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I'm Impatient Quotes By Ann Head

His face searching the bus windows looked expectant, impatient, and a little anxious. It was a husband's face. Familiar, known, increasing beloved. Mary Ann, I reflected, had an awful lot to learn. And actually, I reflected, I wouldn't be in her shoes right now for all the flowers in Bermuda ... having it all to learn again.
Ann Head

I'm Impatient Quotes By A. C. Bradley

I pity, approve, respect, admire her, but I neither desire her company, nor am greatly concerned about her destiny, and she makes me impatient at moments when I doubt if she was meant to. — A. C. Bradley

I'm Impatient Quotes By Ginuwine

You don't get any mixtapes, you know, 'cause I don't like my voice in there. I want to be that, but that's just not me, you know. And I'm very impatient; if I don't do it right, I'll be like, well, 'Ok that's the best I'm gonna do it.' Because I feel like if you take too much time on something, you lose the motivation for it. — Ginuwine

I'm Impatient Quotes By Robin Sacredfire

People tell me that I'm impatient because they can't realize each year that passes represents over 1% of a life gone. — Robin Sacredfire

I'm Impatient Quotes By Michael Haneke

To be perfectly honest, I think that as I'm growing older, I'm just growing more impatient. I'll be very happy if at some point people say, 'Michael's grown wiser and softer in his old age.' But we'll have to wait and see what my next project is. — Michael Haneke

I'm Impatient Quotes By Tania Kindersley

I sometimes think we should go back to the old days, when there was proper courtship, when people walked out together for weeks and weeks before anything happened. At least then you know something about each other, you have some solid ground to put your feet on. We're all so impatient now, we just want to get to the main action. — Tania Kindersley

I'm Impatient Quotes By Jamie McGuire

Pidge, how many times do I have to say it?" he frowned.
I shook my head at his impatient tone. "I don't understand it, though. You didn't need me there before."
His fingers lightly grazed my cheek. "I didn't know you before. When you're not there, I can't concentrate. I'm wondering where you are, what you're doing ... if you're there and I can see you, I can focus. I know it's crazy, but that's how it is."
"And crazy is exactly the way I like it," I smiled, leaning up to kiss his lips. — Jamie McGuire

I'm Impatient Quotes By Rachael Ray

EVOO is extra-virgin olive oil. I first coined 'EVOO' on my cooking show because saying 'extra virgin olive oil' over and over was wordy, and I'm an impatient girl - that's why I make 30-minute meals! — Rachael Ray

I'm Impatient Quotes By Joyce Meyer

When I read the Bible, I see that we should have victory in our life and be overcomers, and I can't even control my temper. I'm impatient. I'm hard to get along with. I'm selfish and self-centered, and I don't seem to have any control over it. — Joyce Meyer

I'm Impatient Quotes By Peter Diamandis

I think the folks who go after grand challenges are impatient. — Peter Diamandis

I'm Impatient Quotes By Ciara

I love shopping! I'm impatient though. I'll go to the mall and in 30 minutes be ready to go. — Ciara

I'm Impatient Quotes By J.L. McCoy

I'm coming, you impatient old coot! Keep your panties on!
-Skye yelling back to Hagan. — J.L. McCoy

I'm Impatient Quotes By John Prendergast

I'm probably a little too impatient with ensuring that the networks and organizations I'm part of are doing the right thing, and pushing the right thing the right way. — John Prendergast

I'm Impatient Quotes By Marilyn Monroe

I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. — Marilyn Monroe

I'm Impatient Quotes By Tommy Bolin

A lot of times I wish I would have learned to read music, but I'm very impatient. — Tommy Bolin

I'm Impatient Quotes By Giancarlo Esposito

I'm impatient sometimes. — Giancarlo Esposito

I'm Impatient Quotes By Alan Shearer

Yes, I do like to be in control. I do like everything to be laid out, to know what I'm doing. I'm very impatient. I like things done yesterday, which is probably a fault of mine. I like things to be neat and tidy and organised. I say what I want and show what I want and I keep things private. — Alan Shearer

I'm Impatient Quotes By Pamela Clare

I'm a pantser. I try to plot. I always try to plot. I end up with a few paragraphs that basically outline the gist of the story.But I never get much beyond that. I get too impatient to write. — Pamela Clare

I'm Impatient Quotes By John Cale

I'm impatient. I get twitchy. When I get that feeling I just go out and make something happen. — John Cale

