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Top Lonely Nights Quotes

Lonely Nights Quotes By Avijeet Das

On silent moonless nights, I don't feel lonely! I have my greatest friends - my books for company! — Avijeet Das

Lonely Nights Quotes By Anonymous

And spend lonely nights in the library or laboratory pursuing a glowing truth that only six or seven people will ever care about. — Anonymous

Lonely Nights Quotes By Jean Moore

Since I found you no more cold nights and no more lonely days. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I will have and hold you for as long as I live. — Jean Moore

Lonely Nights Quotes By Carey Wallace

His small compliments and offhand remarks formed a new scripture, and in breathless conversations and lonely, dream-drunk nights they built whole theologies from them. — Carey Wallace

Lonely Nights Quotes By Daniel Woodrell

The men came to mind as mostly idle between nights of running wild or time in the pen, cooking moon and gathering around the spout, with ears chewed, fingers chopped, arms shot away, and no apologies grunted ever. The women came to mind bigger, closer, with their lonely eyes and homely yellow teeth, mouths clamped against smiles, working in the hot fields from can to can't, hands tattered rough as dry cobs, lips cracked all winter, a white dress for marrying, a black dress for burying, and Ree nodded yup. Yup. — Daniel Woodrell

Lonely Nights Quotes By Prince

It's 2 o'clock in the morning and I just can't sleep Outside the rain is pourin', I'm lonely as can be Maybe 2night'll be different than the nights before I need 2 feel someone beside me, I can't be alone no more — Prince

Lonely Nights Quotes By Betty Smith

Spring came early that year and the sweet warm nights made her restless. She walked up and down the streets and through the park. And wherever she went, she saw a boy and a girl together; walking arm-in-arm, sitting on a park bench with their arms around each other, standing closely and in silence in a vestibule. Everyone in the world but Francie had a sweetheart or a friend. She seemed to be the only lonely one in Brooklyn. — Betty Smith

Lonely Nights Quotes By Maya Angelou

Stormy or sunny days, glorious or lonely nights, I maintain an attitude of gratitude. — Maya Angelou

Lonely Nights Quotes By Maya Angelou

Oh, Black known and unknown poets, how often have your auctioned pains sustained us? Who will compute the lonely nights made less lonely by your songs, or by the empty pots made less tragic by your tales?
If we were a people much given to revealing secrets, we might raise monuments and sacrifice to the memories of our poets, but slavery cured us of that weakness. — Maya Angelou

Lonely Nights Quotes By Kelly Washington

She started off as a little crush. A tiny, whispery one. The type of crush you know you'll never, ever fulfill, but it fills your dreams on the nights you're lonely and especially on the nights where you might have been with someone, someone you shouldn't be with, but you still felt alone. In here. In your heart. — Kelly Washington

Lonely Nights Quotes By Billy Collins

I have a stack of those plastic card hotel room keys that I picked up on this latest book tour. It's about a yard tall. Ah yes, a stack of lonely nights. — Billy Collins

Lonely Nights Quotes By Emma Cline

I was almost a wife but lost the man. I was almost recognisable as a friend. And then I wasn't. The nights when I flicked off the bedside lamp and found myself in the heedless, lonely dark. The times I thought, with a horrified twist, that none of this was a gift. Suzanne got the redemption that followed a conviction ... I got the snuffed-out story of the bystander, a fugitive without a crime, half hoping and half terrified that no one was ever coming for me. — Emma Cline

Lonely Nights Quotes By Alan C. Martin

I had a vision.
I lay half asleep in the dirt. The sunset
Behind the hills and burnt my skin.
And in the dream I saw a throne
my throne,
Built on the tower of my life.
When I woke all I could think of was my
Vision, etched so clearly on my mind.
I worked for three days and three nights
With no food or drink, until my vision
Had become a reality
perfect in every
I pondered the significance of this
Edifice and shook off my trance ...
I felt tired,
I felt lonely,
I felt confused,
I felt so bloody confused,
I felt like a right prat! — Alan C. Martin

