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Letting Guard Down Quotes By Laini Taylor

She had said she didn't feel fear, but it was a lie; this was her fear: being left alone. Because of one thing she was certain, and it was that she could never love, not like that. Trust a stranger with her flesh? The closeness, the quiet. She couldn't imagine it. Breathing someone else's breath as they breathed yours, touching someone, opening for them? The vulnerability of it made her flush. It would mean submission, letting down her guard, and she wouldn't. Ever. Just the thought made her feel small and weak as a child ... — Laini Taylor

Letting Guard Down Quotes By Emma Chase

Why am I sharing it with you? Because good sex? Really, really good sex? Doesn't need alcohol. And it's not about compatibility, or practice, or even being in love. It's about trust. Letting your guard down. Putting yourself in another person's hands and letting him lead you to places you've never been before. And I trusted Drew. With my mind, my heart, my body. I trusted Drew with everything. At least I did then. — Emma Chase

Letting Guard Down Quotes By Mandy Hale

True strength is knowing that you don't have to be strong every single second of the day. — Mandy Hale

Letting Guard Down Quotes By Peter V. Brett

Letting your guard down, even for a moment, invites death. — Peter V. Brett

Letting Guard Down Quotes By David Hackworth

Grunts on the line, where the enemy wants them dead, still goof off - even knowing that by letting their guard down they might die. — David Hackworth

Letting Guard Down Quotes By Sarina Bowen

It's been a long time since I dared to get close to anyone, and I didn't realize letting down my guard could ache like this. I'm facedown in the ocean, and she's the lifeboat. — Sarina Bowen

Letting Guard Down Quotes By Evangeline Lilly

For me there's a need for balance - fulfilling the sensitive side, letting my guard down, holding back the warrior in me. And I have to be vulnerable which is very hard for me to do. — Evangeline Lilly

Letting Guard Down Quotes By Monica Johnson

Give up pride for good during the holidays. This is where I've been especially stubborn. As I walk more and more in this path of Christianity, I see that letting my guard down and admitting that I don't want to be alone is far better than dealing with me, myself and I, who always seem to want to keep up appearances. — Monica Johnson

Letting Guard Down Quotes By Rebecca Goldstein

Philosophers feel a little more cautious about letting down their technical guard lest the general public doesn't recognize their special credentials. It's the fact that philosophy is of general interest that, paradoxically, keeps philosophers from wanting to speak in a way that's accessible to the general public. — Rebecca Goldstein