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Top Cops And Robbers Quotes

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Mariska Hargitay

I'm living every ten-year-old boy's fantasy. The other day, Chris and I had this big scene where we had to pull out our guns, and I was thinking, 'Here we are in New York City - a place where every actor wants to be - and we are literally playing cops and robbers. How great is that?' — Mariska Hargitay

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Chris O'Donnell

You have a couple of buddies sleep over, and, you know, you play cops and robbers. That I'm getting paid to do it now is kind of funny. — Chris O'Donnell

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Jake M. Johnson

I've always been, in games, the bad guy. If there was ever cops and robbers I was always a robber. — Jake M. Johnson

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Cecelia Ahern

I love it here in Boston and I love studying medicine. But
it's not home. Dublin is home. Being back with you felt like home. I miss my
best friend.
I've met some great guys here, but I didn't grow up with any of them
playing cops and robbers in my back garden. I don't feel like they are real
friends. I haven't kicked them in the shins, stayed up all night on Santa
watch with them, hung from trees pretending to be monkeys, played hotel,
or laughed my heart out as their stomachs were pumped. It's kind of hard to
beat that. — Cecelia Ahern

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Andre Braugher

Cops and robbers resemble each other, so there's not a lot to learn in terms of learning the logistics of committing the crime or investigating the crime. — Andre Braugher

Cops And Robbers Quotes By William Irwin Thompson

In the domain of cops and robbers, an interdiction serves to structure a black market and a shadow economy. — William Irwin Thompson

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Lloyd Bridges

Sea Hunt was the first time anyone tackled a show that took place underwater. The stories were sort of exciting for kids, like cops and robbers underwater. — Lloyd Bridges

Cops And Robbers Quotes By James Spader

I played cops and robbers and pirates and all the rest when I was a kid, but I didn't want to grow up and be an actor and play cops and robbers and pirates. I wanted to grow up and be that, be cops and robbers and pirates. — James Spader

Cops And Robbers Quotes By John King

I've covered a couple wars and a lot of breaking news and a lot of cops-and-robbers situations. — John King

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Sherman Alexie

In the middle of the night, when you're ambiguously ethnic, like me, when you're brown, beige, mauve, siena, one of those lighter browns in the Crayola box. You have to be careful of the cops and robbers, because nobody's quite sure what you are, but everybody has assumptions. — Sherman Alexie

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Timothy Olyphant

It's always fun to play cops and robbers. — Timothy Olyphant

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Philip Zimbardo

The [Stanford Prison Experiment] was readily approved by the Human Subjects Research committee because it seemed like college kids playing cops and robbers, it was an experiment that anyone could quit at any time and minimal safeguards were in place. You must distinguish hind sight from fore sight, knowing what you know now after the study is quite different from what most people imagined might happen before the study began. — Philip Zimbardo

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Joe Mantegna

There's good and evil going on. We have cops. We have robbers. — Joe Mantegna

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Joe Boyd

Cops and Robbers in 1965 England was still a kind of Ealing comedy: crimes rarely involved firearms. The denizens of F-wing were losers in a game they had been playing against the cops. In queues for exercise, the constant questions were 'What you in for, mate?', followed by 'What you reckon you'll get?' When Freddie and I responded with 'Suspicion of drug possession' and 'We're innocent, we'll get off' they would burst into laughter, offering: 'Listen, mate, they wouldn't have you in here if they had any intention of letting you off. You're living in dreamland, you are. — Joe Boyd

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Steven Pinker

In many schools, teachers have been told, falsely, that there is an "opportunity zone" in which a child's gender identification is malleable. They have used this zone to try to stamp out boyhood: banning same-sex play groups and birthday parties, forcing children to do gender-atypical activities, suspending boys who run during recess or play cops and robbers. In her book the War Against Boys, the philosopher Christina Hoff Sommers rightly calls this agenda "meddlesome, abusive and quite beyond what educators in a free society are mandated to do(172). — Steven Pinker

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Iain S. Thomas

Somewhere across the interstate
Exposure to the drug trade of emotions
And the tsunami and typhoon of feelings
Has made us all cops and robbers
Of what we keep in the cavities
In our chests — Iain S. Thomas

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Broderick Crawford

I've made upwards of a million bucks in the cops-and-robbers business. — Broderick Crawford

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Penelope Leach

Two generations ago only a few unfortunate children ever saw anyone hit over the head with a brick, shot, rammed by a car, blown up, immolated, raped or tortured. Now all children, along with their elders, see such images every day of their lives and are expected to enjoy them ... The seven-year-old who hides his eyes in the family cops-and-robbers drama is desensitized four years later to a point where he crunches potato chips through the latest video nasty. — Penelope Leach

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Malala Yousafzai

Our news bulletins were full of killings and death, so it was natural for Atal to think of coffins and graves. Instead of hide-and-seek and cops and robbers, children were now playing army vs. Taliban. — Malala Yousafzai

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Berry Gordy

Motown was about music for all people - white and black, blue and green, cops and the robbers. I was reluctant to have our music alienate anyone. — Berry Gordy

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Eric Hernandez

Once I became a cop. I dived into that career. I never wanted to be an LAPD officer because I thought 'LA is super dangerous, not the place I'd want to be a cop'. But as a boy of course I was into guns, cops and robbers, so that's why it was cool to me and thought 'Yeah I could do this job'. — Eric Hernandez

Cops And Robbers Quotes By Gus Van Sant

Death Valley is really wide-open - it's bigger than Rhode Island - and it's less a part of California than an ungoverned territory, so there's lots of weird cops-and-robbers stuff going on. — Gus Van Sant