I'm Impatient Quotes By Naomie Harris

I'm incredibly impatient; I'd like to be less so, and more content with the now. — Naomie Harris

I'm Impatient Quotes By Whitney Barbetti

I am. I'm rude because I don't conform to society's standards that white lies are inconsequential. I don't believe in hiding behind words that aren't truthful. I'm an impatient man. I don't beat around the bush. If you ask me something, I won't lie to you. — Whitney Barbetti

I'm Impatient Quotes By Kimberley Nixon

I'm very impatient, and if I get a new piece of technology, no matter what it is - I recently got the iPhone, which is very exciting - I can't be doing with reading manuals. I want it to work immediately and to do what I want it to do. — Kimberley Nixon

I'm Impatient Quotes By Slipknot

I've been with you all day.
I'm trying to stay calm.
I'm impatient and it's really hard to breathe.
I'm going to empty you and fill you in with me ... — Slipknot

I'm Impatient Quotes By Fernando Pessoa

For me life is an inn where I must stay until the carriage from the abyss calls to collect me [ ... ] I could consider this inn to be a prison, since I'm compelled to stay here; I could consider it a kind of club, because I meet other people here. However, unlike others, I am neither impatient nor sociable. I leave those who chatter in the living room, from where the cosy sound of music and voices reaches me. I sit at the door and fill my eyes and ears with the colours and sounds of the landscape and slowly, just for myself, I sing vague songs that I compose while I wait.
Night will fall on all of us and the carriage will arrive. I enjoy the breeze given to me and the soul given to me to enjoy it and I ask no more questions, look no further. If what I leave written in the visitors' book is one day read by others and entertains them on their journey, that's fine. If no one reads it or is entertained by it, that's fine too. — Fernando Pessoa

I'm Impatient Quotes By Pablo Schreiber

I have a tendency, just because I'm an ambitious person, to get impatient with things and want them to be moving faster then they are. — Pablo Schreiber

I'm Impatient Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

He'd made her feel what Barrons made me feel. Bigger than I could possibly be, larger than life, on fire with possibilities, ecstatic to be breathing, impatient for the next moment together. She'd been happy in those last months, so alive and happy. — Karen Marie Moning

I'm Impatient Quotes By Maria Bamford

I get sort of short with people and start grumbling and clearing my throat - in honor of my father - when I'm impatient. It's very charming. — Maria Bamford

I'm Impatient Quotes By Stephen Covey

Suppose you were to come upon someone in the woods working feverishly to saw down a tree.
"What are you doing?" you ask.
"Can't you see?" comes the impatient reply. "I'm sawing down this tree."
"You look exhausted!" you exclaim. "How long have you been at it?"
"Over five hours," he returns, "and I'm beat! This is hard work."
'Well, why don't you take a break for a few minutes and sharpen that saw?" you inquire. "I'm sure it would go a lot faster."
"I don't have time to sharpen the saw," the man says emphatically. "I'm too busy sawing!" — Stephen Covey

I'm Impatient Quotes By Erich Maria Remarque

I cannot really play. Either at piano or at life; never, never have I been able to. I have always been too hasty, too impatient; something always intervenes and breaks it up. But who really knows how to play, and if he does know, what good is it to him? Is the great dark less dark for that, are the unanswerable questions less inscrutable, does the pain of despair at eternal inadequacy burn less fiercely, and can life ever be explained and seized and ridden like a tamed horse or is it always a mighty sail that carries us in the storm and, when we try to seize it, sweep us into the deep? Sometimes there is a hole in me that seems to extend to the center of the earth. What could fill it? Yearning? Dispair? Happiness? What happiness? Fatigue? Resignation? Death? What am I alive for? Yes, for what am I alive? — Erich Maria Remarque

I'm Impatient Quotes By Thomas Jefferson

I had no idea, however, that in Pennsylvania, the cradle of toleration and freedom of religion, it [fanaticism] could have arisen to the height you describe. This must be owing to the growth of Presbyterianism. The blasphemy of the five points of Calvin, and the impossibility of defending them, render their advocates impatient of reasoning, irritable, and prone to denunciation. — Thomas Jefferson

I'm Impatient Quotes By Roger Federer

In the locker room I was getting impatient to get on the court, I had to warm up several times. — Roger Federer

I'm Impatient Quotes By Agatha Christie

I've got a very nice staff here. People with patience, you know, and good temper, and not too brainy, because if you have people who are brainy, they are bound to be very impatient. — Agatha Christie

