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Laser Focus Quotes By Amey Hegde

When you focus your efforts, you develop laser-like energy to cut through any task. — Amey Hegde

Laser Focus Quotes By Abhishek Ratna

Replace dabbling with laser-beam
focus on something important. — Abhishek Ratna

Laser Focus Quotes By Daniel Cormier

Work ethic, confidence, a laser focus and commitment to accomplish a goal that most people can never imagine. — Daniel Cormier

Laser Focus Quotes By Michael Jordan

Focus like a laser, not a flashlight — Michael Jordan

Laser Focus Quotes By Connie Kerbs

Your true passions will rise you up before the sun, to pick you up where you left off long after the moon went to bed. When we respond to the beckon of these kinds of intrinsic dreams they will make exciting the most tedious of work, they will lighten the heaviest of burdens, and will enable us to focus with laser precision on whatever array of tasks may be at hand for their progress. — Connie Kerbs

Laser Focus Quotes By Bruce Lee

The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus. — Bruce Lee

Laser Focus Quotes By Larry Flynt

Along with a strong belief in your own inner voice, you also need laser-like focus combined with unwavering determination. — Larry Flynt

Laser Focus Quotes By Ross Mathews

I had that laser focus, identified what I wanted when I was a kid, and never let anything get in my way. If you look on paper at who I am and what I sound like, and what I look like, you wouldn't say, 'Go into broadcasting.' It's just what I wanted to do - I knew that I could do it, and I never let anyone tell me that I couldn't. — Ross Mathews

Laser Focus Quotes By Debasish Mridha

For success, have a laser-like, purpose-oriented focus, and persistently go toward it. — Debasish Mridha

Laser Focus Quotes By Walter Isaacson

Jobs's intensity was also evident in his ability to focus. He would set priorities, aim his laser attention on them, and filter out distractions. If something engaged him- the user interface for the original Macintosh, the design of the iPod and iPhone, getting music companies into the iTunes Store-he was relentless. But if he did not want to deal with something - a legal annoyance, a business issue, his cancer diagnosis, a family tug- he would resolutely ignore it. That focus allowed him to say no. He got Apple back on track by cutting all except a few core products. He made devices simpler by eliminating buttons, software simpler by eliminating features, and interfaces simpler by eliminating options.
He attributed his ability to focus and his love of simplicity to his Zen training. It honed his appreciation for intuition, showed him how to filter out anything that was distracting or unnecessary, and nurtured in him an aesthetic based on minimalism. — Walter Isaacson

Laser Focus Quotes By Edward T. Welch

Though the cross and everything leading up to it violate our sensibilities and we are rightly aghast, the reality is that human beings have never liked God very much. At the cross, the nature of God was most fully revealed. As a result, human contempt was also most fully revealed and brought to a laser-like focus and intensity. — Edward T. Welch

Laser Focus Quotes By Jeff Lemire

I can handle a lot of work. I've always been able to. I'm a very focused individual. I come to my studio at about 7:30 in the morning and exit almost 5:00 P.M. In that time, those eight or nine hours, it's kind of laser focus on whatever I'm working on. There aren't really any distractions or anything. — Jeff Lemire

Laser Focus Quotes By Al Ries

A laser is a weak source of energy. A laser takes [only] a few watts of energy and focuses them in a coherent stream of light. But with a laser, you can drill a hole in a diamond or wipe out cancer. — Al Ries

Laser Focus Quotes By Debasish Mridha

The greatest duty of life is to find the ultimate purpose of life. The second greatest duty is to put a laser focus on it and take action. — Debasish Mridha

Laser Focus Quotes By Russell Wilson

Every game's a championship game. When we focus that way, get prepared that way-that this is it, you know, this is the last one, the biggest one-you get ready, you get amped up, you get that laser focus and you're ready to play. — Russell Wilson

Laser Focus Quotes By Ivanka Trump

To the extent I can, I try to maintain a laser focus on what needs to get done from a priority standpoint. And not just from an urgency standpoint, but from a value-added standpoint. So where can I add the most value? Where is my time best spent? — Ivanka Trump

Laser Focus Quotes By Ted Cruz

What I have been talking about for many years is opportunity conservatism, that every policy should focus like a laser on easing the means of ascent up the economic ladder. — Ted Cruz

Laser Focus Quotes By Neal Stephenson

Randy grinds his teeth for about a mile, and then says, "If there is any generalization at all that you can draw about how men think versus how women think, I believe it is that men can narrow themselves down to this incredibly narrow laser-beam focus on one tiny little subject and think about nothing else." "Whereas women can't?" "I suppose women can. They rarely seem to want to. What I'm characterizing here, as the female approach, is essentially saner and healthier." "Hmmmm. — Neal Stephenson

Laser Focus Quotes By Robin S. Sharma

Most people try to be all things to all people and, in so doing, achieve nothing. Elite performers have a laser-like focus on their highest priorities and an acute awareness of the best uses of their time. In fact, they build their whole lives around the activities that offer them the highest return on investment. They are good at saying no. — Robin S. Sharma

Laser Focus Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Your attitude should not settle for the average when you have what it takes to become the best. You excel by choice and you must be focused like a laser beam. Even the sun, powerful as it is, will not be able to burn a hole into a piece of paper until a magnifying glass is used to channel the power of its rays onto one spot. Focus your intellect and your knowledge to get excellent results. — Archibald Marwizi

Laser Focus Quotes By Tim Cook

We have to make sure, at Apple, that we stay true to focus, laser focus - we know we can only do great things a few times, only on a few products. — Tim Cook

Laser Focus Quotes By Hope Solo

Athletes are extremists. When they're training, it's laser focus. — Hope Solo

Laser Focus Quotes By Eknath Easwaran

Eventually, meditation will make our mind calm, clear, and as concentrated as a laser which we can focus at will. This capacity of one-pointed attention is the essence of genius. When we have this mastery over attention in everything we do, we have a genius for life. — Eknath Easwaran

Laser Focus Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Have a clear plan or strategy to translate your success philosophy into desired results. Adopt an effective work ethic, with a laser-focus and requisite execution strategies to produce results. — Archibald Marwizi

Laser Focus Quotes By Algis Valiunas

The career of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the physicist who headed the Manhattan Project, draws such questions to a focus that resembles the bead of a laser-gunsight on a victim's breastbone. It was Oppenheimer whom the public lionized as the brains behind the bomb; who agonized about the devastation his brilliance had helped to unleash; who hoped that the very destructiveness of the new "gadget," as the bombmakers called their invention, might make war obsolete; and whose sometime Communist fellow-traveling and opposition to the development of the hydrogen bomb - a weapon a thousand times more powerful than the bombs that incinerated Hiroshima and Nagasaki - brought about his political disgrace and downfall, which of course have marked him in the eyes of some as all the more heroic, a visionary persecuted by warmongering McCarthyite troglodytes. His legacy, of course, is far more complicated. — Algis Valiunas

Laser Focus Quotes By Ben Keighran

One clear focus for everyone. Your business needs laser focus on what the next objective is. Execution is key. — Ben Keighran