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Top Broken Plates Quotes

Broken Plates Quotes By Cat Hellisen

Every now and then one stands up and orates at length to the unfortunate crowd, after which he bows to their scattered applause. Personally, I think they'd be better served by plates broken over their heads than by hand-claps. — Cat Hellisen

Broken Plates Quotes By James Purdy

She sat down about two yards away from him, near a large wandering jew. "I first heard about it at the faculty wives' tea." "Everything is discussed there. I'm aware of that." "Of course I would be the last to know. Wives always are." "Come, come, Clara, my patience and my time are running out." Without warning he lifted up one of her hand-painted china cake plates and threw it against the wall. The outrage snapped the tension in the room, and she could weep now with some mild comfort, but without, he could see, any shock or concern for the priceless plate. (Aunt Clayburn) "You admit then you have a lover," she said, examining the broken pieces of china, from her chair. "I don't admit any such god damned thing," he scoffed. "The ladies were certainly sold on the truth of it." "I wish I had the nerve to have a lover. I might have been a better writer. — James Purdy

Broken Plates Quotes By Paul Cornell

I don't keep things safe. I used to. Perhaps. I can't keep all the plates spinning. I drop some." ... "Well, that is always the risk, if you're a plate, isn't it? If you want to be spun, then you must accept the possibility of being broken. — Paul Cornell

Broken Plates Quotes By Sue Monk Kidd

When had my fear of broken plates gotten so grandiose? My desire for extravagant moments so small? — Sue Monk Kidd

Broken Plates Quotes By Brian Selznick

So after some instruction, Joseph put on the apron and started carefully polishing the clean dishes even though it made no sense to him.
Over the course of the day, he learned how to wash the floors and clean the windows and empty out the iron stove. Soon the kitchen smelled of lemons and spices, fresh bread and soap.
There was a short break for lunch before resuming work. The light shifted during the afternoon and cascaded through the clean windows, burnishing the room with gold.
Joseph was so focused on the work, on the patters of the silverware and the curve of the handles on the ancient pitchers and measuring cups, that he forgot for a little while about his parents, and St. Anthony's, and the fire, and losing Blink. He felt a kind of pride in being allowed to touch all the delicate glassware, plates, and bowls, and he hadn't broken a single thing. — Brian Selznick

Broken Plates Quotes By Cory Basil

Life is too short to try and glue together broken plates that were cheap in the first place. — Cory Basil

Broken Plates Quotes By Sanford Meisner

Transfer the point of concentration to some object outside of yourself - another person, a puzzle, a broken plate that you are gluing. — Sanford Meisner

Broken Plates Quotes By Bob Dylan

Broken bottles, broken plates, broken switches, broken gates. Broken dishes, broken parts, streets are filled with broken hearts. — Bob Dylan