I'm Impatient Quotes By Donna Tartt

The assignment was a two-page essay, in Greek, on any epigram of Callimachus that we chose. I'd done only a page and I started to hurry through the rest in impatient and slightly dishonest fashion, writing out the English and translating word by word. It was something Julian asked us not to do. The value of Greek prose composition, he said, was not that it gave one any particular facility in the language that could not be gained as easily by other methods but that if done properly, off the top of one's head, it taught one to think in Greek. One's thought patterns become different, he said, when forced into the confines of a rigid and unfamiliar tongue. Certain common ideas become inexpressible; other, previously undreamt-of ones spring to life, finding miraculous new articulation. — Donna Tartt

I'm Impatient Quotes By Herman Melville

In no Paradise myself, I am impatient of all misery in others that is not mad ... How can'st thou endure without being mad? — Herman Melville

I'm Impatient Quotes By Patricia Briggs

She sees ghosts," said Samuel, impatient with my whining.
"I see dead people," I deadpanned back. Oddly, it was Uncle Mike who laughed. I hadn't thought he'd be a moviegoer. — Patricia Briggs

I'm Impatient Quotes By Peter Weir

There was a point of frustration, where I thought I should just take a film, even though I didn't want to. I was impatient with being at home. But I hung on to the approach I've always had, which is to wait for a project that I could contribute something unique to. — Peter Weir

I'm Impatient Quotes By Kylie Scott

So, come on," he said softly, taunting me. "What's the plan here, Ev? How were you going to convince me?"
"Oh. Well, I was um ... I was going to seduce you, I guess. And see what happened. Yeah ... "
"How? By complaining about me buying you stuff?"
"No. That was just an added bonus. You're welcome."
He licked his lips, but I saw the smile. "Right. Come on then, show me your moves."
"My moves?"
"Your seduction techniques. Come on, time's a-wasting." I hesitated and he clicked his tongue, impatient. "I'm only wearing a towel, baby. How hard can this be? — Kylie Scott

I'm Impatient Quotes By Haruki Murakami

This is one more piece of advice I have for you: don't get impatient. Even if things are so tangled up you can't do anything, don't get desperate or blow a fuse and start yanking on one particular thread before it's ready to come undone. You have to realize it's going to be a
long process and that you'll work on things slowly, one at a time. — Haruki Murakami

I'm Impatient Quotes By William Wordsworth

Surprised by joy- impatient as the Wind
I turned to share the transport
Oh! with whom
But thee, deep buried in the silent tomb,
That spot which no vicissitude can find?
Love, faithful love, recalled thee to my mind
But how could I forget thee? Through what power,
Even for the least division of an hour,
Have I been so beguiled as to be blind
To my most grievous loss?
That thought's return
Was the worst pang that sorrow ever bore,
Save one, one only, when I stood forlorn,
Knowing my heart's best treasure was no more;
That neither present time, nor years unborn
Could to my sight that heavenly face restore. — William Wordsworth

I'm Impatient Quotes By Marilyn French

Our culture believes strong individuals can transcend their circumstances. I myself don't much enjoy books by Hardy or Dreiser or Wharton, where the outside world is so strong, so overwhelming, that the individual hasn't a chance. I get impatient, I keep feeling that somehow the deck is stacked unfairly. That is the point, of course, but my feeling is that if that's true, I don't want to play. I prefer to move to another table where I can retain my illusion, if illusion it be, that I'm working only against only probabilities, and have a chance to win. Then if you lose, you can blame it on your own poor playing. That is called a tragic flaw, and like guilt, it's very comforting. You can go on believing that there really is a right way, and you just didn't find it. — Marilyn French

I'm Impatient Quotes By Steve Nash

Sometimes I'm very impatient. I also feel the need to please everyone, which is unnecessary and impossible. — Steve Nash

I'm Impatient Quotes By S. Ann Cole

You need to understand something, Krissy," he began, taking careful steps towards me. "Whenever I drop the words 'gonna shower', it means, we're gonna shower. I expect to see you sliding the doors open and stepping in under that shower with me, no more than a minute later. Aroused, eager, and impatient to be fucked under the spraying shower and against the tiles."

