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Top Linebacker Quotes

Linebacker Quotes By Cam Newton

I think for me, or for anyone who plays the quarterback position, it's almost an unspoken word when you think about leadership. Some guys can be a leader and be a running back or a lineman, or wide receiver, strong safety, or linebacker. But when you speak of quarterbacks, it's automatically a default that you're supposed to be a leader. — Cam Newton

Linebacker Quotes By Manti Te'o

Ray Lewis, I've grown up watching Ray Lewis. Just watching his intensity, his passion for the game, his love for the game, his work ethic. Everything in a linebacker that you want to be is in Ray Lewis, from leadership qualities, all that. — Manti Te'o

Linebacker Quotes By A.S. King

She wore too much eyeliner then, at age thirteen, and now, at eighteen, she wears so much black under her eyes, she looks like a slutty linebacker raccoon. — A.S. King

Linebacker Quotes By Gaines Adams

It really doesn't matter to me whether it's defensive end or linebacker. I just want to play the game of football. I've been working on linebacker drills since I got out to Fischer Sports in Phoenix. — Gaines Adams

Linebacker Quotes By Patrick Willis

I feel like as a linebacker or a D-lineman, any cut, it's a man sport
be a man, hit me up high, Hit like rams. You don't see a ram going and cutting another ram's legs. They hit head to head, pad to pad. — Patrick Willis

Linebacker Quotes By Addison Moore

Skyla's back," he continues, "and before she's formally charged with yet another homicide, a few things are going to change around here. For one, your mother and I will be around the house more often because we no longer have to babysit that linebacker your sister tried to force feed her Michelins. — Addison Moore

Linebacker Quotes By Joshua Ferris

Mrs. Convoy leaned into the desk, flattening her knuckles on it like a linebacker bracing against the hard earth, and with eyeballs floating above her bifocals asked why I felt it necessary to sit in my own waiting room during peak hours. I told her, she said, "And how is the 'complete experience'?" I told her, she said, "And do you think the 'complete experience' might be enhanced by a dentist who tends to his patients in a timely manner?" I told her, she said, "We will not get a reputation for being a drill-and-bill shop just because you tend to patients in a timely manner. Jesus Mary and Joseph," she said. "Sometimes I think we all work for Toots the Clown. — Joshua Ferris

Linebacker Quotes By Randy Pausch

[Jim Graham] had been a linebacker at Penn State, and was seriously old-school. I mean, really old-school; like he thought the forward pass was a trick play. — Randy Pausch

Linebacker Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

Tori walked toward the bed. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her give Derek a once-over.
"You know, from this angle, he doesn't look too bad," she said.
I glared at her.
"I'm just saying ... "
I leaned over Derek, calling him as loudly as I dared.
"Personally, I'm more a running back girl myself," Tori said. "But if you like the linebacker type, he's
My glower shut her up — Kelley Armstrong

Linebacker Quotes By Junior Seau

I've tried to bring the mentality of the outside linebacker to the inside and the rough, tough style of an inside linebacker to the outside. The middle linebacker always has been known as kind of a big plugger. Outside guys are known to be able to run. I just try to make big plays wherever I am. — Junior Seau

Linebacker Quotes By Justin Cole

I think that it definitely makes the transition easier being able to know linebacker and having also played on the defensive line. You can kind of know what they're expecting on the back end and what you are kind of expecting from them. — Justin Cole

Linebacker Quotes By Dick Butkus

I want to be recognized as the best-no doubt about it. When they say all-pro middle linebacker, I want them to mean Butkus! — Dick Butkus

Linebacker Quotes By Greg Bryk

I boxed through college and I played college level football. I was a linebacker. — Greg Bryk

Linebacker Quotes By Bear Bryant

Lee Roy was the best college linebacker - bar none. He would have made every tackle on every play if they had stayed in bounds. — Bear Bryant

Linebacker Quotes By Walter Payton

Never die easy. Why run out of bounds and die easy? Make that linebacker pay. It carries into all facets of your life. It's okay to lose, to die, but don't die without trying, without giving it your best. — Walter Payton

Linebacker Quotes By Jake Byrne

Plowing through life, you're bound to run into obstructions. Some of life's trials result from mistakes and missteps, and some from poor choices. I know about that too, because I've made my share of blunders and had to face the consequences.
Other times, the unexpected lands in your hands like a wayward ball and the "trouble" coming at you is like a 250-pound linebacker blitzing straight off the edge.
Jake Byrne

