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Love Being Hard But Worth It Quotes By Mandy Hale

Be a bit of a challenge; not because you're playing games but because you realize you're worth the extra effort. — Mandy Hale

Love Being Hard But Worth It Quotes By George Lucas

It's hard work making movies. It's like being a doctor: you work long hours, very hard hours, and it's emotional, tense work. If you don't really love it, then it ain't worth it. — George Lucas

Love Being Hard But Worth It Quotes By Alan W. Watts

We have been accustomed to make this existence worth-while by the belief that there is more than the outward appearance
that we live for a future beyond this life here. For the outward appearance does not seem to make sense. if living is to end in pain, incompleteness, and nothingness, it seems a cruel and futile experience for being who are born to reason, hope, create, and love. man, as a being of sense, wants his life to make sense, and he has found it hard to believe that it does so unless there is more that what he see
unless there is an eternal order and an eternal life behind the uncertain and momentary experience of life-and-death. — Alan W. Watts

Love Being Hard But Worth It Quotes By Christina Carson

Fo' it be so clear to me now, with my family being black an white, that though we blacks have it very hard fo' very long, we don't own suffering. Abuse, slavery, injustice, an tribulation be part of human living. An if there be a question that be worth axing, rather than it be bout white or black, we might be wanting to ax how come it's always us humans who be suffering an be mean to one another. We might want a be axing that instead. From: Accidents of Birth Trilogy — Christina Carson

Love Being Hard But Worth It Quotes By Tamsyn Bester

Time doesn't matter. When you love someone, the way I love your mother, you'll know, and the amount of time it took you to get there will be irrelevant. But what does matter, is that you find the woman who will be your reason to live, who will stick with you, not during the good times but through the hard times, and who will tell you when you're being an ass. Find the woman worth keeping, for more than sex, the one you can see your future with. And when you look at her, you'll know you've found her. — Tamsyn Bester