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Lion And Lamb Quotes By Josh Billings

The lion and the lamb may, possibly, sumtime lay down in this world together for a fu minnits, but when the lion kums tew git up, the lamb will be missing. — Josh Billings

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Gordon B. Hinckley

I would that the healing power of Christ might spread over the earth and be diffused through our society and into our homes, that it might cure men's hearts of the evil and adverse elements of greed and hate and conflict. I believe it could happen. I believe it must happen. If the lamb is to lie down with the lion, then peace must overcome conflict, healing must mend injury. — Gordon B. Hinckley

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Martin Amis

Only in art will the lion lie down with the lamb, and the rose grow without thorn. — Martin Amis

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Twilightzoner

and the lion fell in love with the lamb — Twilightzoner

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Angela Carter

There's a special madness strikes travellers from the North when they reach the lovely land where the lemon trees grow. We come from countries of cold weather; at home, we are at war with nature but here, ah! you think you've come to the blessed plot where the lion lies down with the lamb. Everything flowers; no harsh wind stirs the voluptuous air. The sun spills fruit for you. And the deathly, sensual lethargy of the sweet South infects the starved brain; it gasps: 'Luxury! more luxury!' But then the snow comes, you cannot escape it, it followed us from Russia as if it ran behind our carriage, and in this dark, bitter city has caught up with us at last, flocking against the windowpanes to mock my father's expectations of perpetual pleasure as the veins in his forehead stand out and throb, his hands shake as he deals the Devil's picture books. — Angela Carter

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Conrad Aiken

It's time to make love, douse the glim; The fireflies twinkle and dim; The stars lean together Like birds of a feather, And the loin lies down with the limb. — Conrad Aiken

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Samuel Gompers

Do I believe in arbitration? I do. But not in arbitration between the lion and the lamb, in which the lamb is in the morning found inside the lion. — Samuel Gompers

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

If you yield yourself up to His divine working, the Lord will alter your nature; He will subdue the old nature, and breathe new life into you. Put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and He will take the stony heart out of your flesh, and He will give you a heart of flesh. Where everything was hard, everything shall be tender; where everything was vicious, everything shall be virtuous: where everything tended downward, everything shall rise upward with impetuous force. The lion of anger shall give place to the lamb of meekness; the raven of uncleanness shall fly before the dove of purity; the vile serpent of deceit shall be trodden under the heel of truth. — Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Honore De Balzac

White and shining virgin of all human virtues, ark of the covenant between earth and heaven, tender and strong companion partaking of the lion and of the lamb, Prayer! Prayer will give you the key of heaven! Bold and pure as innocence, strong, like all that is single and simple, this glorious, invincible Queen rests, nevertheless, on the material world; she takes possession of it; like the sun, she clasps it in a circle of light. — Honore De Balzac

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb ... " he murmured. I looked away, hiding my eyes as I thrilled to the word.
"What a stupid lamb," I sighed.
"What a sick, masochistic lion. — Stephenie Meyer

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Thomas Lloyd Qualls

i am the lion and
you are the lamb and
as prophesied,
we will lie down together. — Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Ted Dekker

Some would say the Creator is a lamb. Some would say he's a lion. Some would say both. The fact is, he is neither a lamb nor a lion. These are fiction. Metaphors. Yet the Creator is both a lamb and a lion. These are both truths. — Ted Dekker

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Grant Gilmore

Law reflects but in no sense determines the moral worth of a society. The values of a reasonably just society will reflect themselves in a reasonably just law. The better the society, the less law there will be. In heaven there will be no law, and the lion shall lie down with the lamb. The values of an unjust society will reflect themselves in an unjust law. The worse the society, the more law there will be. In hell there will be nothing but law, and due process will be meticulously observed. — Grant Gilmore

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Benjamin Netanyahu

As far as a nuclear weapons-free zone, you know, when the lion lies down with the lamb, and you don't need a new lamb every day to satisfy the lion, then we might have this kind of transformation in the Middle East. — Benjamin Netanyahu

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Polly Horvath

We can affect people around us so much with our moods. A depressed person can make a room gloomy and a sweet nature can cause the lion to lie down with the lamb. — Polly Horvath

