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Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Stephanie Witter

I listen closely to her breathing getting slower, deeper until her hand settles over my heart, only beating for her. - Duke — Stephanie Witter

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Nhat Hanh

Deep listening is the kind of listening that can help relieve the suffering of another person. You can call it compassionate listening. You listen with only one purpose: to help him or her to empty his heart. — Nhat Hanh

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Tara Sivec

You can't use Eve as an excuse. Not this time. She's not here. It's just you, me, and a handful of people who just want to drink and listen to some good music. Stop being afraid for once in your fucking life. Stop listening to all of the voices in your head telling you why this is a bad idea and just listen to your heart. Bring out that firecracker I saw this morning that stood her ground, told me where to go, and smacked me across the face. — Tara Sivec

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Amy Tan

She [my mother] said that if I listened to her, later I would know what she knew: where true words came from, always from up high, above everything else. And if I didn't listen to her, she said my ear would bend too easily to other people, all saying words that had no lasting meaning, because they came from the bottom of their hearts, where their own desires lived, a place where I could not belong. — Amy Tan

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Mary Roach

One young woman's tribute describes unwrapping her cadaver's hands and being brought up short by the realization that the nails were painted pink. "The pictures in the anatomy atlas did not show nail polish", she wrote. "Did you choose the color? Did you think that I would see it? I wanted to tell you about the inside of your hands. I want you to know you are always there when I see patients. When I palpate an abdomen, yours are the organs I imagine. When I listen to a heart, I recall holding your heart. — Mary Roach

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Nalini Singh

If you ever find something worth singing for again", she said, a silent, fierce hope in her heart for his song, "I hope you will invite me to listen. — Nalini Singh

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Barbara Delinsky

No, I don't need to do this, she thought. This isn't what I want. I want my mother. The thought startled her, but she couldn't shake it. She wanted Marjorie - wanted to pour out her heart and cry in the arms of the one person whose job it was to listen. It didn't matter how old or how independent Kathryn was. She needed her mother. — Barbara Delinsky

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Rachel Spangler

She swore this time around she'd listen to her instincts, and right now they told her to be careful. She'd had to fight hard for everything she had, and risking everything for a little fun didn't seem wise. — Rachel Spangler

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Natalie Baszile

He caressed her face and gave her that long, careful stare, then, in a calm, steady voice, said, "Listen to me, California. I know you're a strong woman and all, but you need to let me lead." Charley's heart stopped. Let him lead. Let him lead. Yes. She could do that. For once in her life - okay, for ten minutes - she didn't have to be the boss or the handyman or the plumber or the activity planner. Or the short order cook, or the chauffeur, or the banker, or the disciplinarian. "Okay," Charley said. "I'll try." Remy — Natalie Baszile

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Veronica Roth

Vas laughed. "Better listen to her, Kereseth. Those aren't little heart tattoos she hides under that arm guard. — Veronica Roth

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Jane Hamilton

Miss Finch said she meant to listen to new books as well as her old favorites, even the ones that pierced her heart, before she departed this world. — Jane Hamilton

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Diana Palmer

Boy, it sure was some strange Christmas, she told herself as she opened the living room door. And then she stopped dead. Because her present wasn't under the huge lighted Christmas tree. It was sitting on the sofa, looking toward her furiously, with a glass of whiskey in one lean hand. "Merry Christmas," Winthrop said curtly.
Her mouth flew open. He had a bow stuck on the pocket of his gray vested suit, and he looked hung over and pale and a little disheveled. But he was so handsome that her heart skipped wildly, and she looked into his dark eyes with soft dreams in her own.
"You've got a bow on your pocket," she said in a voice that sounded too high-pitched to be her own.
"Of course I've got a bow on my pocket. I'm your damned Christmas present. Didn't you listen to your father? — Diana Palmer

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Tessa Bailey

Listen to me. I love your sister. I love her so much I can't wait for tomorrow. To see what she says, what she wears, which laugh she'll use. She's not your sister to me. She's Lucy. She's the girl who makes me feel human. — Tessa Bailey

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By J.R. Ward

Listen, Cormia, I need you to know something."
As she looked down at him, his eyes were the most amazing thing she'd ever seen, hypnotic, the color of citrines in firelight. "Yes?"
"I love you."
Her heart clenched. "What?"
"I love you." He shook his head and eased back so he was sitting cross-legged. "Oh, Christ ... I've made such a mess out of everything. But I love you. I wanted you to know it because ... Well, shit, because it matters, and because it means I can't be with other Chosen. I can't be with them, Cormia. It's you or it's nobody. — J.R. Ward

