love Goodreads Quotes By William Manchee

Goodreads helps quite a few people that love to giveaway their books. I donate some of the books that I get from goodreads. — William Manchee

Love Goodreads Quotes By G.R. Reader

No, I have never had a problem finding books to read. But I have had a problem finding people who understand what it's like to really LOVE reading. Maybe even need it. People who associate periods of their life with the kinds of things they were reading then, whether in school or in dusty old rooms of a house in Holland. The kind of people who take personal journeys into books and write responses that are part review, part stories in themselves. This is what Goodreads has always given me. — G.R. Reader

Love Goodreads Quotes By Edan Lepucki

Amazon has historically been a bully, and I don't shop there. But I love Goodreads. For the record. — Edan Lepucki

Love Goodreads Quotes By Colishia S. Benjamin

Jesus is the light of the world. His light shines through all darkness. His love heals all hatred. His grace and mercy forgives all sins. The anointing of his blood heals the sick and the lame. His guarding angels will forever protect you and his word will forever guide you. — Colishia S. Benjamin

Love Goodreads Quotes By Rick DeStefanis

Truth has a resonance to it that fills the cracks where falsehoods lie. — Rick DeStefanis

Love Goodreads Quotes By Saaskia Aark-Bennett

I wish I could find MY books listed on GOODREADS - DODGING JOE, THE WOMAN WHO WOULDN'T EXPLAIN, THE BITTER GRAPES - ll available through Amazon and Createspace - — Saaskia Aark-Bennett

Love Goodreads Quotes By Jonathan Dunne

Lately, their love had been reduced to yellow emojis. — Jonathan Dunne

Love Goodreads Quotes By Kevin Domenic

i listed my faults under a book called
Retail Ramblings
by Kevin Domenic (Goodreads Author)

in the comments for the review by Leanne Bell, someone i love dearly and wish i never hurt and forced her to go. — Kevin Domenic

Love Goodreads Quotes By John Siwicki

Everything is an echo of something I once read.

Dream, hope, and celebrate life!

Love always comes back in a song.

One thing we all have in common is a love for food and drink.

Memories never die, and dreams never end!

What is time? — John Siwicki