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Knowing Your Worth As A Woman Quotes By Mandy Hale

Sit your affections, your heart and your precious time out on the doorstep without so much as making him ring the doorbell first, and he'll treat you like a doormat. Make him work a little to get next to you, and he won't stop til you're his. — Mandy Hale

Knowing Your Worth As A Woman Quotes By Stephen King

Sometimes a man and a woman reach a crossroads and linger there, reluctant to take either way, knowing the wrong choice will mean the end ... and knowing there's so much worth saving. — Stephen King

Knowing Your Worth As A Woman Quotes By Deanna Raybourn

He had strong, steady hands, and I could tell from looking at them there was little he couldn't do. Mossy always said you could tell everything you needed to know about a man from his hands. Some hands, she told me, were leaving hands. They were the wandering sort that slipped into places they shouldn't, and they would wander right off again because those hands just couldn't stay still. Some hands were worthless hands, fit only to hold a drink or flick ash from a cigar, and some were punishing hands that hit hard and didn't leave a mark and those were the ones you never stayed to see twice.
But the best hands were knowing hands, Mossy told me with a slow smile. Knowing hands were capable; they could soothe a horse or woman. They could take things apart
including your heart
and put them back together better than before. Knowing hands were rare, but if you found them, they were worth holding, at least for a little while. — Deanna Raybourn

Knowing Your Worth As A Woman Quotes By Mandy Hale

When you refuse to settle for less than the best ... the best tends to track you down. — Mandy Hale

Knowing Your Worth As A Woman Quotes By Christian Nestell Bovee

It is indeed a misfortune for a woman to be without beauty, as with men the eye is the chief arbiter of qualities in the sex. Her beauty is her capital
her worth in the market matrimonial depends upon it. With her the Virtues are less reverenced when unaccompanied by the Graces. The sex understand this very well; and hence they seek mainly to make captive the eye, knowing the mind and heart will follow as a matter of course. — Christian Nestell Bovee

Knowing Your Worth As A Woman Quotes By Anonymous

I thought I had paid for everything. Not like the woman pays and pays and pays. No idea of retribution or punishment. Just exchange of values. You gave up something and got something else. Or you worked for something. You paid some way for everything that was any good. I paid my way into enough things that I liked, so that I had a good time. Either you paid by learning about them, or by experience, or by taking chances, or by money. Enjoying living was learning to get your money's worth and knowing when you had it. You could get your money's worth. The world was a good place to buy in. It seemed like a fine philosophy. In five years, I thought, it will seem just as silly as all the other fine philosophies I've had. — Anonymous

Knowing Your Worth As A Woman Quotes By Mandy Hale

Two things you will never have to chase: True friends & true love. — Mandy Hale

Knowing Your Worth As A Woman Quotes By Ernest Vincent Wright

Oh, how an animal that is hurt looks up at you, John! An animal's actions can inform you if it is in pain. It don't hop and jump around as usual. No. You find a sad, crouching, cringing, small bunch of fur or hair, whining, and plainly asking you to aid it. It isn't hard to find out what is wrong, John; any man or woman who would pass by such a sight, just isn't worth knowing. I just can't withstand it! Why, I think that not only animals, but plants can know pain. I carry a drink to many a poor, thirsty growing thing; or, if it is torn up I put it kindly back, and fix its soil up as comfortably as I can. Anything that is living, John, is worthy of Man's aid. — Ernest Vincent Wright

Knowing Your Worth As A Woman Quotes By Kinley MacGregor

Henry's face went red in anger as he blustered at her audacity. It wasn't often anyone got the better of him, and Sin knew no woman had ever flummoxed him before. Not even Eleanor.
"You are willing to declare war for him ?" Henry asked indignantly.
She didn't hesitate with her response. "I am. Are you?"
Sin closed his eyes as he heard the most precious words of his life. She who believed in nothing but peace was willing to fight for him. He could die happily knowing that.
Still, he couldn't let her do this. Henry would not rest until he buried her and her clan. A king's reputation was all he had, and if Henry lost face ...
"Callie," Sin said, waiting until her gaze met his. "Thank you, but you can't do this. You can't start a war over me. I'm not worth the cost."
"You are worth everything to me. — Kinley MacGregor

Knowing Your Worth As A Woman Quotes By David Brinkley

News is something worth knowing that you didn't know already. (by an "earnest young woman" in his journalism class) — David Brinkley

Knowing Your Worth As A Woman Quotes By Mandy Hale

The wonderful, beautiful thing that happens when you rid yourself of the things that don't see your worth? You make space in your life for all the glorious things you deserve. — Mandy Hale