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Top Age Ain't Nothing Quotes

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By Bobby Womack

I think people like it when I tell them, 'I'm lucky to be here, because they are, too. Ain't nothing to do with age. There ain't nothing promised to you. Everybody's going to die. — Bobby Womack

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By J.D. Jordan

I appreciate your thinking on me, marshal, but ain't no trouble of his what ain't trouble of mine, too. — J.D. Jordan

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By Joe Frazier

Had my own car at twelve years old. Left school in the tenth grade. Married when I was sixteen. Ain't hard to figure out; I was a man at a very young age. — Joe Frazier

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By J.D. Jordan

Seems a lot of men never saw one such as me. A girl what could keep up and fight and ride and curse with the best of them. A girl what ain't trapped in some dress or some house or some bed. A girl what ain't waiting on some man to do what she ought to her own damn self. — J.D. Jordan

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By Peter Straub

Of course, the truth is that no one likes change. People in hell not only refuse to leave it, they invite you in, too. Even people who have blasted the other lives that touched their own blasted lives proudly declare in old age that they would not change a thing -- all that cursing and screaming was their life, by God, and it is not possible to imagine any other. Change introduces unpredictability, uncertainty, a universe of disorder. Right before an amoeba splits in two, it says to itself, uh uh, no way, I ain't gonna do that, nope. — Peter Straub

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By Lois Greiman

When men age they're called sophisticated. When women age they ain't called at all. — Lois Greiman

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By John Northcutt Young

I'll be like Esther. Your daughter."
"You ain't that strong. — John Northcutt Young

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By S.E. Hinton

I guess I just couldn't see standing there
alive, talking, thinking, breathing, being
one second, and dead the next. It really bothered me. Death by violence isn't the same as dying any other way, accident or disease or old age. It just ain't the same. — S.E. Hinton

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By Zora Neale Hurston

Naw, Ah ain't no young gal no mo' but den Ah ain't no old woman neither. Ah reckon Ah looks mah age too. But Ah'm uh woman every inch of me, and Ah know it. Dat's uh whole lot more'n you kin say. You big-bellies round here and put out a lot of brag, but 'tain't nothin' to it but yo' big voice. Humph! Talkin' 'bout me lookin' old! When you pull down yo' britches, you look lak de change uh life. — Zora Neale Hurston

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By Young Thug

Like, Jay Z has some of the sickest lyrics ever, but I would never buy his CD, just because of my age and because of his age. By the time I turn that old, I ain't gonna be doing what he's doing. — Young Thug

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By Biz Markie

Age ain't nothing but a number, that's what Chi-Ali said.
OK, then why don't you get that through the judge's head? — Biz Markie

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By J.D. Jordan

The terrible price of living, ain't it? To live through others dying? — J.D. Jordan

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By Joan Rivers

"I've learned what's funny verbally ain't so funny on e-mail: They don't hear your intonations. Melissa broke up with somebody over that. She tried to tell him: "That was a joke!" But he just didn't get it. Mick Jagger said, "F- 'em if they don't get the joke." And I love him. That comes with age: Knowing it's their problem, not mine." — Joan Rivers

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By Justin Richards

He ain't my friend,' Harry said. 'Not no more, he ain't.'
Strax leaned across to Jenny. 'At what age do these cubs become grammatical?' he demanded.
'Depends,' she told him. 'At what age do Sontarans become pacifists? — Justin Richards

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By John Kennedy Toole

Do you think that I have a problem?" Ignatius bellowed. "The only problem that those people have anyway is that they don't like new cars and hairsprays. That why they are put away. They make the other members of the society fearful. Every asylum in this nation is filled with poor souls who simply cannot stand lanolin, cellophane, plastic, television, and subdivisions."
"Ignatius, that ain't true. You remember old Mr. Becnel used to live down the block? They locked him up because he was running down the street naked."
"Of course he was running down the street naked. His skin could not bear any more of that Dacron and nylon clothing that was clogging his pores. I've always considered Mr Becnel one of the martyrs of our age. The poor man was badly victimized. Now run along to the front door and see if my taxi has arrived." p.306 — John Kennedy Toole

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By Neil Gaiman

That's the trouble with you young people. You think because you ain't been here long, you know everything. In my life I already forgot more than you ever know. — Neil Gaiman

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By Veronique Vienne

Living in Paris is "priceless," but it will cost you. It ain't cheap, yet it is one of the greatest bargains on earth. In our day and age, there are only two ways to get free of money worries: either accumulate wealth, lots of it, or move to Paris. — Veronique Vienne

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By Keith Richards

What's the big deal about still working? Retirement age is sixty-five, and that's at a normal job - and I ain't there yet. — Keith Richards

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By Glenn Turner

In this modern day and age, we have instant coffee, instant tea - instant disbelief. That's the reason we will never become anything. It is because we will never believe in ourselves. We will always listen to the mass majority. If everybody's making fun of you and criticizing you, then you know you're on the right track. 'Cause most people ain't got it. — Glenn Turner

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By Bette Davis

Old age ain't no place for sissies. — Bette Davis

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By Dick Clark

Age ain't got nothing to do with how old you are. — Dick Clark

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By Bette Davis

Old age ain't for sissies — Bette Davis

Age Ain't Nothing Quotes By Stella Chess

Young people of high school age can actually feel themselves changing. Progress is almost tangible. It's exciting. It stimulates more progress. Nevertheless, growth is not constant and smooth. Erik Erikson quotes an aphorism to describe the formless forming of it. I ain't what I ought to be. I ain't what I'm going to be, but I'm not what I was. — Stella Chess