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Top Keg Stand Quotes

Keg Stand Quotes By Ali Dean

She sees me approaching and ushers me over, apparently with the belief I can help her cause. "What's going on, Gran?" I ask. "These young men here seem to think I'm not cut out for a keg stand," she huffs indignantly. "Wally, what do you think? Do you think it's my age? — Ali Dean

Keg Stand Quotes By Cindi Madsen

You went to a party, did a keg stand, and got so drunk you forgot half the night. Congrats on this amazing milestone in your life." He squeezed my leg. "What are you gonna do next?"
"Uh, Disneyland? — Cindi Madsen

Keg Stand Quotes By Tracy Morgan

In New York, we get down. In L.A., everybody's pretty much standing around like they're at a keg stand. You got to get the party started, so I just take my shirt off. — Tracy Morgan

Keg Stand Quotes By Penny Reid

She was unhappy. I'd made her unhappy. Making Jennifer unhappy was officially the worst feeling in the world, right up there with disappointing my brother Billy and seeing my sister cry.

So I blurted, "Have you ever done a cookiestand?"

She shook her head, sniffing, turning away from me to grab two cups.

"What's that?" Her voice was rough.

"It's like a keg stand, but with cookies."

Jenn's movements stilled. She blinked. A new frown formed, but this one was thoughtful, not miserable.

"You mean where those people do a handstand and drink beer?"

"That's right. But with cookies."

"That sounds awful."

"At least you don't get crumbs on your shirt." I bit into the third cookie.

"Yes, but," Jenn shook her head, a hesitant smile claiming her luscious lips, "then they'd go up your nose."

"That's the best part. You can save them for later. — Penny Reid

Keg Stand Quotes By Victoria Aveyard

We are silver houses of noble and ancient blood, allied with rebels, criminals, servants and thieves. Abilities or not, our ways of life stand in direct opposition. Our goals are not the same. The council chamber is a powder keg. If I'm lucky it will explode. Blow apart any threat of marriage. Destroy the cage they want to put me back in. — Victoria Aveyard

Keg Stand Quotes By Victoria Scott

I turn around and see Taylor heading toward us. Over her shoulder I spot a guy's legs flailing in the air. Keg stand. Jealous. — Victoria Scott