Lonely Nights Quotes By Aliya Whiteley

My name is Nathan, just twenty-three and given to the curation of stories. I listen, retain, then polish and release them over the fire at night, when the others hush and lean forward in their desire to hear of the past. They crave romance, particularly when autumn sets in and cold nights await them, and so I speak of Alice, and Bethany, and Sarah, and Val, and other dead women who all once had lustrous hair and never a bad word on their plump lips. I can remember this is not how they were; I knew them, I knew them! Only six years have passed and yet I mythologize them as if it is six thousand. I am not culpable. Language is changing, like the earth, like the sea. We live in lonely, fateful flux, outnumbered and outgrown. — Aliya Whiteley

Lonely Nights Quotes By Eloisa James

In fact, you should take a nap this afternoon, because there won't be much sleep tonight. I
mean to have you every way I can. I mean to intoxicate you and torment you so that you know precisely
how I feel about you." His finger trailed down her cheek and tipped up her chin.
"Don't mistake what is going to happen tonight." His voice was sinful, dark and hoarse. "You will never
forget the imprint of my skin after tonight, Esme. Waste your life chitchatting with ladies in lace caps.
Raise your child with the help of your precious Sewing Circle. But in the middle of all those lonely nights,
you will never, ever, forget the night that lies ahead of us. — Eloisa James

Lonely Nights Quotes By Cristian Mihai

Love at first sight is not complicated. In our dreams we build a woman, we give her life from our own life, and then we have to wait. Through trial and error we try to find that nameless ghost that's haunting our most lonely of nights. And I felt as if I had found what I was looking for. Finally, my ghost had a name and a face. — Cristian Mihai

Lonely Nights Quotes By Maya Angelou

The ship of my life may or may not be sailing on calm and amiable seas. The challenging days of my existence may or may not be bright and promising. Stormy or sunny days, glorious or lonely nights, I maintain an attitude of gratitude. If I insist on being pessimistic, there is always tomorrow. Today I am blessed. — Maya Angelou

Lonely Nights Quotes By Elvis Costello

I could say it was the nights when I was lonely
and you were the only one who'd talk.
I could tell you that I like your sensitivity,
when you know it's the way that you walk. — Elvis Costello

Lonely Nights Quotes By Sara King

Men, Blaze had learned from hundreds of lonely nights at the bar, did not like their women taller than them, — Sara King

Lonely Nights Quotes By Lora Leigh

I waited for you. All these years I watched and waited, knowing, somehow, that what we would have would be different. That it would be worth the lonely nights and the fears that I had missed you somewhere. — Lora Leigh

Lonely Nights Quotes By Cheryl Strayed

It's hard to go. It's scary and lonely ... and half the time you'll be wondering why the hell you're in Cincinnati or Austin or North Dakota or Mongolia or wherever your melodious little finger-plucking heinie takes you. There will be boondoggles and discombobulated days, freaked-out nights and metaphorical flat tires.
But it will be soul-smashingly beautiful ... It will open up your life. — Cheryl Strayed

Lonely Nights Quotes By Natalie Standiford

A toast to the birthday boy!' Myrna shouted. 'Welcome to the adult world, hon. It's lonely, it's miserable, and God help you. But there are bright spots, and nights like tonight are one of them. — Natalie Standiford

Lonely Nights Quotes By Tea Obreht

Everything lies dead in his memory, except for the tiger's wife, for whom, on certain nights, he goes calling, making that tight note that falls and falls. The sound is lonely, and low, and no one hears it anymore. — Tea Obreht

Lonely Nights Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Save me, Shahara. Save me from the lonely nights that never end. (Syn) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Lonely Nights Quotes By W. Somerset Maugham

He put off the faith of his childhood quite simply, like a cloak that he no longer needed. At first life seemed strange and lonely without the belief which, though he never realized it, had been an unfailing support. He felt like a man who has leaned on a stick and finds himself forced suddenly to walk without assistance. It really seemed as though the days were colder and the nights more solitary. But he was upheld by the excitement; it seemed to make life a more thrilling adventure; and in a little while the stick which he had throw aside, the cloak which had fallen from his shoulders, seemed an intolerable burden of which he had been eased. — W. Somerset Maugham

Lonely Nights Quotes By Charles Dickens

It was one of those hot, silent nights, when people sit at windows, listening for the thunder which they know will shortly break; when they recall dismal tales of hurricanes and earthquakes; and of lonely travelers on open plains, and lonely ships at sea, struck by lightning. — Charles Dickens

Lonely Nights Quotes By Gordon Lightfoot

You will go with me everywhere. When I'm dreaming, you still share my lonely nights. — Gordon Lightfoot