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Christina Lamb

By 1986 the CIA was spending 70 per cent of its entire operations budget funding a Muslim jihad to kill Russians. The whole campaign was managed by a bunch of Islamists who were giving the lion's share of the US money and weapons to people who wanted to kill Americans. The US was happy to use Islam as a rallying cry. The CIA funded the printing of Korans to be distributed throughout the region, and the University of Nebraska produced primary-school textbooks, known as 'the ABC of Jihad', which taught children the alphabet and to count with Kalashnikovs and swords instead of apples and oranges, and were filled with images of Islamic warriors. Alphabet — Christina Lamb

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Greg Curtis

And there shall come a kingdom in which the lion shall lie down with the lamb. Unfortunately for the lamb it shall be inside the lion! — Greg Curtis

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Mae West

March isn't the only thing that's in like a lion and out like a lamb. — Mae West

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Fyodor Dostoevsky

I must have justice, or I will destroy myself. And not justice in some remote and infinite time and space, but here on Earth ... I want to see with my own eyes the lamb lie down with the lion and the victim rise up and embrace his murderer. I want to be there when everyone suddenly understands what it has all been about. All the religions of the world are built on this longing, and I am a believer. — Fyodor Dostoevsky

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Francis Quarles

A lamb appears a lion, and we fear Each bush we see's a bear. — Francis Quarles

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Jonathan Edwards

Thus Christ appeared at the same time, and in the same act, as both a lion and a lamb. He appeared as a lamb in the hands of his cruel enemies; as a lamb in the paws, and between the devouring jaws of a roaring lion; yea, he was a lamb actually slain by this lion: and yet at the same time, as "the Lion of the tribe of Judah," he conquers and triumphs over Satan, destroying his own devourer; as Samson did the lion that roared upon him, when he rent him as he would a kid. And in nothing has Christ appeared so much as a lion, in glorious strength destroying his enemies, as when he was brought as a lamb to the slaughter: in his greatest weakness, he was most strong; and when he suffered most from his enemies, he brought the greatest confusion on his enemies. Thus this admirable conjunction of diverse excellencies was manifest in Christ, in his offering up himself to God in his last sufferings. — Jonathan Edwards

Lion And Lamb Quotes By David Holdsworth





WE SHALL LEARN WAR NO MORE. — David Holdsworth

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Henri J.M. Nouwen

There is within you a lamb and a lion. Spiritual maturity is the ability to let lamb and lion lie down together. — Henri J.M. Nouwen

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Melissa McPhail

The lion and the lamb may lie down together, but the lamb won't get much sleep. - An old desert proverb — Melissa McPhail

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Jarod Kintz

I'm a lion in my environment. But take me out of my cage, and I'm a lamb. — Jarod Kintz

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Abbie Hoffman

Peace is a very complicated concept. When the lion gobbles up the lamb and wipes his lips, then there's peace. Well, I ain't for that peace at all. — Abbie Hoffman

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Billy Graham

But in Heaven we will have total peace We will be completely changed when we get to Heaven - and so, too, will those we couldn't get along with while on earth. If God can make the lion and the lamb lie down together, we can trust Him to take care of our fractured relationships as we enter our heavenly home. — Billy Graham

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Johnny Giles

I was a creative player, but I got some bad injuries early on and I decided that if this was a jungle we were playing in then it's better to be a lion than a lamb. — Johnny Giles

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Prem Prakash

The aspirant would do well to avoid those 'spiritual teachers' who delight in pointing out the evils of the world. These are immature egos attempting to discard their own negativities by projecting them onto others. The true yogi is one who is like a lion with himself, always striving to eradicate that which shadows his inner light, and like a lamb with others, always striving to see their inner light, no matter how dense may be the clouds that hide it. He is the king of the jungle of his world. He hides from no one and seeks escape from nothing. (88) — Prem Prakash

Lion And Lamb Quotes By G.K. Chesterton

It is constantly assured, especially in our Tolstoyan tendencies, that when the lion lies down with the lamb the lion becomes lamb-like. But that is brutal annexation and imperialism on the part of the lamb. That is simply the lamb absorbing the lion instead of the lion eating the lamb. The real problem is - Can the lion lie down with the lamb and still retain his royal ferocity? That is the problem the Church attempted; that is the miracle she achieved. — G.K. Chesterton