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Anne Gracie

I shan't mind if you don't," he agreed. "But I'll not let you go, Prudence. Til not pester you, but know this: I will wait until you choose to listen to your heart."
"Pshaw." It was a feeble effort. She took a deep breath and tried again. "Humbug! How can you presume to know my heart?"
He smiled a slow, devastating smile. "You are my heart." He lifted her hand and kissed it. "And our hearts beat in tune. I know it - I, who used not to believe in such things. And you know it. — Anne Gracie

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Jocelyn put out her hand, took Luke's, and kissed the back of it lightly. Clary averted her eyes. Her mother turned back to her a moment later. "God, the Clave - if only they would listen." She blew out a frustrated breath. "Clary, we understand why you did what you did last night, but we thought you were safe. Then Helen showed up on our doorstep and told us you'd been injured in the Citadel battle. I nearly had a heart attack when we found you in the square. Your lips and fingers were blue. Like you'd drowned. If it hadn't been for Magnus - " "Magnus healed me? What's he doing here, in Alicante? — Cassandra Clare

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Joan Bauer

What's wrong with the world," Nana explained, "is that people stopped listening to their hearts ...
"Not everybody stopped listening," she continued, "but enough people did to make a difference. We've go so much in this life that all we know how to do is want more. So we concentrate on the wrong things
things we can see
as being the measure of a person. We think if we can win something big or buy something snazzy it'll make us more than we are. Our hearts know that's not true, but the eyes are powerful. It's easier to fix on what we can see than listen to the still, small voice of a whispering heart."
Nana turned her eyes on me like a vet looking for fleas: "A heart will say amazing things if it's given half a chance. — Joan Bauer

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Ford Madox Ford

The day of her long interview with Tietjens, amongst the amassed beauties of Macmaster furnishings, she marked in the calendar of her mind as her great love scene. That had been two years ago; he had been going into the army. Now he was going out again. From that she knew what a love scene was. It passed without mention of the word 'love'; it passed in impulses; warmths; rigors of the skin. Yet with every word they had said to each other they had confessed their love; in that way, when you listen to the nightingale you hear the expressed craving of your lover beating upon your heart. — Ford Madox Ford

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Andre Dubus

The office was large, with many women and men at desks, and she learned their names, and presented to them an amiability she assumed upon entering the building. Often she felt that her smiles, and her feigned interest in people's anecdotes about commuting and complaints about colds, were an implicit and draining part of her job. A decade later she would know that spending time with people and being unable either to speak from her heart or to listen with it was an imperceptible bleeding of her spirit. — Andre Dubus

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Catherine Doyle

But as of this past month, I think something terrifying is happening to me'
'Oh?' I said, matching her pitch.
'Yeah.' She nodded solemnly at the road. 'I'm not sure yet, but I think, I think, I might be a Belieber now'
I clutched at my heart. 'Good God'
'His stuff is just so on point these days, what am I supposed to do? Not listen to it? Not sing along? I'm only human, Soph. A beautiful, hilarious, intelligent human'. — Catherine Doyle

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Jandy Nelson

How can I be mad at her for finding her split-apart and wanting to be with him? As Guillermo said, the heart doesn't listen to reason. It doesn't abide by laws or conventions or other people's expectations either. — Jandy Nelson

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Laozi

She who is centered in the Tao can go where she wishes, without danger. She perceives the universal harmony, even amid great pain, because she has found peace in her heart. Music or the smell of good cooking may make people stop and enjoy. But words that point to the Tao seem monotonous and without flavor. When you look for it, there is nothing to see. When you listen for it, there is nothing to hear. When you use it, it is inexhaustible. — Laozi

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Listen," she said taking my hand. "Tell me: you wouldn't have behaved like this, would you? You would not have abandoned a girl who had come to you of herself, you would not have thrown into her face a shameless taunt at her weak foolish heart? You would have taken care of her? You would have realized that she was alone, that she did not know how to look after herself, that she could not guard herself from loving you, that it was not her fault, not her fault-that she had done nothing ... — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Virginia Woolf

I like her. She makes life interesting. She, herself, is interesting, I suppose. She talks right from the heart. I appreciate her frankness and I like the fact that she doesn't force the natural flow of a conversation. There's personality in her words. She thus gets to the core of things and that's important because with her - I can talk knowing that the talk is real! Oh believe me, it's amazingly real! And she also gives me the opportunity to listen as fully and completely as possible. And I can't seem to get her out of my head [ ... ] — Virginia Woolf