Lonely Nights Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

There was quiet, and then Ronan said, "I better go feed the bird."
But he looked down at the gearshift instead, eyes unfocused. He said, "I keep thinking about what would've happened if Whelk had shot Gansey today."
Adam hadn't let himself dwell on that possibility. Every time his thoughts came close to touching on the near miss, it opened up something dark and sharp edged inside him. It was hard to remember what life at Aglionby had been like before Gansey. The distant memories seemed difficult, lonely, more populated with late nights where Adam sat on the steps of the doublewide, blinking tears tears out of his eyes and wondering why he bothered. He'd been younger then, only a little more than a year ago. "But he didn't. — Maggie Stiefvater

Lonely Nights Quotes By Charles Bukowski

Love poem to a stripper 50 years ago I watched the girls shake it and strip at The Burbank and The Follies and it was very sad and very dramatic as the light turned from green to purple to pink and the music was loud and vibrant, now I sit here tonight smoking and listening to classical music but I still remember some of their names: Darlene, Candy, Jeanette and Rosalie. Rosalie was the best, she knew how, and we twisted in our seats and made sounds as Rosalie brought magic to the lonely so long ago. now Rosalie either so very old or so quiet under the earth, this is the pimple-faced kid who lied about his age just to watch you. you were good, Rosalie in 1935, good enough to remember now when the light is yellow and the nights are slow. — Charles Bukowski

Lonely Nights Quotes By R.L. Stine

She realized she'd never felt this happy.even at her old school, she had been an outsider, always the lonely girl,the one who stayed at home watching tv on Saturday nights while her friends went to parties and out on dates. — R.L. Stine

Lonely Nights Quotes By Herman Melville

The starred and stately nights seemed haughty dames in jewelled velvets, nursing at home in lonely pride, the memory of their absent conquering Earls, the golden helmeted suns! For sleeping man, 'twas hard to choose between such winsome days and such seducing nights. — Herman Melville

Lonely Nights Quotes By Yoshida Kenko

In all things, the beginning and end are the most engaging. Does the love of man and woman suggest only their embraces? No, the sorrow of lovers parted before they met, laments over promises betrayed, long lonely nights spent sleepless until dawn, pining thoughts for one in some far place, a woman left sighing over past love in her tumbledown abode - it is these, surely, that embody the romance of love. — Yoshida Kenko

Lonely Nights Quotes By Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Single life is the best life until you get hit by lonely nights. — Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Lonely Nights Quotes By William H Gass

Sing of disappointments more repeated than the batter of the sea, of lives embittered by resentments so ubiquitous the ocean's salt seems thinly shaken, of letdowns local as the sofa where I copped my freshman's feel, of failures as frequent as first love, first nights, last stands; do not warble of arms or adventurous deeds or shepherds playing on their private fifes, or of civil war or monarchies at swords; consider rather the slightly squinkered clerk, the soul which has become as shabby and soiled in its seat as worn-out underwear, a life lit like a lonely room and run like a laddered stocking. — William H Gass

Lonely Nights Quotes By Amy Lane

The scarf could go on and on and on and on, and it could be the harlot-red banner of shame that wrapped him up and kept him warm when the nights grew lonely and cold. — Amy Lane

Lonely Nights Quotes By Lady Gaga

There's something about lonely nights and my lipstick on your face — Lady Gaga

Lonely Nights Quotes By John McWhorter

English, however, is kinky. It has a predilection for dressing up like Welsh on lonely nights. — John McWhorter

Lonely Nights Quotes By Regina Jennings

He'd need something to fill his lonely nights, because Molly sure as shooting wasn't interested in him any longer. — Regina Jennings

Lonely Nights Quotes By F Scott Fitzgerald

Many times he had tried unsuccessfully to let go his hold on her. They had many fine times together, fine talks between the loves of the white nights, but always when he turned away from her into himself he left her holding Nothing in her hands and staring at it, calling it many names, but knowing it was only the hope that he would come back soon. — F Scott Fitzgerald

Lonely Nights Quotes By Talon P.S.

Dear Beloved woman,
Time ... so much time has passed since my love wrote his last words for me.
And yet I remember it as if it were yesterday. I remember writing back and for the first time since I had left home I told my love what kind of darkness surrounded me here. I forgot all the sweet things my father had said to my mother when he was away. I forgot how they got her through all those long and lonely nights. — Talon P.S.

