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King Julian Quotes By Z. Stefani

Your hatred is my foreplay." - Julian King — Z. Stefani

King Julian Quotes By Cassandra Clare

You won't cut my son's throat,' said the Unseelie King, gazing down at Julian with a look of disdain. 'You're a Shadowhunter. You have a code of honor.'
'You're thinking of Shadowhunters the way they used to be,' said Julian. 'I came of age in the Dark War. I was baptized in blood and fire. — Cassandra Clare

King Julian Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Truth is to be found in dreams," the King said, looking down at them. From this angle, Emma could see that the odd splitting of his face ended at his throat, which was ordinary skin. "Tell me, Shadowhunters: You enter a cave. Inside the cave is an egg, lit from within and glowing. You know that it beats with your dreams--not the ones you have during the day, but the ones you half-remember in the morning. It splits open. What emerges?"
"A rose," said Mark. "With thorns."
Christina cut her eyes toward him in surprise, but remained motionless. "An angel," she said. "With bloody hands."
"A knife," said Emma. "Pure and clean."
"Bars," Julian said quietly. "The bars of a prison cell. — Cassandra Clare

King Julian Quotes By Julian Jaynes

The king dead is a living god. — Julian Jaynes

King Julian Quotes By Julian May

Aiken nodded. 'I get it. But the King is getting a bit long in the tooth for that kind of adventure. Rogering maidens is more his style these days. — Julian May

King Julian Quotes By Julian Barnes

It may be all right, you may have talked about it and agreed it was all right, but that's not how sex works, is it? It's where the unsayable is king; it's where madness and surprise rule; it's where the cheques you write for ecstasy are drawn on the bank of despair. — Julian Barnes

King Julian Quotes By Julian Casablancas

Now, the good of business is put above anything else, as corporations have become the new ruling body. Most decisions seem to be made like ones of a medieval king: whatever makes profit while ignoring and repressing the truth about whatever suffering it may cause (like pop music, for that matter). — Julian Casablancas