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Like You Never Existed Quotes By Barry Webster

Der, die, das, dem, den, des. German's six ways of saying 'the', like six sexual positions you never knew existed. Hey, I just sprung a boner. — Barry Webster

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Elizabeth Hoyt

Do you think you love that fellow?"
"I don't know." She closed her eyes, but the tears overflowed nevertheless. "All I know is that he opened a door into a whole new world I never even knew existed. I've stepped through that door, and I cant return.
( ... )
Its like being blind from birth and then one day suddenly being able to see. And not just see, but to witness the sun rising in all her glory across the azure sky. The dusky lavenders and blues lightening to pinks and reds, spreading across the horizon until the entire earth is lit. Until one has to blink and fall to ones knees in awe at the light.
( ... )
Even if one were to be made blind again in the next instant, one would ever after remember and know what was missed. What could be. — Elizabeth Hoyt

Like You Never Existed Quotes By River Phoenix

I really like acting because you can create a character. You can make someone who has never existed before. That's neat. — River Phoenix

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Marian Tee

I thought that there was only one kind of love, one that developed instantaneously and struck you like a bolt of lightning, made you irrational and selfish like it did my parents. I realized too late that love took different forms and the one we had - " He cupped her face. "It was there, the first day we met, growing "gradually from friendship into what's inside my heart now."
He brought her hand to his chest. "It's there, steady, constant, making my heart beat for you, making my heart race when you're near, making my heart sing like a goddamn canary when you're happy. I never thought this kind of love existed until I had lost you. — Marian Tee

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Gerard Way

Making a record is a lot like surgery without an anesthetic. You first have to cut yourself up the middle. Then you have to rip out every single organ, every single part and lay them on a table. You then need to examine the parts, and the reality of the situation hits you. You find yourself saying things like "I didn't know that part was so ugly." Or "I better get a professional opinion about that." You go to bed hollow and then back into the operating room the next day ... facing every fear, every disgusting thing you hate about yourself. Then you pop it all back in, sew yourself shut and perform ... you perform like your life depended on it
and in those perfect moments you find beauty you never knew existed. You find yourself and you friends all over again, you find something to fight for, something to love. Something to show the world. — Gerard Way

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Amy Lowell

I ask but one thing of you, only one, That always you will be my dream of you; That never shall I wake to find untrue All this I have believed and rested on, Forever vanished, like a vision gone Out into the night. Alas, how few There are who strike in us a chord we knew Existed, but so seldom heard its tone We tremble at the half-forgotten sound. The world is full of rude awakenings And heaven-born castles shattered to the ground, Yet still our human longing vainly clings To a belief in beauty through all wrongs. O stay your hand, and leave my heart its songs! — Amy Lowell

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Steve Mosby

Have you ever had somebody grip you with a passion you never thought existed outside the fucking movies? As though they found you the most precious thing in the world? I felt it then, and couldn't believe that somebody would actually want me that much. I don't believe in Heaven as a place, but I sometimes think that if a person could write down how I felt at just that moment - if they could describe it perfectly - then that sentence would be something like Heaven to me. And as a final resting place, I'd be happy to have my name shrunk down and rested, invisibly, on the collar of the full stop at the end. — Steve Mosby

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Vinita Kinra

Dream is like a butterfly. You have to chase it to discover worlds you never knew existed. — Vinita Kinra

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Nick Hornby

I've seen men like you in Doris Day films, but I never thought they existed in real life ... The men who can't commit, who can't say 'I love you' even when they want to, who start to cough and sputter and change the subject. But here you are. A living, breathing specimen. Incredible. — Nick Hornby

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Samantha Shannon

When you dream of change, it shines bright, like fire, and burns away all the rot that came before it. It's swift and inexorable. You cry for justice, and justice is done. The world stands with you in your fight. But if there was one thing I had learned in these last few weeks, it was that change had never been that simple. That kind of revolution existed only in daydreams. — Samantha Shannon

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Cassandra Clare

You'll never understand us from reading a book,' Will had said, but that wasn't the point really. He didn't know what books meant to her, that books were symbols of truth and meaning, that this one acknowledged that she existed and there were others like her in the world. — Cassandra Clare