When he reached me, he took the cup of coffee still suspended mid-air from my hand and set it down on the table. Then he bent and slid one arm beneath my thighs, the other around my waist, and lifted my inert body up off the chair. "If I don't want you to join me, I won't tell you I'm gonna shower. 'Cause, then, what would be the fucking point? — S. Ann Cole

I'm Impatient Quotes By Jean Ferris

I'm starting to believe that happily ever after includes people doing things that upset each other. We all get cranky, or impatient, or worried, or careless enough to do or say things that hurt someone else. Like it or not, that's normal. We can't blame it all on Olympia's bad energy. The important part is that we feel sorry about what we've done and make up for it. That's something Olympia never did. — Jean Ferris

I'm Impatient Quotes By Pat Williams

I read as if time were running out, because technically it is. As I grow older I find I'm increasingly impatient with mediocre entertainments; I want books that will take my breath away and realign my vision - Barbara Kingsolver — Pat Williams

I'm Impatient Quotes By Amy Tan

But sometimes the prodigy in me became impatient. "If you don't hurry up and get me out of here, I'm disappearing for good," it warned. "And they you'll always be nothing. — Amy Tan

I'm Impatient Quotes By Gordon Brown

Famously, I'm somewhat impatient. — Gordon Brown

I'm Impatient Quotes By Karen Armstrong

I have a very sharp tongue, I'm very impatient, and it's a lifelong struggle. — Karen Armstrong

I'm Impatient Quotes By Robert Redford

Curiously, directing my own films have made me more tolerant and patient. I've always been an extremely impatient actor. Waiting around drove me nuts. But now I'm much more sympathetic to a director's struggle. — Robert Redford

I'm Impatient Quotes By Bing Gordon

Even as an 18-year-old, I had to grow comfortable with my leadership style, which is that I was really impatient with under-motivated people - extremely impatient, to the point where I was counterproductive as a manager of underproductive people. And that hasn't really changed. If people need to be motivated, I'm no good. — Bing Gordon

I'm Impatient Quotes By Josh Lanyon

It means I know you, Adrien with an e, and I know you get reckless when you're impatient. You're paying for this investigation, and I'll keep you apprised every step of the way, but if you even think about going rogue on this one, I'm turning in my fedora and you can hire some other dick."
I don't want any other dick. I closed my mouth on that one - metaphorically speaking - and said, "I don't know why the hell everyone seems to think I'm so reckless - — Josh Lanyon

I'm Impatient Quotes By Boyd K. Packer

With thoughtless and impatient hands We tangle up the plans The Lord hath wrought. And when we cry in pain He saith, "Be quiet, man, while I untie the knot." (Author unknown, in Jack M. Lyon et al., Best-Loved Poems of the LDS People [1996], 304) — Boyd K. Packer

I'm Impatient Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

I just know that there are plenty of people who are in terrible trouble and can't get out. And so I'm impatient with those who think that it's easy for people to get out of trouble. — Kurt Vonnegut

I'm Impatient Quotes By Sean Kennedy

The doorbell rang, and I assumed it was Fran and Roger having come back because
they had forgotten something. I took my time, lacing my boots, and the buzzer became more impatient.
"I'm coming, shithead!" I yelled. Yes, I should have known better. For of course, it was not Roger or Fran. I threw open the door to find Declan Tyler standing there, looking half-insulted and half-amused.
"Got a pet name for me already?" he asked. — Sean Kennedy

I'm Impatient Quotes By Sharon M. Moen

He once told an interviewer, "I'm impatient with the past and irritable with the present. The future is where my concern lies, and I'm very optimistic about it. — Sharon M. Moen

I'm Impatient Quotes By Lisa Roecker

There was one obvious solution to this problem, but it involved me uttering four inconceivable words to Seth Allen. This was not going to be pretty.
"Take off your pants," I mumbled in Seth's direction.
"What?" Seth's voice was shrill as it cracked.
"Your pants. Take them off." I spoke louder now, impatient.
"But...I'll be naked and cold, and I still haven't had the chance to bulk up my legs at the gym so I'm just not sure..."
I cut Seth off with with my best "Are you effing kidding me?" Face and jerked my head towards Maddie in the backseat.
"Oh, right, I get it. Maddie needs pants and I have them, so I'll just go ahead and, um, well, strip down. Could you..." Seth's cheeks went up in twin flames. — Lisa Roecker

I'm Impatient Quotes By Ralph Gibson

I'm too impatient to use a tripod. — Ralph Gibson

I'm Impatient Quotes By Kirk Hammett

I've learned that there's a signature Metallica sound, and if we stray too far from that, our fans get impatient, or they just don't understand, or they miss the point. And I'm not saying that's a good thing or a bad thing; it's just something we have to contend with. — Kirk Hammett

