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Top Lopsided Love Quotes

Lopsided Love Quotes By Ami McKay

How a mother comes to love her child, her caring at all for this thing that's made her heavy, lopsided and slow, this thing that made her wish she were dead ... that's the miracle. — Ami McKay

Lopsided Love Quotes By J.C. Reed

Why do you want me?" I asked, suppressing the trembling of my voice. "I'm strange, definitely not perfect, and fucked up. Actually, a lot of the latter."
"Perfect is boring and overrated." He smiled that lopsided grin of his that made my lower abdomen twist and curl with delicious desire. "I'm looking for sexy, fun, kind, and honest. And you tick all the right boxes, Brooke. — J.C. Reed

Lopsided Love Quotes By Samantha Young

She gave me a lopsided quirk of a smile. "Joss," her voice hoarse, barely audible.
I wanted to run. I know. That's horrible. But I wanted to run away from this part. People ending up in hospital had never concluded well in my life, and seeing her there, so vulnerable, so exhausted, just reminded me of how close we might have come to losing her.
I felt a hand squeeze mine and I turned my head to see Hannah watching me. She looked as pale as I felt, and her fingers were trembling between mine. She was scared too. I smiled reassuringly at her, hoping I was pulling it off. "Ellie is okay. Come on." I tugged on her hand and pulled her with me to Ellie's bed side.
I reached out for the hand Ellie had held out for her mom, and I slid mine into it, feeling relief and love as she gave me a gentle squeeze. — Samantha Young

Lopsided Love Quotes By Anna Nalick

A valuable lesson I've learned from making music is to never let anyone intimidate me. Every student, celebrity, CEO and math teacher in the world has experienced love, loneliness, fear and embarassment at some point. To understand this is to level an often very lopsided playing field. — Anna Nalick

Lopsided Love Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

Ian, man, I didna tell ye because I didna wish to lose you too. My brother was gone, and my father. I didna mean to lose my own heart's blood as well. For you are dearer to me even than home and family, love.'She cast a lopsided smile at Jamie. 'And that's saying quite a bit. — Diana Gabaldon

Lopsided Love Quotes By Melina Marchetta

I've been waiting for you all night and day,' she said.
Froi shivered. He realised that the words came from Quintana the ice maiden. Realised, as he felt his face heating up, that the idea of this Quintana waiting for him with excitement spoke to parts of him he believed to be dormant. And then she winked.
'Did I do that right?' she asked. Her smile was lopsided and he saw a glimpse of the teeth.
And Froi imagined that he would follow her to the ends of the earth. — Melina Marchetta

Lopsided Love Quotes By T. Torrest

I'm in love with you, Trip. I love you. I always have."
It looked as though he'd been slapped in the face by my words. Pain drifted across his features as he dropped his head and shook it. "I know."
Not the words I was imagining, and the unexpectedness made me laugh.
"You know? Oh my God. Did you just Han Solo me?"
"I know you love me. I know, and it's incredible." He looked down at me, his eyes a shifting pool of blue, the corner of his lip quirked into a lopsided smile as he gently swiped my hair behind my ear. He buried his face against my neck, his breath tickling against my skin as he whispered softly, "Because I am completely in love with you right back. — T. Torrest

Lopsided Love Quotes By Lauren Blakely

Then no. Never. You're not getting rid of me. Because here's the thing you need to know. I'm in love with you, and that's a package deal. And that means no matter what, I'm by your side. Whatever happens, I'll be here. I'm not the kind of guy who walks away. I might be scared out of my fucking mind, but I'm not running. You're stuck with me, Harley, he says, and shoots me another lopsided grin that makes my stomach flip. — Lauren Blakely

Lopsided Love Quotes By Marian Keyes

They say the path of true love never runs smooth. Well, Luke and my true love's path didn't run at all, it limped along in new boots that were chafing its heels. Blistered and cut, red and raw, every hopping, lopsided step, a little slice of agony. — Marian Keyes

Lopsided Love Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Squared my shoulders. "Release the Kraken!" Several sets of eyes settled on me. "What?" I gave a lopsided shrug. "I've always wanted to yell that since I saw that movie. Seemed like the perfect moment." Aiden laughed. "See! That's why I love him," I told the group. "He laughs at the stupid crap that comes out of my mouth." In response, Aiden leaned over and pressed his lips against my temple. "Keep talking about loving me," he murmured, "and we're going to scar some of these guys for life." I — Jennifer L. Armentrout