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Meg Muldoon

It was so easy to get caught up in the day to day grind. In the little dramas of work, in the trips to the grocery store, in the hours of mindless vegging in front of the television. You could live your life that way, always caught up in the next thing. Always thinking of tomorrow, of your future, of the next paycheck. Never stopping to appreciate the moment you had now. Never stopping to appreciate the friends and family and love and laughter that existed in every single day of your life. Life could just pass you by like that, without you really noticing the good. And it was a shame if it did. It was a sin, if you let it go like that. — Meg Muldoon

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Paulo Coelho

I'm like one of those leaves on the city ground, who lived thinking it would be everlasting and died without knowing exactly why; who loved the sun and the moon and who watched those buses and rattling streetcars go by for a long time, and yet no one ever had the courtesy to let her know that winter existed. They lived it up, until one day they began to turn yellow and the tree bid them farewell. It didn't say "see you later" but "good-bye," knowing the leaves would never be back. And it asked the wind for help loosening them from their branches and carrying them far away. The tree knows it can grow only if it rests. And if it grows, it will be respected. And can produce even more beautiful flowers. — Paulo Coelho

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Jerry Lawler

It's almost like while you are working for the WWF everything is fine and good, but if you are no longer employed by them they want you to just drop off the face of the earth and it's like you never existed. — Jerry Lawler

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Kathryn Le Veque

In just the short time I have known you, I have come to see something of a world that I never knew," he said quietly. "I told you once that you were a corner of heaven I never knew existed; I should like to learn everything I can about it. But, inevitably, when you mix heaven and hell, there are bound to be some adjustments on both sides. I can never fully change and neither can you; but I would not have you any other way. — Kathryn Le Veque

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Debra Anastasia

The men toasted their bottles, as they did when Mouse was mentioned. The part of their tattoo that no longer existed. The man had died on the job, protecting Blake because he was loyal to Beckett.
"And ... " Cole shot Beckett a look.
"You're unofficially known as Sparkles and Jesus." Beckett squinted as Cole pretended to be offended.
"I think it's only fair if we give you a nickname, Blake?" Cole asked.
Blake stood and added a log to the fire. It'd been burning steady since right after dinner. Being with his brothers like this was Beckett's favorite. It his wildest dreams he never pictured getting to sit with them in a Blake's backyard. — Debra Anastasia

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Katie Kacvinsky

Maybe, when you meet the right person, it's like meeting a piece of yourself that you never knew existed because somebody had to open it up for you. Pull it out of you. Point it out to you. — Katie Kacvinsky

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Bella Jewel

Somethin' about you, sugar, it's makin' everything I believe in feel like it never existed. — Bella Jewel

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Charlotte Stein

I'm not like he is, you know," he tells me, but that isn't the part that stirs my cold, dead heart. It's the words he follows it up with a second later, as though it barely takes him anything to let them out: "So if you want to run, run. I won't sit on the side-lines and wait for you to slip away, like you never existed." He pauses, thickly. Takes a second, in a way I can understand. "I'll fight for you, El. I'll always fight for you. — Charlotte Stein

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Adolfo Bioy Casares

He believed he understood, for the first time, why people say life is a dream: if you live long enough, the events of a lifetime, like the events of a dream, cannot be communicated, simply because they are of no interest to anyone.
Human beings themselves, after death, become figures in a dream to the survivors , they fade away and are forgotten, like dreams that were once convincing, but which no one cares to hear about. There are parents who find in their children a receptive audience, with the result that in the child's credulous imagination they find a last semblance of life, which quickly dims out as if they had never existed ... — Adolfo Bioy Casares

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Tatyana Tolstaya

You read, move your lips, figure out the words, and it's like you're in two places at the same time: you're sitting or lying with your legs curled up, your hand groping in the bowl, but you can see different worlds, far-off worlds that maybe never existed but still seem real. You run or sail or race in a sleigh
you're running away from someone, or you yourself have decided to attack
your heart thumps, life flies by, and it's wondrous: you can live as many different lives as there are books to read. — Tatyana Tolstaya

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Philip Pullman

When you choose one way out of many, all the ways you don't take are snuffed out like candles, as if they'd never existed. — Philip Pullman

Like You Never Existed Quotes By J.M. Darhower

I feel like I'm in an entirely different world when I'm with you, a world I never knew existed before ... like I never knew it could be this way, that I could be this way." "That's why they call it Wonderland, Aphrodite. — J.M. Darhower