I'm Impatient Quotes By Peter Cameron

I'm not a sociopath or a freak (although I don't suppose people who are sociopaths or freaks self-identify as such); I just don't enjoy being with people. People, at least in my experience, rarely say anything interesting to each other. They always talk about their lives and they don't have very interesting lives. So I get impatient. For some reason I think you should only say something if it's interesting or absolutely has to be said. — Peter Cameron

I'm Impatient Quotes By Michelle M. Pillow

Ulric rushed forward to the pile as soon as the spikes were out of his way. The seneschal's wider frame lumbered with the effort it took him to kneel and he grunted under the strain. Swiping the sleeve of his brown tunic across his forehead, Ulric placed his arm before his nose as he leaned closer to the pelts.
Impatient, Vladamir watched Ulric pick through the skins. He followed silently behind, refusing to sheath his sword. The seneschal sat straight up in surprise.
"M'lord, it would appear to be a maiden amongst these pelts. Methinks I see the entrails of a rabbit in her hair," Ulric yelled through the sleeve of his tunic. — Michelle M. Pillow

I'm Impatient Quotes By Jack LaLanne

I've never been satisfied with myself, ever. But I feel good about myself, because I'm truthful. I don't corrupt myself. I'm also a perfectionist. I'm very impatient. I've got energy and drive and I can't stand inefficiency in people. And I can't stand dumb people. Why surround yourself with people who are going to tie you down? I don't suffer fools. — Jack LaLanne

I'm Impatient Quotes By J.J. Abrams

I'm an impatient guy and tend not to like to stay with one thing for a long time. I'll never be able to write as many scripts as I did for "Felicity" or "Alias" ever again. I'm just too impatient these days. I want to get on to the next project. — J.J. Abrams

I'm Impatient Quotes By Anna Banks

Galen and Rayna are close."
I gasp. "How do you know that? I can't feel them." My heart turns traitor, beating like I just ran five miles uphill. It has nothing to do with sensing and everything to do with the mention of Galen's name.
"I'm a Tracker, Emma. I can sense them from almost across the world. Especially Rayna. And from the feel of things, Galen is flittering that cute little fin of his like crazy to get back to you. Rayna must be riding on his back."
"You can tell what she's doing?"
"I can tell how fast she's moving. No one can swim as fast as Galen, Rayna included. He must be pretty impatient to see you."
"Yeah. Impatient for me to change so he can have another royal subject to order around."
Toraf's laughter startles me, not because it's loud, but because his mood seems to swing around on an axis. "Is that what you think?" he says. — Anna Banks

I'm Impatient Quotes By John Zorn

I have had a very combative relationship with critics because I'm very impatient with people that don't give my work the respect I feel it deserves. — John Zorn

I'm Impatient Quotes By Genelia D'Souza

I'm a fast and impatient dresser, so I can't dress myself up for too long. I don't even need a lot of makeup, so I'm usually ready in about half an hour. — Genelia D'Souza

I'm Impatient Quotes By Moira Young

He turns around, all impatient. Now what? I wanna say something to you. I wanna say ... I dunno ... more. I could bust apart with all I'm feelin inside of me right now. What with fightin off the hellwurms an gittin my shoulder tore open, an how I felt when I woke up an seen you an, now, here I am, being so close to findin Lugh an I dunno what's gonna happen an
Jack's lookin at me, frowning. What's the matter with you, Saba? he says. I grab his face an kiss him on the lips. — Moira Young

I'm Impatient Quotes By Robert M. Gates

I would listen with growing outrage as hypocritical and obtuse American senators made all these demands of Iraqi legislators and yet themselves could not even pass budgets or appropriations bills, not to mention deal with tough challenges like the budget deficit, Social Security, and entitlement reforms. So many times I wanted to come right out of my chair at the witness table and scream, You guys have been in business for over two hundred years and can't pass routine legislation. How can you be so impatient with a bunch of parliamentarians who've been at it a year after four thousand years of dictatorship? — Robert M. Gates

I'm Impatient Quotes By Rod Serling

I couldn't direct because I'm too impatient and I couldn't put together a package because I don't understand money. I'd rather just do what I'm doing. — Rod Serling

I'm Impatient Quotes By Daniel Keyes

I was afraid it would come to this, but I have no patience with her now. I'm jealous of every moment away from the work - impatient with any one who tries to steal my time. — Daniel Keyes