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Paul Watzlawick

I want to see all oppressed people throughout the world free. And the only way we can do this is by moving toward a revolutionary society where the needs and wishes of all people can be respected.' With these words the radical philosophy professor Angela Davis paraphrases Isaiah's ancient messianic dream of the lion that will peacefully lie down with the lamb in a completely good world. But what the Biblical prophet perhaps could not know is contained with a clarity that leaves nothing to be desired in the opening sentence of an address of the French Senate to Napoleon I: Sire, the desire for perfection is one of the worst maladies that can affect the human mind. — Paul Watzlawick

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Anonymous

6A day will come when the wolf will live peacefully beside the wobbly-kneed lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the young goat; The calf and yearling, newborn and slow, will rest secure with the lion; and a little child will tend them all. 7Bears will graze with the cows they used to attack; even their young will rest together, and the lion will eat hay, like gentle oxen. 8-9Neither will a baby who plays next to a cobra's hole nor a toddler who sticks his hand into a nest of vipers suffer harm. All my holy mountain will be free of anything hurtful or destructive, for as the waters fill the sea, The entire earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Eternal. — Anonymous

Lion And Lamb Quotes By D.H. Lawrence

The lion shall never lie down with the lamb. The lion eternally shall devour the lamb, the lamb eternally shall be devoured. Man knows the great consummation in the flesh, the sensual ecstasy, and that is eternal. Also the spiritual ecstasy of unanimity, that is eternal. But the two are separate and never to be confused. — D.H. Lawrence

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Sinclair Lewis

Once, modestly enough, Doremus had assumed that he had a decent knowledge of finance, taxation, the gold standard, agricultural exports, and he had smilingly pontificated everywhere that Liberal Capitalism would pastorally lead into State Socialism, with governmental ownership of mines and railroads and water-power so settling all inequalities of income that every lion of a structural steel worker would be willing to lie down with any lamb of a contractor, and all the jails and tuberculosis sanatoria would be clean empty. — Sinclair Lewis

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Andre Gide

The novelist does not long to see the
lion eat grass. He realizes that one and
the same God created the wolf and the
lamb, then smiled, "seeing that his
work was good." — Andre Gide

Lion And Lamb Quotes By John Gill

though he is a Lamb, he has wrath in him, and when the great day of his wrath comes in any form on earth, there is no standing before him; and how much less when he shall appear as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and shall be revealed from heaven in flaming fire; then kings and freemen will call to the rocks to fall upon them, and hide them from him; — John Gill

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Gertrude Stein

Even the propagandists on the radio find it very difficult to really say let alone believe that the world will be a happy place, of love and peace and plenty, and that the lion will lie down with the lamb and everybody will believe anybody. — Gertrude Stein

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Crystal Eastman

It is all right for the lion and the lamb to lie down together if they are both asleep, but if one of them begins to get active, it is dangerous. — Crystal Eastman

Lion And Lamb Quotes By David Berg

There are going to be animals in Heaven. The prophet Isaiah said that the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, ... and the lion shall eat straw like the ox (Isaiah 11:6-9). — David Berg

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Glenda Green

Love is a gift, a miracle, a mystery. You are led to its threshold by your affinities, by your inclinations, and by the yearnings of your heart, although its power and presentation is by grace, not by expectation, demand, or requirement. Love is the ultimate paradox, for it is the lamb that is also the lion. Love is the ultimate power, which resides in surrender. — Glenda Green

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Steven J. Lawson

If you do not receive Christ as the Lamb who saves and delivers, you will face Him as the Lion who stalks and devours. — Steven J. Lawson

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Kitty Thomas

I can't kill him and he can't keep me alive. The world we've lived in together is an illusion that can't be maintained. The edges are fraying, curling away to reveal the harsh reality beneath. The lion and the lamb do not lie down together. It just can't be. — Kitty Thomas

Lion And Lamb Quotes By Aesop

The beasts of the field and forest had a Lion as their king. He was neither wrathful, cruel, nor tyrannical, but just and gentle as a king could be. During his reign he made a royal proclamation for a general assembly of all the birds and beasts, and drew up conditions for a universal league, in which the Wolf and the Lamb, the Panther and the Kid, the Tiger and the Stag, the Dog and the Hare, should live together in perfect peace and amity. The Hare said, "Oh, how I have longed to see this day, in which the weak shall take their place with impunity by the side of the strong." And after the Hare said this, he ran for his life. — Aesop