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Nonsense. Every month it's the same routine, and when you are late, I am late. Do you think I want to get my chestnuts roasted for your incompetence? — R. Cooper

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Halloween was a celebration of life through an awareness of death, and a reminder of the presence of spirits. — R. Cooper

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When he loved something, he loved it, and that was all there was to it. He also tended to express that devotion the way he thought, in random, fast, seemingly disconnected ways. — R. Cooper

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Chalk again?" Cal seemed almost disappointed. "Too bad there's no chalk monster."
Penn snorted with amusement. Chalk monster. That was like saying it was a vampire. Everyone knew vampires didn't exist. Zombies who drank blood to stay alive. Ridiculous. — R. Cooper

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A few minutes ago he'd been petrified, and now all he could think was that he refused, absolutely refused, to embarrass himself any more. The man was a historian. Once Arthur got over his appearance, he was going to remember that most historians were full of themselves and often boring, and he was going to feel very foolish. — R. Cooper

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Not want you?" His voice was rough. "Everett, I'd lay you down right now in this thin blanket of snow and take you." Everett's eyes widened, but Alex's mind was racing, the images coming at him too quick for him to hold them back. "The cold air would touch you and then my mouth." He moved back into Everett's space, and Everett groaned. "My hands. Naked, Everett. I could bite your long limbs and lick the grace from your words and shock the neighbors with what obscenities I'd drive from your lips. — R. Cooper

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So," Cory hummed, "you like men who can feed you." He appeared thoughtful. — R. Cooper

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was more than nerves, that he felt like he was gasping for air when he tried to speak. He didn't understand why other people found silence so uncomfortable when it had never bothered him. But every time he was quiet for too long, he could see people start to wonder what was wrong with him. Then he'd get cold and his palms would get sweaty, and he'd know from the knot in his stomach that he'd done it again; he'd alienated someone else with his inability to talk politely about things that didn't matter. — R. Cooper

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Loneliness could turn a person inward, leave them without a bridge to the outside world. — R. Cooper