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Juicy Gossip Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

It's an indulgence to sit in a room and discuss your beliefs as if they were a juicy piece of gossip. — Robert A. Heinlein

Juicy Gossip Quotes By Dannika Dark

Well isn't that a juicy bit of gossip I hadn't heart about? And full term. Which means she was shagging Justus with a bun in the over.
So the man playing naked Twister with a prostitute is one to judge? — Dannika Dark

Juicy Gossip Quotes By Jay Asher

And like I said, I didn't know him very well, but my ears perked up whenever I heard his name. I guess I wanted to hear something - anything - juicy. Not because I wanted to spread gossip. I just couldn't believe someone could be that good.
If he was actually that good ... wonderful. Great! But it became a personal game of mine. How long could I go on hearing nothing but good things about Clay Jensen?
Normally, when a person has a stellar image, another person's waiting in the wings to tear them apart. They're waiting for that one fatal flaw to expose itself.
But not with Clay. — Jay Asher

Juicy Gossip Quotes By Bianca Scardoni

Not that it mattered though. The truth seldom ever did in the face of a juicy lie. — Bianca Scardoni

Juicy Gossip Quotes By Katie McGarry

"She cries." Ashley's high-pitched voice cut through the silence as if she were dispensing juicy country-club gossip. "All the time. She really misses Aires."
Both my father and I turned our heads to look at the blond bimbo. I willed her to continue while my father, I'm sure, willed her to shut up. God listened to me for once. Ashley went on, "We all miss him. It's so sad that the baby will never know him."
And once again, welcome to the Ashley show, sponsored by Ashley and my father's money. — Katie McGarry

Juicy Gossip Quotes By Gad Saad

I have seldom heard people engaging in deep intellectual conversations. Most chats are either about mundane life decisions [ ... ] or juicy gossip. — Gad Saad

Juicy Gossip Quotes By James Lipton

I thought we would have at most an audience of 5,000 devotees because I made the decision to stick to craft, not to gossip, not to be interested in any of the juicy stuff that they talk about on other shows, but stick to the question of craft. — James Lipton