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Debra Holland

She allowed herself to relax and enjoy the wave of applause breaking over them. Marta glanced at her mother, who had tears running down her face, but her smile was the happy one Marta hadn't seen in a long time. She no longer looked drawn and sad, but the pretty Mutti her Vati had adored.
A hand brushed her head. But when she turned to look, no one stood close to that side of her. But she caught a whiff of a familiar scent, cigars- and-Vati smell, and knew in her heart her father had come to listen to her sing. — Debra Holland

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Carson McCullers

This was her, Mick Kelly, walking in the daytime and by herself at night. In the hot sun and in the dark with all the plans and feelings. This music was her - the real plain her ... This music did not take a long time or a short time. It did not have anything to do with time going by at all. She sat with her arms around her legs, biting her salty knee very hard. The whole world was this symphony, and there was not enough of her to listen ... Now that it was over there was only her heart beating like a rabbit and this terrible hurt. — Carson McCullers

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Laurie Cabot

Women have innate talents and exceptional abilities that go unnoticed by our society, and that women themselves often do not fully appreciate. If every woman were to listen closely enough to her own secret song- not simply with ears, but with eyes (all three!), loins, breasts, heart, spirit, and soul- she would discover a power that she has carried with her since before the beginning of time. — Laurie Cabot

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Cornelia Funke

[She] did not reply. She didn't want to talk to anyone. She just wanted to listen to what her bewildered heart was telling her. — Cornelia Funke

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Christine Feehan

Shocked, Raven flung back her head to listen more intently. "The wolves are talking to you! How do I know that, Mikhail? How could I possibly know such a thing?"
He ruffled her hair lightly, affectionately. "You hang out with the wrong crowd."
He was rewarded with a bubble of laughter. It tugged at his heart, left him open and vulnerable.
"What is this?" she teased. "Lord of the manor picks up seventies slang?"
He grinned at her boyishly, mischievously. "Maybe I am the one hanging out with the wrong crowd."
"And maybe there's hope for you yet." She kissed his throat, his chin, the stubborn line of his blue-shadowed jaw. — Christine Feehan

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Masha Hamilton

But then, with whatever time she had left, until life was taken from her, Neema would touch more pages; she would encounter there more of those far-flung sisters; she would listen to them whisper the unuttered words of her heart. — Masha Hamilton

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Antoine De Saint-Exupery

One never ought to listen to the flowers. One should simply look at them and breathe their fragrance. Mine perfumed all my planet. But I did not know how to take pleasure in all her grace. This tale of claws, which disturbed me so much, should only have filled my heart with tenderness and pity. — Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Laken Cane

Wormwood Echoed.
She Had Only To Listen.
And She Was Not Fucking Ready.
Because in her heart,
she knew she might
never come back. — Laken Cane

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Cindy Gerard

Amy, listen to me. What I do. The choices I make. They're mine. Only mine. The consequences of those decisions - mine.
"Mine," he repeated when she sighed heavily. "No one else's."
Silence. Only the warm wetness of her tears dampening his shirt.
It broke his heart. — Cindy Gerard

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Nikki Rowe

I am not a women that takes anything for granted, I'll lay endlessly With you and talk about meaningful and logical, I'll watch the stars at midnight and the way they twinkle back; to let me know they see me too, I'll wind the window down just to feel the breeze, I'll turn the music up when I love a song, I'll sit with the ocean when I feel lost, I'll cry when my heart hurts & I'll listen to you when yours is hurting too, I know the kind of women I am, and im not shy in showing her to the world. — Nikki Rowe

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Josh Lanyon

Nathan kept trying to reassure him. "It doesn't have to mean anything. Not to you. You can forget it, if you'd rather."
Matt listened to Nathan's heartbeat, fast and light like a deer flashing through sunshine and shadow. "Listen, Nathan ... "
Nathan was silent, but Matt could feel the immediate tension down his spine.
"I loved Rachel with all my heart. You're right, nothing changes that. But - I never wanted her the way I want you."
Nathan slid out from under him, rolled over. His face was different, grave but sort of lit from within in a way that gave Matt a funny pain in his chest. — Josh Lanyon

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Melanie Dickerson

And if Magdalen was waiting for her at the balcony, then she must already be with Lord Thornbeck. A pang of jealousy attacked her like a bird of prey, its talons gripping her heart. No. She stomped her foot to force her heart to listen. I will not allow jealousy to get hold of me. Magdalen was her friend, and Avelina could never have Lord Thornbeck anyway. She hurried toward the balcony. She would be joyful for Lord Thornbeck and Magdalen. So why did she have to blink away tears as she walked? When — Melanie Dickerson

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Gene Stratton-Porter

A second later, Douglas Bruce entered. Rushing to Leslie he caught her to his breast roughly, while with a strong hand he pressed her ear against his heart. 'Now you listen, my girl!' he cried, 'Listen at close range.'