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Shawn Kirsten Maravel

Makes sense," Cal said. "A bike needs to be taken care of just like a woman. Treat her right and she'll bring you happiness you never knew existed. Lock her away and she'll make you suffer a worse fate than hell. — Shawn Kirsten Maravel

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

There's no meaning to life as a wolf. If you don't have memories, it's like you never existed. You can't leave anything behind. I mean - how can I defend humanity? It's all that matters. Why would you throw that away? — Maggie Stiefvater

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Inio Asano

So, Kurt Cobain kills himself at 27 and becomes a legend. People like that are one in a million. I'm just a normal human being. I agonize and suffer, but I also laugh all the time. People all die someday and disappear as if they never existed, but that's natural. I though I wasn't afraid of dying. No, NOBODY is actually afraid of dying itself. The pain of suffering lasts for an instant. What truly agonizes me... Is the thought of your crying face from far far across the entire galaxy. You were always prettiest when you smiled. — Inio Asano

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Cassia Leo

To go to sleep one night with your child nestled inside you and wake up the next with no evidence your child ever existed is like waking up in a nightmare that never ends. — Cassia Leo

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Soumeet Lanka

I don't know what being god must feel like, but it can't be much different that being an inventor.
There is power in the idea that a certain product never existed before you thought of it, there is joy in the act of bringing the idea into reality and there is contentment in seeing the product come to life when it is being used. — Soumeet Lanka

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Sarah Dessen

It was like when you're a little kid and you run into your teacher or librarian at the grocery store or Wal-mart and it's just so startling, because it never occurred to you they existed outside of school. — Sarah Dessen

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Julie Anne Long

A proper kiss, Miss Eversea, should turn you inside out. It should ... touch places in you that you didn't know existed, set them ablaze, until your entire being is hungry and wild ... It should slice right down through you like a cutlass with a pleasure so devastating it's very nearly pain ... It should make you want to do things you'd never dreamed you'd want to do, and in that moment all of those things will make perfect sense. And it should herald, or at least promise, the most intense physical pleasure you've ever known, regardless of whether that promise is ever, ever fulfilled. It should, in fact ... " he paused for effect " ... haunt you for the rest of your life. — Julie Anne Long

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Robyn Schneider

There. You see? You're just figuring it out now, but I discovered a long time ago that the smarter you are, the more tempting it is to just let people imagine you. We move through each other's lives like ghosts, leaving behind haunting memories of people who never existed. The popular jock. The mysterious new girl. But we're the ones who choose, in the end, how people see us. And I'd rather be misremembered. Please, Ezra, misremember me. — Robyn Schneider

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Antonio D'Alfonso

(...)books, pocket-size jewels, open up like doors to worlds you never knew existed. — Antonio D'Alfonso

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Scott Spencer

He welcomes the chance to do fatherly things with the little girl, and those ten morning minutes with dear little four-year-old Ruby, with her deep soulful eyes, and the wondrous things she sees with them, and her deep soulful voice, and the precious though not entirely memorable things she says with it, and the smell of baby shampoo and breakfast cereal filling the car, that little shimmering capsule of time is like listening to cello music in the morning, or watching birds in a flutter of industry building a nest, it simply reminds you that even if God is dead, or never existed in the first place, there is, nevertheless, something tender at the center of creation, some meaning, some purpose and poetry. — Scott Spencer

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Philip Pullman

Will considered what to do. When you choose one way out of many, all the ways you don't take are snuffed out like candles, as if they'd never existed. At the moment all Will's choices existed at once. But to keep them all in existence meant doing nothing. He had to choose, after all. — Philip Pullman

Like You Never Existed Quotes By J Tan

Add books to your circle of friends: they will enrich your life; take you places you've never been; give you perspective you never knew existed; guide your path to knowledge like a faithful teacher. — J Tan

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Larry Holmes

George Foreman is easier and has the bigger name and have you noticed that Foreman never calls me out or ever mentions my name? He is afraid of me like most fighters are and most people want to forget about Larry Holmes, like he never ever existed. — Larry Holmes

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Alan W. Watts

What's it gonna be like, dying? To go to sleep and never, never, never wake up.

Well, a lot of things it's not gonna be like. It's not going to be like being buried alive. It's not going to be like being in the darkness forever.