I'm Impatient Quotes By Grace Jones

I'm not as impatient as I used to be. I used to hit people if I didn't like what they were saying. Just lash out. 'Bam - shut up! Hahahah!' I was terrible. — Grace Jones

I'm Impatient Quotes By John Banville

I never went to university. I'm self-educated. I didn't go because I was too impatient, too arrogant. — John Banville

I'm Impatient Quotes By Donald Glover

I'm very impatient, so I was like, 'I want to be able to do whatever I want now.' But even the biggest stars - you look back and they weren't overnight. — Donald Glover

I'm Impatient Quotes By Jay Kay

Now, I'm the most impatient person that ever walked the planet. However: for the best, you always wait. — Jay Kay

I'm Impatient Quotes By Sebastian Coe

I can be a bit impatient sometimes. If I'm really focusing on something, I can expect everybody to move at the same pace, and that's probably not massively endearing. — Sebastian Coe

I'm Impatient Quotes By Douglas Coupland

I'm not patient - and I'm getting more impatient as I get older - but I am disciplined about writing, and I want that on my tombstone: 'He wasn't patient, but he was disciplined.' — Douglas Coupland

I'm Impatient Quotes By M. Pierce

We can't be impatient with him," I said. "We can't inflict our desperation on him. — M. Pierce

I'm Impatient Quotes By Rick DeMarinis

The Ploughmen is as good a book as I've read in years. Kim Zupan's language is as rich as Cormac McCarthy's, and like Cormac's, it comes from ground-zero of the heart. I'm also reminded of James Lee Burke's sure-footed prose and delight in metaphor. Luminous ... nothing short of brilliant ... a firstnovel that leaves me impatient for the next. — Rick DeMarinis

I'm Impatient Quotes By Maggie Nelson

I like writing that puts the needle right into the vein. I don't think, when I'm writing, "Tell a good story" or "find a meaning." I'm thinking phrase by phrase, make it tight, make it good. Get the idea out in language I can bear. I think there's something musical about being impatient with boring sentences - it's not that I don't have boring sentences, God knows I do, but I'm impatient with them. — Maggie Nelson

I'm Impatient Quotes By Erland Josephson

I'm too impatient to wait for things to happen to me. If I should be out of work for two months I would go crazy. So as soon as I'm free, I start writing. While it is necessary for me to write, I know that if I go too long without acting on the stage I don't feel well. — Erland Josephson

I'm Impatient Quotes By Emery Lord

I see it all through the lens of my camera - the flurry of movement, the venue staff in black T-shirts, giving orders into their headsets. As I take it all in, my mind weighs the texture, the composition, the possibility of each changing scene, and I struggle to hold back, to keep my finger from pressing too soon. That's my biggest flaw as a photographer. I'm impatient - trigger-happy. I want the shot now, now, now, click, click, click, and if I could just wait a second more, the moment would really flourish. — Emery Lord

I'm Impatient Quotes By Laurie Anderson

I kind of didn't believe the doctors when they came over and they said you're not going to be able to walk again. I'm sorry to tell you this. I thought who is this guy? I just was so impatient with the whole thing. I knew I was going to walk again. I knew that I was going to do that. — Laurie Anderson

I'm Impatient Quotes By Cy Twombly

I work in waves, because I'm impatient. Because of a certain physicality, of lack of breath from standing. It has to be done and I do take liberties I wouldn't have taken before. — Cy Twombly

I'm Impatient Quotes By John P. Kotter

I'm impatient. Typically people think they know all about change and don't need help. Their approach tends to be more management-oriented than leadership-oriented. It's very frustrating. — John P. Kotter

I'm Impatient Quotes By Bella Abzug

I've been described as a tough and noisy woman, a prize fighter, a man-hater, you name it. They call me Battling Bella, Mother Courage, and a Jewish mother with more complaints than Portnoy. There are those who say I'm impatient, impetuous, uppity, rude, profane, brash, and overbearing. Whether I'm any of those things, or all of them, you can decide for yourself. But whatever I am
and this ought to be made very clear
I am a very serious woman. — Bella Abzug

I'm Impatient Quotes By Joanna Lumley

I could never go into politics, because I'm far too impatient and I'd want to be a dictator, albeit a benevolent one ... I would hope. — Joanna Lumley