Lonely Nights Quotes By Adelheid Manefeldt

The endless ocean was his sole companion , and on some deeply sentimental level, it seemed sufficient. Almost apt. He aligned himself with Thoreau and Tolstoy, he felt like their peers. The kinship with nature devoted humans to a mythical state, a heightened persona beyond the reach of mere mortals. At least that was what he told himself on the lonely nights when insomnia played on his fears and the howling wind pierced through his soul. — Adelheid Manefeldt

Lonely Nights Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

Whatever the depth of our darkness, God navigated it eons before it was dark. And whatever the duration of our nights, God was there long before it ever turned to night. Therefore, despite our frequent feelings to the contrary, there is no place we might be where God was not lovingly waiting for us an eternity before we got there. — Craig D. Lounsbrough

Lonely Nights Quotes By George Dawes Green

Hemorrhoids. Cockroaches. Anal warts. Lonely nights. Smoking's ravages. AIDS. All the ads promised relief from these things, but where was the relief from these ads? — George Dawes Green

Lonely Nights Quotes By Marlen Komar

Speak to the breeze cautiously during those lonely summer nights. — Marlen Komar

Lonely Nights Quotes By Alice Thomas Ellis

Everything looked the same every morning: all in order and just the same. It was in the nights that the difference held sway and there was no comfort for lost and lonely things. — Alice Thomas Ellis

Lonely Nights Quotes By LeBron James

Where I grew up - I grew up on the north side of Akron, lived in the projects. So those scared and lonely nights - that's every night. You hear a lot of police sirens, you hear a lot of gunfire. Things that you don't want your kids to hear growing up. — LeBron James

Lonely Nights Quotes By Tess Gerritsen

The heart makes its choices without weighing the consequences. It doesn't look ahead to the lonely nights that follow. — Tess Gerritsen

Lonely Nights Quotes By Brigid Kemmerer

She almost wished she smoked, so she could lie on the car's hood, flick a lighter, and make up names for the constellations while nicotine burned her lungs. — Brigid Kemmerer

Lonely Nights Quotes By Santosh Kalwar

A lonely night is more profound then lonesome nights. — Santosh Kalwar

Lonely Nights Quotes By Alice James Books

How many nights and sunrises came to caress our hearts. Then, as often happens, I see I'm just lonely in living the poetry of these moments, and I'm throwing away my magic. I can find refuge in my songs, they surround me like a mother, but then I realize that this hug is becoming a cage, I'm prisoner in my dreams, and I wonder: "may I be condemned to dream forever?" ... I wish I could watch again beauty of the moon, creating a big heart made of shells on the beach, as a castaway's signal ... hoping to be seen by someone who's flying up there ... and loudly saying .. "Hey .. I'm here ! please help me to escape — Alice James Books

Lonely Nights Quotes By Eve Langlais

Don't talk to me like that," she squeaked. "Like what, baby? Talk like a man who appreciates what he sees? A man who remembers how it felt to kiss your full lips? To touch your body? I might have been drunk that night, but I've had years to remember. Years of lonely nights dreaming of your ivory skin against mine. The scent of you. The taste ... — Eve Langlais

Lonely Nights Quotes By Eula Biss

He hears his mother and his sister-in-law talk about how lonely it is to be married to a musician, how many nights they spend alone. He wonders if I would be unhappy. I don't say anything. I like to spend my nights alone. — Eula Biss

Lonely Nights Quotes By Daniel Handler

I don't smoke, although it looks fantastic in films. But I light matches on those thinking blank nights when I crawl my route out onto the roof of the garage and the sky while my parents sleep innocent and the lonely cars move sparse on the faraway streets, when the pillow won't stay cool and the blankets bother my body no matter how I move or lie still. I just sit with my legs dangling and light matches and watch them flicker away. — Daniel Handler

Lonely Nights Quotes By Hubert Selby Jr.

an event of such prodigious proportions and importance that it infused her with a new will to live and materialized a dream that brightened her days and soothed her lonely nights. — Hubert Selby Jr.

Lonely Nights Quotes By Leslye Walton

Fate. As a child, that word was often my only companion. It whispered to me from dark corners during lonely nights. It was the song of the birds in spring and the call of the wind through bare branches on a cold winter afternoon. Fate. Both my anguish and my solace. My escort and my cage. — Leslye Walton