Leslie remained quiet a long second, then she lifted her face: adorable misty-eyed, and tenderly smiling. 'Douglas, I never listened to a heart before. How do I know what it is saying? I can't tell whether it is talking about me, or protesting against the way you've rushed around. — Gene Stratton-Porter

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By David Almond

I love the night. Anything seems possible at night when the rest of the world has gone to sleep. It's dark and silent in the house, but if I listen close, I hear the beat beat beat of my heart. I hear the creak and crack of the house. I hear my mum breathing gently in her sleep in the room next door. — David Almond

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Ebony

Never judge a woman by her attitude...listen to her story, get to know her heart & experience her fears...Not everything is what it seems...~E.Williams

I Will Never have to Solidify my existence....If you know my name my Existence is Profound....E~Williams — Ebony

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Zayn Malik

This is for girls who have the tendency to stay up at night listening to music that reminds them of their current situation. Who hide their fears, hurt, pain and tears under the smiles, laughs and giggles on a daily basis. The girls who wear their heart on their sleeve. The girls who pray that things will work out just once and they'll be satisfied. The girls who sceam and cry to their pillows because everyone else fails to listen. The girls who have so many secrets but wont tell a soul. The girls who have mistakes and regrets as a daily moral. The girls that never win. The girls that stay up all night thinking about that one boy and hoping that he'll notice her one day. The girls who take life as it comes, to the girls who are hoping that it'll get better somewhere down the road. For the girls who love with all their heart although it always gets broken. To girls who think it's over. To real girls, to all girls: You're beautiful. — Zayn Malik

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Wheston Chancellor Grove

I'm counting my drawer when Regn comes into the office. I hear her before she enters. I listen for her. The sound of the keypad, the sound of three doors. I saw her pull up on my way in. The anticipation is what I love. The details. The security of knowing she's arrived and will be here for the day. Even if we don't have the leisure of time, we have time. It is the unspoken acknowledgments to self. The constant checking and watching for expressions, inflections in the voice, mannerisms. It is a gradual advance. The more we are restrained, the stronger it grows. It is innocence and age that allows the affection to mature, naturally, as it should. Something inside stirs, the heart itself is attracted, much before the body responds. Knowing Regn looks forward to seeing me as much as I do her makes me happy. — Wheston Chancellor Grove

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Jane Austen

Lady Russell had only to listen composedly, and wish them happy, but internally her heart revelled in angry pleasure, in pleased contempt, that the man who at twenty-three had seemed to understand somewhat of the value of an Anne Elliot, should, eight years afterwards, be charmed by a Louisa Musgrove. — Jane Austen

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Alfred Adler

We learn in friendship to look with the eyes of another person, to listen with her ears, and to feel with her heart. — Alfred Adler

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Samantha Sotto

She just couldn't bear to listen to the echo inside her chest. Nothing was lonelier than the limping beat of half a heart. — Samantha Sotto

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By John Corwin

Wait, so you do love me?" I asked, hope welling in my heart.
She growled and pounded her fist into a locker, leaving a fist-shaped dent. "Stop it, Justin. Stop it!"
I grabbed her shoulders. "Look at me and tell me you don't love me," I said. "Do it and I'll never bother you again."
"I don't love you," she mumbled.
"Look at me when you say it!"
She turned to me, her eyes hard but dull and faded. "I don't love you."
I let her go. My heart turned to lead, the heavy lump sagging in my chest. "Well, if there are agents out there looking to kill me, I guess it would be a mercy."
I turned to leave. Her hand gripped my shoulder.
"Please listen to me, Justin."
I pushed her hand away but didn't turn to face her. I couldn't let her see the tears welling in my eyes. "Why? What does it matter?"
"It just does. I - I don't want to see you hurt."
I took a deep shuddering breath. "You're not doing a very good job of it." I walked away and left her standing there. — John Corwin

Listen To Her Heart Quotes By Ursula K. Le Guin

He laid his hands on her head, pushing back the hood. He began to speak. His voice was soft, and the words were in no tongue she had ever heard. The sound of them came into her heart like rain falling. She grew still to listen. — Ursula K. Le Guin