I tell you what - it's going to be as if you never had existed at all. Not only you, but everything else as well. That just there was never anything, there's no one to regret it - and there's no problem.

Well, think about that for a while - it's kind of a weird feeling when you really think about it, when you really imagine.

[The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are ] — Alan W. Watts

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Michael Kosser

Here's some free advice; like the folkies of yore, you need to be not just a writer of songs, you need to be a lover of songs, a listener of songs and a collector of songs. If you hear a song in a club that knocks you out or you hear an old recording of a great song you never knew existed, it does not diminish you to record it; it actually exalts you because you have brought a great song from obscurity to the ear of the public. — Michael Kosser

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Robyn Schneider

You see? You're just figuring it out now, but I discovered a long time ago that the smarter you are, the more tempting it is to just let people imagine you. We move through each other's lives like ghosts, leaving behind haunting memories of people who never existed. — Robyn Schneider

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Karina Halle

I never thought I could love, never believed it would happen for a man like me. Sometimes I wondered if it even existed. But then you stepped into my world and became my world and now it's all that I know." He takes in a deep breath, his expression softening. "I love you, my mirlo. I love you to the point of danger. Danger because where you go, I will go. Because I will do everything and anything to keep you with me. This isn't the end of us. There will never be an end of us. Ever. — Karina Halle

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Susane Colasanti

That's the tricky thing about being bonded to someone for life. Blake and his dad are bonded like I'm bonded with Erin. We're irrevocably tied together by history, a history that can never be erased. Even if you want to deny it, even it you want to pretend it never existed, it will always be a part of you. It will always, in some way, define who you are. — Susane Colasanti

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

I promise that this will be the last time you'll see me. I won't come back. I won't put you through anything like this again. You can go on with your life without any more interference from me. It will be as if I'd never existed. — Stephenie Meyer

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Hilary Mantel

He reaches for his pen. He yawns and puts it down and picks it up again. I shall be found dead at my desk, he thinks, like the poet Petrarch. The poet wrote many unsent letters: he wrote to Cicero, who died twelve hundred years before he was born. He wrote to Homer, who possibly never even existed; but I, I have enough to do with Lord Lisle, and the fish traps, and the Emperor's galleons tossing on the Middle Sea. Between one dip of the pen, Petrarch writes, 'between one dip of the pen and the next, the time passes: and I hurry, I drive myself, and I speed towards death. We are always dying - I while I write, you while you read, and others while they listen or block their ears; they are all dying. — Hilary Mantel

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Liane Moriarty

I have no right to be sad about anything. No right to have therapy from expensive doctors like you for losing children who never existed. There is real grief in the world. There are real mothers losing real children. — Liane Moriarty

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Shitij Sharma

Death may be peaceful but the circumstances leading to it are more often than not anything but. They slept that day with their eyes open, with death as the companion of their dreams. Maybe you would like to imagine that they were looking at each other, heads twisted at grotesque angles or at the fading sun.
Their bodies were just empty vessels and their eyes were windows that showed only a vacant home. Maybe it was because they had passed on into a world where the sun never set or maybe even a world where nothing existed but an infinite pool of darkness. You can choose to believe anything you want up to the time Death comes for you. After that, well, we can only imagin — Shitij Sharma

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Matthew Green

No matter what happens, I don't think that anyone will remember me when I disappear. It will be like I was never here. There will be no proof that I ever existed ... you can't be sad if you disappear, because disappeared people can't feel sad. They can only be remembered or forgotten. — Matthew Green

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Neil Gaiman

Oh - that family, yes. There are still some photos of them around here. They look like nice people, don't they?"
They ... 'look like nice people'?"
Well, they do, don't they? Of course, they never actually existed - except maybe in the most tenuous and retrospective way - but still, it's nice to think they were good people."
Uh. Right. Gee, I suppose you must do a lot of drugs. — Neil Gaiman

Like You Never Existed Quotes By Lenny Bruce

The thing with Catholicism, the same as all religions, is that it teaches what should be, which seems rather incorrect. This is what should be. Now, if you're taught to live up to a what should be that never existed - only an occult superstition, no proof of this should be - then you can sit on a jury and indict easily, you can cast the first stone, you can burn Adolf Eichmann, like that! — Lenny Bruce