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Laxman Quotes By V. V. S. Laxman

The reason why Indian bowling has done exceptionally well in this World Cup is MS Dhoni. When we wrote them off, he kept supporting them. When they were struggling, only he was standing by his bowlers. — V. V. S. Laxman

Laxman Quotes By V. V. S. Laxman

AB de Villers is the most complete player of the Modern Era — V. V. S. Laxman

Laxman Quotes By R. K. Laxman

I have not forgotten that you can see the world through pieces of coloured glass. — R. K. Laxman

Laxman Quotes By V. V. S. Laxman

He has that uniqueness to respond to a tough situation with ease. He does not involve himself much emotionally, and that's his quality. India are lucky to have a captain like Dhoni. — V. V. S. Laxman

Laxman Quotes By Dave Wilson

In 2011 India's Test team was crowned as world cricket's leading side for the first time in its history. The foundations for this global domination can be traced to a decade earlier, when a career-defining performance by VVS Laxman helped to turn a whole series on its head as India, in the face of a seemingly unassailable deficit, staged an unbelievable recovery to go on and overpower what many considered to be the finest cricket team ever assembled. — Dave Wilson

Laxman Quotes By V. V. S. Laxman

Against spin, my god, he is really a murderer — V. V. S. Laxman

Laxman Quotes By R. K. Laxman

So far as I am concerned, I am not at all aware that there indeed exists a serious side as well to my cartoons drawn in an inspired mood of mischievous abandon. — R. K. Laxman

Laxman Quotes By Amit Chaudhuri

While reading the Times of India each morning, my father spares a minute for the cartoon by R. K. Laxman. While my mother is, like a magician, making untidy sheets disappear in the bedroom and producing fresh towels in the bathroom, or braving bad weather in the kitchen, my father, in the extraordinary Chinese calm of the drawing-room, is dmiring the cartoon by R. K. Laxman, and, if my mother happens to be there, unselfishly sharing it with her. She, as expected, misunderstands it completely, laughing not at the joke but at the expressions on the faces of the caricatures, and at the hilarious fact that they talk to each other like human beings. — Amit Chaudhuri

Laxman Quotes By R. K. Laxman

What politics is all about today. Blah-blah-blah. The day that stops and the quality of our leaders improve, I will have to retire and go away. — R. K. Laxman

Laxman Quotes By Laxman Rao

For 20 years, I faced 'Get Outs' (by publishers), did not sell copies of my books, but I kept on trying. Junoon hona bahut zaruri hai, aur thoda sa pagalpan bhi (Passion is important, so is a bit of craziness).

New Delhi
2nd May, 2016 — Laxman Rao

Laxman Quotes By R. K. Laxman

Searching for new ideas is an endless process. — R. K. Laxman

Laxman Quotes By R. K. Laxman

As a child I drew objects that caught my eye outside the window of my room - the dry twigs, leaves and lizard-like creatures crawling about, the servant chopping firewood and, of course, and number of crows in various postures on the rooftops of the buildings opposite. — R. K. Laxman

Laxman Quotes By Keith Stael

Perhaps it is the fate of all great sporting performances to be forgotten somewhat if the team eventually loses. Would we care overly about VVS Laxman's 281 or Ian Botham's 149 without the efforts of Harbhajan Singh and Bob Willis who turned these great feats from potentially heroic failures to match-winning epics? — Keith Stael