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Top Lame Guy Quotes

Lame Guy Quotes By Billy Corgan

I'm sort of like a lame, single guy in a red sports car. — Billy Corgan

Lame Guy Quotes By Sarah Silverman

I remember my first standup act when I was seventeen; I did a really lame song about being flat chested. I was doing it in New York, and I remember Kevin Brennan, the guy I lost my virginity to, was like "That song doesn't make sense, you have tits." — Sarah Silverman

Lame Guy Quotes By Simone Elkeles

Sam raises an eyebrow. "You know this guy?"
"Listen," I say, taking one look at White Guy and am glad he's wearing a blue button-down instead of his coral shirt. It's still geek city, but at least I can keep a straight face when I say, "This guy's been in jail more times than me. He might look like a complete pendejo, but underneath that fucked-up hair and lame shirt he's a complete badass. — Simone Elkeles

Lame Guy Quotes By J. Lynn

Things got out of hand. It happens."
My brows flew up. "It happens? Often? Do you just walk around and happen to end up kissing girls? Do you slip and fall on girls' mouths? If so, that's got to be an awkward life to live."
"Well ... " The quirk to his lips was mischievous and teasing, but I was so not having it. He sighed. "Tess, you're a beautiful girl and I'm a guy and - "
"Oh, shut up."
His eyes widened.
"Don't even finish what will most likely be the lamest sentence in the history of lame sentences. You're attracted to me. — J. Lynn

Lame Guy Quotes By Joe Flaherty

'The Count' wasn't a real stretch. I was doing pretty generic Bela Lugosi bad vampire on purpose. It was supposed to be lame. I didn't put fangs on; it was a guy who was just going through the motions. I drew on the widow's peak with eyebrow pencil and wore a turtleneck, not a tux. — Joe Flaherty

Lame Guy Quotes By Rob Delaney

In high school, I definitely fancied myself an intense guy, which is so lame. — Rob Delaney

Lame Guy Quotes By Sheri Fink

Laundry? What's wrong with this guy? He's the only man on the planet who would choose laundry over going out with you. He's so lame. — Sheri Fink

Lame Guy Quotes By Rick Riordan

I stared at her. Maybe I wasn't the brightest guy in the world when it came to girls, but I was pretty sure Rachel had just dumped me, which was lame considering we'd never even been together. — Rick Riordan

Lame Guy Quotes By Aziz Ansari

I asked if this was maybe a very, very lame, roundabout dinner-date invitation - to ask her to come over for cabbage. "No, he was really asking me how to cook cabbage," she moaned. The same guy e-mailed her a few days later with this gem, and again, this is not a joke: "I recently got my futon wet and put it outside to dry, but it got caught in the rain, so now it's wet again. — Aziz Ansari

Lame Guy Quotes By Olivia Cunning

What kind of a dork uses a lame stage name anyway? And why Shade? Because he wears sunglasses all the time?"
"Yeah, he has to wear them. He has vision problems.."
Melanie's stomach dropped and she covered her big, blabbering mouth with one hand. "He does? Shit. Now I feel bad."
The guy chuckled. "I'm just fucking with you. He wears them because he enjoys looking like a douche twenty-four seven. — Olivia Cunning

Lame Guy Quotes By Jennae Noelle

Yes, he's a nice guy, He's almost as funny as you, only more dignified."
"I think I'm offended."
"I'm teasing!"
"Of course you are. You're always teasing me."
"That's because you're so teasable."
"Mm...that's a lame answer. Why don't you just admit that you're madly in love with me and get it over with? — Jennae Noelle

Lame Guy Quotes By Pete Wentz

There's nothing worse than watching an old wrinkly guy going, 'Hey, baby.' You're like, 'Dude, that's lame.' It's cool to fall in love and grow old with someone. — Pete Wentz

Lame Guy Quotes By Rachel Caine

She dug in her backpack, found her cell phone, and checked for coverage. It was kind of lame in Morganville, truthfully, out in the middle of the prarie, in the middle of Texas, which was about as middle of nowhere as it was possible to get unless you wanted to go to Mongolia or something ...
Claire started dialing numbers. The first person told her that they'd already found somebody ... The second one sounded like a weird old guy. The third one was a weird old lady. The fourth one ... well, the fourth one was just plain weird. — Rachel Caine

Lame Guy Quotes By Kim Harrison

To the guy who finishes my sentences and gets my jokes. Even the lame ones. — Kim Harrison