Linebacker Quotes By Hunter S. Thompson

I have long understood that losing always comes with the territory when you wander into the gambling business, just as getting crippled for life is an acceptable risk in the linebacker business. They both are extremely violent sports, and pain is part of the bargain. Buy the ticket, take the ride. — Hunter S. Thompson

Linebacker Quotes By Bronko Nagurski

I would probably be a linebacker today. I wouldn't be carrying the ball 20 or 25 times a game. — Bronko Nagurski

Linebacker Quotes By Earl Campbell

Coming up as a kid, I played middle linebacker and I was very bow-legged, and I wanted to be like the legendary Dick Butkus. — Earl Campbell

Linebacker Quotes By Junior Seau

I'm afraid of being average. I have a real fear of being just another linebacker. — Junior Seau

Linebacker Quotes By Miranda Kenneally

How can you be in love with someone for forever and not be willing to take a chance when it finally hits you in the face like a linebacker? — Miranda Kenneally

Linebacker Quotes By Lawrence Timmons

I prefer to play inside linebacker. — Lawrence Timmons

Linebacker Quotes By Ron Jaworski

A little more movement of the defensive side of the ball, some rules that will be unnoticed, but a big rule will be allowing the jack linebacker to move out of the box sideline to sideline. — Ron Jaworski

Linebacker Quotes By Miranda Kenneally

Love hurts worse than getting slammed by a 250-pound linebacker. — Miranda Kenneally

Linebacker Quotes By Maynard James Keenan

Today's woman puts on wigs, fake eyelashes, false nails, sixteen pounds of make-up/shadows/blushes/creams, living bras, various pads that would make a linebacker envious, has implants and assorted other surgeries, then complains that she cannot find a 'real' man — Maynard James Keenan

Linebacker Quotes By Ray Lewis

I already believe I am the best linebacker in the game. Now, I have to show one more thing ? that I am the most dominating, influential person in the game and the best football player to ever put on a pair of cleats. — Ray Lewis

Linebacker Quotes By Karina Halle

Everyone! Can I have your attention please," Will calls out so that everyone is staring at him. Which was totally unnecessary because everyone already was staring at him. It's hard not to notice when a six foot two linebacker of a man in an Armani suit stands up on a table in your office. Good thing we have very high ceilings. "This is your doing, Jackie-O," my father whispers to me. "He was normal before he ever met you. — Karina Halle

Linebacker Quotes By Adrianne Palicki

I'm very tall, so I like a guy who's bigger than me - it makes me feel feminine and safe. I don't like to be hovering over a guy or feel like a linebacker. — Adrianne Palicki

Linebacker Quotes By Robin Sloan

Maybe his big build isn't a linebacker's after all; maybe it's a librarian's. — Robin Sloan

Linebacker Quotes By Jesse Plemons

In middle school, I played quarterback. I was at a tiny school, so you played offense and defense - I played linebacker, and in high school I stopped playing around my sophomore year because of my acting stuff. — Jesse Plemons

Linebacker Quotes By Jon Beason

You look at stats for a guy who is a pretty good linebacker, he'll make 100 tackles. You make 100, you're averaging seven or eight tackles a game. If you play every down, that's a good number. — Jon Beason

Linebacker Quotes By Justin Cole

Linebacker is a lot more detail oriented and you have to know a lot more than a defensive end necessarily would on any given play. — Justin Cole

Linebacker Quotes By Kristen Callihan

They're looking now. He's at the far side of the hall with a hulking group of football players, and all heads are turned his way. I've always thought Baylor was big and tall, but one of the guys next to him looks like he eats screaming villagers for breakfast. A linebacker, if I had to guess. He even has a beard, full and bushy. Hagrid's younger brother maybe. — Kristen Callihan

Linebacker Quotes By Brandon Spikes

Footwork is definitely key for a linebacker. We make our money playing laterally. You've got to be able to move side to side and play sideline to sideline. So doing quick feet drills like ladders and keeping your footwork right is important. — Brandon Spikes

Linebacker Quotes By William Herbert Sheldon

In all of nature structure determines function. Yet many people consider the marathoner and football linebacker all to be just one composite human being, an athlete. The body must be used to determine its role in sport. 'My aim is to develop every individual according to his best potential, protect him from false ambition, the desire to be someone he never can be and, more important, never should be.' — William Herbert Sheldon