I'm Impatient Quotes By Michael Buble

I think I'm a mama's boy who wanted to be a hockey player, who failed, and had to become a singer. I think that I'm a generous, impatient, kind, jerk. — Michael Buble

I'm Impatient Quotes By Ruth Ozeki

For me, writing is a way of thinking. I write in a journal a lot. I'm a very impatient person, so writing and meditation allow me to slow down and watch my mind; they are containers that keep me in place, hold me still. — Ruth Ozeki

I'm Impatient Quotes By Amy A. Bartol

Okay, so when is the mother ship coming to pick us up?" I ask worriedly. "The what?" Reed asks with confusion clouding his eyes. "The mother ship, you know, aliens?" I ask tensely. He gives me an impatient look. "Aliens?" he scoffs. "We're not aliens then?" I reply, not even trying to keep the relief out of my voice. "No!" he says emphatically as he searches my face - probably for other signs of mental illness. Sighing, I ask, "Then what are we, Reed? Because seriously, if some big alien bug cracks me open from the inside and starts wiggling out, I'm going to be really ticked off that you didn't warn me. — Amy A. Bartol

I'm Impatient Quotes By Dennis Green

Everybody knows I'm impatient. I don't have to apologize for it. I'm too old for that. — Dennis Green

I'm Impatient Quotes By Barry Hannah

I distrust thought. The interior life is highly overrated. I don't like the wispy and the vague ... or inductive logic in any kind of writing. I'm impatient with writers who make too much sense. The better things that I've done have come to me by instinct. — Barry Hannah

I'm Impatient Quotes By Helen Mirren

Patience can be a good thing - but not necessarily. Sometimes it's not so bad to be impatient. I'm a little bit too polite. — Helen Mirren

I'm Impatient Quotes By Anne M. Mulcahy

I'm not formal and I'm impatient. So I think my team would say that when she starts tapping her pen and the leg starts moving quickly, that it's time to move on. I'm not good at long, drawn-out kinds of sessions. — Anne M. Mulcahy

I'm Impatient Quotes By Paula Stokes

Emotions I've been working hard to hold back all summer start to spill out of me as I pull Elliott's mouth toward my own. I'm so eager and impatient that our noses bump and teeth knock together before our lips slide into place. The frigid water is still lapping at my legs, but I can't feel it anymore. My entire body is flush with heat, with desire. If it weren't for the faintest hint of dance music from the clearing, I'd think that the two of us were completely alone.

I wish the two of us were completely alone. — Paula Stokes

I'm Impatient Quotes By Catherynne M Valente

How we would like to argue with September, and tell her that in the waiting lies the pleasure! That we here in the world of sensible folk know how to wait without twisted-up bellies and tapping feet and wishing for the sun to hurry up and rise and set. That a clever person is never bored, and a bored person is never clever. But though I am sly, I am a trickster, I am even cruel - I cannot lie. — Catherynne M Valente

I'm Impatient Quotes By Natalia Tena

I'm a very impatient person. I love dancing, I love music, and I love eating life. — Natalia Tena

I'm Impatient Quotes By Amy Andrews

I'm sorry," she murmured, rousing after a minute. Her breathing had begun to return to normal and awareness was starting to creep back in,
particularly of his cock still buried hard and deep inside her. She propped herself up on her elbow. "I shamelessly used your body to get off and was too impatient to wait for you."

"Just so you know, you are welcome to shamelessly use my body to get off any time you want. — Amy Andrews

I'm Impatient Quotes By Robert M. Gates

grew increasingly impatient and angry as I compared their selflessness and sacrifice with the self-promotion and selfishness of power-hungry politicians and others - in Baghdad, Kabul, and Washington. — Robert M. Gates

I'm Impatient Quotes By Brett Hull

I'm very impatient. I am. That's the bane of my game. I don't think about what I'm going to do - I just go hit it, I don't stop to wait and think. Costs me two shots a round. — Brett Hull

I'm Impatient Quotes By Mikhail Baryshnikov

I'm an impatient person in many respects. I like to put myself in uncomfortable situations. It forces me to deliver. — Mikhail Baryshnikov

I'm Impatient Quotes By Brett Hull

I'm patient with crossword puzzles and the most impatient golfer. — Brett Hull

I'm Impatient Quotes By Marian Wright Edelman

I'm sure I am impatient sometimes. I sure do get angry sometimes. I think it's outrageous how hard it is to get this country to feed its children and to take care of its children, to give them a decent education. — Marian Wright Edelman